American's Mission

((Traveled from Old Faded Glory in ACDC to American's Mission in Electown.))

American strided softly into the Electown net scanning the area with his eyes to see if he could notice anything that seemed out of the ordinary, at least ordinary for Electown.

"Apparently I better search a little better shouldn't I Bo." American replied having seen nothing out of the ordinary when he had scanned the area.

"Looks like it old man." Bo quipped while setting his battle chips into a nice little row.

American continued to stride forward looking for what he had to look for.

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American began to traverse the area, looking high and low for the culprits of whatever evil they may propose to the net via the shaking down of every passerby they could get their hands on. He didn't have to look long before spotting a normal navi...shaking down a Heelnavi for his money?

"Gimme yer monies bitch! Or I'll have ta get mah boss to beat it out of ya!" The green Normal Navi yelled at the Heelnavi, who was currently curled up into a ball from the damage he had received. "EH! Get up and stop yur sniveling NOW AND GIVE ME YER MONIES!" The Normal Navi shouted, not getting the picture as he pointed his buster at the defenseless navi. Perhaps American should step in.

Normalnavi: 100
Heelnavi: 20 (curled up into a ball. Defenseless)

American: 150

(combat has yet to start)
American couldn't believe his eyes at the sight he was beholding, this scene was backwards in so many ways American had thoughts of just leaving and never coming back to Electown ever again. Yet that wouldn't be an option considering he somewhat wanted to beat up on some navi scum. American had to intervene before the Heelnavi got it's ass handed to him by the Normalnavi. American walked forward and tried to start a conversation with the Normalnavi.

"I know your in the middle of something but it would be so kind if you could give me a moment of your time. I want to talk to you about love for your country." American didn't know much about trying to distract something from hitting something else except by shooting it with his musket.

Bo set his PET so that his voice could only be heard by American. "What do you think your doing American you should have just shot him, one clean shotgun shot would have set him straight."

"Mr. Normal, can I call you Mr. Normal?" American was going to get his attention even if he had to be annoying to get it.

Turn Summary:
1-2: Gain Normalnavi's attention so he doesn't shoot the Heelnavi.
3-4: Dodge
The navi was given American's full attention as he shot next to American's position, before he raised his buster up to American's head level.
"No movin yah bitch. Yah think you're so superior. This bitch wondered into OUR territory, yah dig you electopian scum? Now, why don't you fuck off and leave your zenny RIGHT where you're at? I MIGHT let you leave if you do as I say. And, no, you may NOT call me Mr. normal. We normal navis have had it up with your shit you customized bastard." The navi said as he shot once at American's face, who had managed to dodge a slow shot from the navi.
"Wonder why we've had it up with you? YOU STEAL FROM US AND GIVE TO YOURSELF! BOTH YOU CUSTOMIZED NAVIS AND THESE HEELNAVIS! I'LL FUCKING DELETE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU MYSELF!" He shouted before firing a cannon shot at American, who dodged quickly enough to evade damage...seemed there was no talking to this one.

Normalnavi: 100
Heelnavi: 20 (curled up into a ball. Defenseless)

American: 150

(combat mode engaged)
"You are superior, at being cannon fodder you disposable hero. I've known you for ten seconds and already I want to kill you." American revealed his musket and then jumped backwards to put a little bit of distance between himself and the navi. That first shot was slow so this navi obviously didn't have much of a shot, so American didn't have to worry so much about dodging. "Bo slot me in the minibomb, I'm going no holds bar on this fodder." American threw his musket aside and then began to run at the navi.

Bones picked out the minibomb and slotted it into the PET, the data appeared on the screen and Bones then pressed a combination of buttons to send the data to American. "Be careful, this thing probably has a larger blast radius than you think it does."

American didn't pay attention as he continued to career towards the navi, American felt the data gather in his right hand and begin to form the shape of a small blue bomb. He stopped his charge once the bomb was in his hand and leapt into the air space over the navi. Then once he was directly over the navi he dropped the minibomb next to the navi and then hit the ground rolling to his feet.

"You want a fight fodder than here it is." American screamed at the navi, he then motioned to Bones for a shotgun chip by placing his left hand onto his right forearm as if it was a normal navi's buster.

"American, we don't have hand signals. You look like a jackass, I'll tell you that." Bo said reaching for the cannon because he had thought any other chip might overkill the undershirt and send that navi into an EJO sequence. Bones slotted the chip in and then began a sequence to send the data to American who was still motioning for a Shotgun.

American drew his shotgun from array of weapons and then reached into his satchel for a shotgun shell to use against this enraged navi. Then after finding a shell American placed it into the dark barrel of the shotgun, raising the shotgun to his side and pulling the trigger a larger blast than American had suspected sent the shotgun recoiling out of control over his back and then it slid a few more feet to a stop.

"I meant to do that." American whispered to himself after the embarrasing accident that had left him weaponless until he drew another one from his collection of artillery on his body.

Turn Summary:
1: Leap over Navi
2: Drop Minibomb (60dmg + Blast1) one panel infront of Normal Navi so blast doesn't get Heelnavi
3: Cannon (40dmg) Normal Navi
4: Dodge
American swoops into battle by jumping above the NormalNavi and dropping a bomb in front of him, damaging him and avoiding the Heelnavi that has done nothing thus far and then quickly putting a Cannon shell right into his chest, causing him to go back a bit from it's impact and missing American in the process. "Y-You bastard...I'LL KILL THIS HEELNAVI WHERE HE FUCKING LAYS! HE WILL FIND MY GUN INTO HIS FACE NOW!" The navi yelled as he put a cannon shell into the Heelnavi's body, the navi was barely hanging on by the skin of his teeth thanks to his undershirt.

Normalnavi: 1
Heelnavi: 1 (curled up into a ball. Defenseless)

American: 150
"American I'm activating that NCP part that the people who assigned our mission gave us." Bones stated as he began punching in a button combination.

"Go ahead, hopefully it's something I can use to beat the face off this faceless cannon fodder." American mentioned as he harshly cracked his knuckles.

Soon a lengthy piece of rope appeared in American's hands, at the end was a loop. American was given a lasso to contain the navi, what was he supposed to do. Did he just amazingly gain cowboy powers, or had some type of lasso skills been programmed in him at an early age.

"Bo?" American questioned as he stared at the rope.

"Don't ask, cause I don't know either." Bo responded just motioning for American to capture the navi.

American began swirling the lasso above his head, then gave it a fling forward. The loop lightly soared through the sky and slowly glided towards the navi. American then pulled on the rope when he thought he had the normal navi in his grasp.

"I call this the lasso of truth, even though I just kinda got this and never used it." American whispered to himself again, he didn't know what else to really do.

American then prepared himself to dodge incase the navi escaped his lasso of truth.

Turn Summary:
1: Capturenet NCP (Capture weakened enemies for one turn)
2: Dodge
3: Dodge
4: Dodge
American, using his new found lasso to attempt to capture the navi...caught him around his neck. "I-I'll get my fucking...URK...Revenge for this..." the normal navi managed to say before disappearing. "I-Is he gone? Th-Thank you!" The Heelnavi managed to say before jacking out, leaving American alone on the net with a small packet of zenny dropped by the Normalnavi.

Normalnavi: 1 (Captured)
Heelnavi: 1 (Jacked Out)

American: 150

rewards: 400z
American walked up to the packet and lifted it up off the ground, he opened it and then counted the zenny. 400 was a large amount but it was enough for him, considering all he wanted were programs to boost his power.

American believed there probably had to be more of these norms running around. One norm alone doesn't seem to scary but more might cause problems. American began a light jog looking for more of those cannon fodders hurting navis.
American, jogging towards his next encounter soon, well, encounters more Normalnavis, unfortunately, they see him and without crappy banter to boot, perhaps they're mute or something...Either way, they point their busters at American and the next battle is underway.

NormalNaviA: 70
NormalNaviB: 70
NormalNaviC: 70

American (in america): 150

Battle 2, ENGAGE!