Phantasm and Nitro's flaming fight!

Phantasm appeared on the net with a neat roll and jumped into the air, he then landed and burst into an intense flame, it then disappeared with a movement of Phantasm's arm, "Lex, get ready!" the navi shouted.

"......Mmmm, huh? I'm awake, I'm awake!" Lex shouted as he stumbled into the waking world, "Just wait for Nitro, then you can start the fighting"

"Yeah, Yeah, I'll wait, but he better get here soon, I feel like I'm gonna burst" the navi replied as he done a few stretches and some shadow boxing.

Lex checked his current stock and was filled with a sense of shock, "take it easy, ok? We haven't got any healing stuff"

"No ones gonna hit me!" Phantasm said with confidence as he pointed to himself with his thumb with a large smirk spread across his face.

(Waiting for Nitro)
Nitro tripped as he fell out of the portal in his hurry to get out everyone's gaze. After getting up from a truly spectacular face plant, he turned to Phantasm and said "so, where do you wanna start looking?"

((Battle 1?))
The pair didn't have to look for viruses at all as a trio of Volgears scuttled in to engage the navis before they were fully prepared.

VolgearA: 80 HP
VolgearB: 80 HP
VolgearC: 80 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Phantasm: 120 HP
Nitro.EXE: 100 HP

[Battle 1 - Begin!]
"This should be fun" exclaimed Phantasm as he clicked his knuckles in preparation, "I'll go first, watch these awesome moves" he continued. The Navi turned to face his new foes and looked them over, he then looked up towards the sky and shouted, "Hey Lex!!! These guys look weak, I'll finish them quickly with the shotgun...oh and send guard just to be on the safe side"

"Ghaaa!!!" was the reply from Lex, "You don't have to shout!!!! I can hear ya perfectly fine!!!" he shouted angrily; why does Phantasm always shout when the PET mike is always turned way up he thought to himself while entering the chips that the navi requested.

Phantasm held his empty right hand up, pointed straight at the group of Volgear and waited just a moment before it appeared, he used this ready positioning to fire the shot at the closest foe, making sure to aim right between the eyes.

"Did ya see that?" Phantasm said in a triumphant manner, "you better pull of something better" he then walked over towards Nitro and waved his hand in the air, he then crouched down with his guard held in front of him, "I'm lookin forward to your move"

1. Shotgun at VolgearA + Spread to B (50 spread to one other target, null damage)
2. Spirit power to boost up one of Nitro's moves Spirit Power (Strengthen by 20)
3. Guard1 to block 1 enemy attack (Reflects one attack, bouncing back a maximum of 60 damage)
"You want better?" Nitro said back to Phantasm. "Oh, I'll show you better! Chris, send me the Shotgun!" Nitro shouted this last bit to Chris.
"Alright, sending the chip now." Chris replied. Nitro felt the gun materialise over his hand, but something felt... different about it. Nitro looked at it and saw that had taken on a deep shade of purple, and that it was enveloped in green flame.
"Chris?" Nitro said to his operator. "Are you sure that this is the right chip? It looks kind of weird..."
"It was probably Phantasm," Chris reasoned. "Just roll with it."
Nitro positioned himself better so that the viruses were lined up as much as possible. He then fired, the shot not only imbued with explosive energy, but also spiritual energy from Phantasm. As the shot screamed toward the viruses, Chris uploaded another chip, this one being a Cannon, and Nitro jumped into the air. He fired the Cannon at one of the Volgears, and the knockback changed Nitro's direction in mid-air, letting him land behind Phantasm and his Guard. "How's that for better?" Nitro taunted as he crouched down behind his partner.

1+2: Take aim and fire Shotgun at VolgearA, B, and C (50dmg + 20dmg (Spirit Power) + Spread2) (Mass Destruction activated)
3: Cannon at VolgearC (40dmg + Knockback) (Knockback used to manuever Nitro behind Phantasm)
Phantasm's Shotgun penetrated one Volgear but failed to hit the one behind it. While Nitro aimed his weapon, his partner imbued it with an extra bit of ghostly 'oomph', powering it up a little. However, that little bit went a long way as Nitro's attack managed to level all three Volgears, deleting one and heavily damaging the first in the row. The third was finished off with a Cannon that launched Nitro back behind Phantasm, which was good because the Guard that was summoned blocked a hit that would have toasted the both of them. Fortunately, it was reflected back and deleted the last virus.



Terrain: 100% Normal

Phantasm: 120 HP
Nitro.EXE: 100 HP

[Battle 1 - Victory!]

Phantasm get: 100z + 2 FXP (for spirit power and guarding)
Nitro.EXE get: 200z + 1 FXP
Phantasm stood up and dropped the shield to the ground and watched as it disintegrated into nothingness, "Good fight" he said to Nitro while looking around for the next fight, "I'll beat ya next time though" and with this he began to walk eastwards.

"What are you doing Phantasm?" Lex shouted into the PET as he watched the navi walk of, "at least wait until Nitro is ready to start".

Phantasm stopped dead in his tracks and said to Lex in a calm, but strangely angry tone, "Did you not see that?! He completely showed me up, I need to take the initiative and kill the next lot before he even knows what's going on!" he then stomped of in an angry fashion.

This navi is too much hassle, Lex thought to himself, he then attempted to make peace with the other navi, "I'm sorry for his behaviour, don't take any notice of him" he said in a happy but embarrassed tone.

(Ready for the next battle)
"Oh, that's perfectly alright," Nitro said back to Lex. "I was just having a bit of fun back there, I didn't mean anything by it. I'm a Navi that deals with explosives, it's only natural that my fighting style would have a little "flash"." Nitro quickly caught up with Phantasm. "Listen, that back there was a team effort. If it hadn't been for that boost you gave me, I wouldn't have done nearly as much damage. And if you hadn't gotten that shield up, we would've been toast! I say we don't worry about showing off too much, and just do our best to work together."

((Battle 2 please))
((My head hurts ;__;))

The network started to flicker and wavy horizontal lines began to obscure Phantasm and Nitro's view. When the path cleared itself again, it became obvious what was causing the problems: BUGS! Literally, oversized cockroaches and bees were screwing with the landscape, chewing through the ground and eating wires and other important things. They had to be stopped.

MagneakerA: 70 HP
MagneakerB: 70 HP
MagneakerC: 70 HP
ElebeeA: 90 HP
ElebeeB: 90 HP
ElebeeC: 90 HP

Terrain: 80% Normal, 15% Cracked, 5% Broken

Phantasm: 120 HP
Nitro.EXE: 100 HP

[Battle 2 - Begin!]
"Lets get this ball rolling!" Phantasm exclaimed as he dropped into a battle ready position, "lets try out that new chip we got, Ringlog would do nicely to"

"Roger that" Lex replied in his best truck driver voice, which to be honest wasn't to good, "I'm sending them now"

As the invis chip began to take effect, Phantasm turned his head slightly towards Nitro, while still looking at his foe, "This is how it's done" and with that the navi disappeared from sight. Unbeknownst to most, Phantasm had began to sprint towards the enemy, he then jumped high into the air above them, making sure that when he landed, he would have a sure footing, due to the damage that the viruses had previously caused, he then landed softly on the nearest repaired panel behind the foes, he then released the Ringlog at the Magneakers, hoping to catch them unawares.

1. Invis1 at the beginning of the turn to move unnoticed (Grants Invisibility status, 1 turn duration)
2. Jump to position self behind the foes on undamaged panels
3. Ringlog at Magneaker B (50, Ground Attack, Wide Attack, hit Magneaker A + C wood DMG)
((You may wanna fix your summary, Ringlog only hits two enemies, not three.))

"It's kinda hard to see how it's done when you're completely invisible!" Nitro joked under his breath. "Alright, so what have we got for chips?" Nitro asked his operator.
"Well, we've got all the ones you've used before," Chris said. "Plus, we've also got a Cactball, and a Minibomb."
"Send me the Cactball, I wanna see what it does." Nitro received the chip, and he now held a spiney, green ball in his hand. He rolled it like a bowling ball toward the enemy, hoping for a strike. As the cactball made it's first attack, it started to curve back toward one of the cockroach looking viruses, ready to strike again. Nitro didn't pay much attention to this, though, as he turned his attention to the other group of viruses. He saw out of the corner of his eye that Phantasm had just launched his first attack, and made sure to step to the side so that his partners attack wouldn't hit him by accident. Nitro noticed that Chris had uploaded a gun chip of some sort, so without determining what it was, he fired the gun at one of the wasp-like viruses. After watching the shot travel, and the considerable shove backward he got, he figured out that it was, infact, a Cannon. Nitro crouched low, deciding that he would move to Phantasm's estimated position behind the cockroach viruses, which he guessed from that direction of the Ringlog attack, should he be attacked by one of the viruses.

1: Cactball1 at MagneakerC (20 wood dmg, 2-4 hits, ground attack)
2: Cannon at ElebeeA (40dmg + Knockback)
3: (Dodge to Phantasm's position(?) behind viruses)
((I've got a fever, and the only perscription is more BONK!))
While Phantasm phased out of the visible wavelength and snuck up behind the Magneakers, Nitro rolled a Cactball at the group as well. A large wooden log crashed down over two of the viruses, deleting them instantly while Nitro's Cactball scored two hits before rolling over its remains. The Elebees were agitated, having seen half their group obliterated in the blink of an eye. One charged towards Nitro, who stopped its charge with a Cannon, knocking it away. The other two Elebees attacked as well but Nitro was already on his way towards GIVING AWAY PHANTASM'S POSITION with the viruses hot on his tail.

MagneakerA: DELETED
MagneakerB: DELETED
MagneakerC: DELETED
ElebeeA: 50 HP
ElebeeB: 90 HP [chasing Nitro]
ElebeeC: 90 HP [chasing Nitro]

Terrain: 80% Normal, 15% Cracked, 5% Broken

Phantasm: 120 HP [invis]
"Ghaaa!" Phantasm shouted as he staggered slightly in shock as he started to re-appear, beginning to understand the consequences of his partners actions, "You blew my cover!"

Lex's jaw dropped while he watched in amazement as he realised what had just happened; that chip would be quite useful in future though he thought to himself, Phantasms got to get out of this jam first, "Phantasm" he called while shuffling the chips in his hand, "I'll send shotgun and guard, help him out will ya?"

Phantasm, still in a sate of disbelief had to quickly shake his feeling of shock and come to terms with the situation, Nitro has the enemies attention so now would be the perfect time to attack, but he couldn't just leave the guy on his own, out in the open and un-defended. The Guard chip instantly took effect in the form of a large, cumbersome shield, he proceeded to smash it into the ground in front of himself and Nitro and said, "Try not to get yourself killed...", he then jumped to the side of the wounded virus and used the shotgun to deal an almost point blank shot to the luckless foe. He then watched to see how the rest of the fight would pan out, hoping that the shield would come to be of some use.


1. Guard 1 lodged in the ground to defend Nitro (Reflects one attack, bouncing back a maximum of 60 damage)
2. Jump to the side of ElebeeA
3. Shotgun ElebeeA (50, spread to ElebeeB, null damage)
((The Cactball was mine, not Lequian's))

"Damnit, damnit, damnit, damnit!" Was all that Nitro could say, as he realised what was going on. He was still headed towards utterly dooming his partner when he saw the shield being jammed into the ground, and heard Phantasm's words. He then saw the flash of fired munitions, signifying the shield was currently vacant. Chris registered this as well, and uploaded two chips, one that had been used before, a Rageclaw, and one that hadn't, a Minibomb.
"Nitro, listen, I've got a plan," Chris said to his Navi, still being pursued. He relayed his plan to Nitro, who responded with a simple "got it!" As Nitro approached the shield, he lobbed the Minibomb over it, the bomb landing just on the other side. Nitro then jump-kicked the shield overtop of the bomb, and stood on top. The bomb exploded, launching Nitro and the shield up into the air, toward the hostile hornets. Nitro pulled his arm back, an gave an almighty swing of his claw as he came within range of the Elebees. After passing the bees and landing, Nitro turned, detecting no dicernible activity suggesting that Phantasm was doing anything. "Chris, keep your Recover ready, something's telling me that Phantasm might need it. Also, send me our Guard, it's probably a good idea to have some cover up, seeing as I'm starting to make myself a high priority target." The shield went up, and Nitro crouched down behind it.

1+2: LEVEL 2 CHIPTECH: SUPER FLYING CLAW (Phantasm's Guard+Minibomb+Rageclaw maneuver) at ElebeeB (40dmg+Slashing)
3: Guard1 defending Nitro
((Just caved in his skull, my bat's still dry. No clumps a hair, nothin'. No other class's gonna do that! Call right now, I'll give you a second beatin', absolutely free!))
(( (+)> Modic!))
Phantasm set up some shield cover before venturing out to deal with the Elebees. One well placed Shotgun blast struck the Elebee in the rear but the other two were still chasing Nitro mercilessly. Setting up a makeshift jumping platform for himself, Nitro was launched towards the Elebees, slashing through both of them with a single swipe. Landing safely behind the viruses, he set up a shield just in time to block an electrified stinger coming straight for him.

MagneakerA: DELETED
MagneakerB: DELETED
MagneakerC: DELETED
ElebeeB: 50 HP
ElebeeC: 20 HP

Terrain: 80% Normal, 15% Cracked, 5% Broken

Phantasm: 120 HP