Personality changes and a GMO

Well, I noticed that I'm doing a REALLY bad job roleplaying Donell and Stringer as hotheads, so I want to change their personalities to what I've been doing with them.

Donell will be really lazy and have a lack of interest in most things, and Stringer will be an easy-going guy who's usually reliable in a tight situation.

And here's the GMO:

Cat's Cradle.GMO

Stringer is changed into a small child, roughly 6 years of age. His helmet is gone, revealing a pair of bright green eyes and light red hair that is really out of shape because he's been wearing his helmet for so long. Also, his Thread Gloves are gone, instead being replaced by a long piece of red yarn wrapped around Stringer's fingers. When he's bored, he'll twist the yarn around into different shapes, most often Cat's Cradle, the namesake of this GMO. Finally, his name becomes just String while in this GMO.
That sounds okay, but could you post what the new descriptions would be here? PA's gonna hate you for that .GMO... Though I guess it passes.
Sorry, it's the only thing I could think of that still had something to do with string. <__<

Anyway, right, new descriptions:

How Donell managed to reach his job position is a true mystery, because he is a VERY lazy person. Donell has almost no interests in anything. When he needs Stringer to do something on the net, he'll typically just lounge around on his couch and flip through TV channels, or just wander off and get something to eat, leaving Stringer alone on the net. He's really not much of an operator, since Stringer is the one usually telling him what Battlechips to use (when he's actually around, anyway).

Stringer's a pretty easy-going Navi that doesn't get angry easily. He likes to just take things one step at a time, and not over-complicate anything. Of course, he usually doesn't get it that way, due to Donell wandering off half the time he's on the net, and even when Donell is around, Stringer usually does all the strategy planning and whatnot. His relaxed personality usually results in Stringer being logical in most situations and being able to come up with some clever plans if need be, since he's used to having to be both an Operator and Navi.
1. Are you even allowed to post here?
2. Don't even start to act like you're the only person in the world who's thought up a child Navi. I have made 3 to date, so I'd say it's fair game for me (not that anyone isn't allowed to, of course).
He's right, PA. This is the third time I think you post in someone else's registration thread, so I'm gonna have to give you a warn. Anyway, approved and locked.