"I need new chips!"

...shouted ViralMan to the net world in general. Zeo broke in, panting slightly. "That's why we're here. Are you ready to go?" The navi began walking forward at a brisk pace. "What do you think?" Zeo ran a hand through his hair and stepped out of the way of more pedestrians. "Stupid question, I know. Listen, I need to find somewhere I won't get trampled. Let me know if you run into anything."

ViralMan nodded, his helmet appearing on his head in a flash of light. As he walked, he looked through the duo's chips and sighed. "What's a navi gotta do to get some weapons of mass destruction around here?" He turned towards what he thought looked like a shady area of Electown's network and quickened his pace.

((Battle 1.))
The first enemies Viralman sees are two Magneakers and nothing else. It would probably be a good idea to take care of them before reinforcements showed up.

MagneakerA: 70 HP
MagneakerB: 70 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Viralman.EXE: 120 HP

[Battle 1 - Begin!]
((I have 120HP, not 140.))

When he spotted the viruses, ViralMan tensed and studied them. A couple of weird grasshoppers. How powerful could they be? A few yards from them, he stopped to alert his operator. A screen appeared showing Zeo leaning up against a fence with a pained look. "Nowhere to sit," he said. "I suppose we have company?" ViralMan nodded and looked at them. "Not much strategy here, considering we've never seen them before."

Zeo agreed. Drawing out some chips, he picked one and slid it into his PET. "This one worked pretty well last time. Try to win before they can do much." He didn't have to say it twice. ViralMan darted forward and hurled the green ball that had just appeared in his hand. On landing, he strafed to the left, beginning to circle the viruses. Zeo slotted in two chips in rapid succession. The two HeatShots materialized on ViralMan's hands and he promptly fired them at one of the Magneakers. Going for overkill, the gray navi's arm now became a purple vulcan. "This'll teach you to mess with me!" he called, and the gun began to cover the viruses in bullets.

After his display, ViralMan stepped back a bit and surveyed the scene. "Not bad," he noted. "Not bad? I think that was a bit much." Zeo commented. The navi shrugged.

1. Cactball1 to MagneakerA (20x2-4 Wood)
2/3. Heatshots to MagneakerB (40x2 Fire)
4. Viral Vulcan to both viruses (20x2 MagneakerA, 20 MagneakerB)

The Cactball did its job admirably, quickly running over one of the Magneakers and giving it a painful spiny death. The second Magneaker succumbed to one of the Heatshots but shuffled out of the way to avoid the second. Apparently it was quite difficult to aim both his guns at the same target. The Magneaker lobbed a bomb that soared towards Viralman as he began to rev up his Viral Vulcan. His shots struck the virus at the same time that the bomb struck, stunning him. Fortunately, the viruses were deleted and he snapped out of his paralysis quite quickly.

MagneakerA: DELETED
MagneakerB: DELETED

Terrain: 100% Normal

Viralman.EXE: 100 HP

[Battle 1 - Victory!]

Get: 100z + Magbomb1 battlechip
ViralMan rose from his paralysis cursing silently. He should have been more careful. His operator tried to cheer him up. "Don't worry about it. Could have happened to anyone. And besides..." He adjusted his view. "Looks like we got a new chip." the navi's hidden face brightened a bit, and he jogged over to collect the small amount of money and the data.

"Well?" said Zeo. ViralMan had a look at the data. "Magbomb1. Like the thing that stupid virus hit me with." In another attempt to lift his navi's spirits, Zeo said, "Great. Now we can give the next one we see a taste of its own medicine." With this cheery thought, ViralMan continued on his way with a smile on his face, ever vigilant for more enemies and through them, more chips.

((Battle 2.))
Two Powies, draggin a Hardhead with them, advanced forward, two Champus following close behind. Setting the Hardhead down, the Powies bounced around annoyingly as Viralman eyed his opponents. The Champus put their dukes up, ready to fight.

Oh, that floor felt a bit... hard...

ChampuA: 60 HP
PowieA: 60 HP
HardheadA: 60 HP [IronBody]
PowieB: 60 HP
ChampuB: 60 HP

Terrain: 100% Metal

ViralMan.EXE: 100 HP

The approaching viruses all looked quite hardy. This wouldn't be as easy as last time. ViralMan eyed the Hardhead. "I don't like the look of that thing," he said aloud. Zeo turned his head back to the PET after relocating himself to another fence. "The roundish one?" ViralMan nodded. "And by the way, I don't think roundish is a word."

Back in reality, Zeo sighed.

"Doesn't really matter. Ignore it for now," he said. He glanced at the chips in his hand. "Ugh, we don't have any chips that'll one-hit these guys without you having to move in close." Suddenly, a sly smile appeared on Zeo's face. "But I know something that might help. New attack time." ViralMan lifted his right hand, which was now a buster. "Alright, here we go." He aimed carefully at one of the Powies, and fired. A glittering ball burst from the buster, leaving a slight trace on ViralMan's arm. "If that hits, all we'll have to do is avoid that virus for a bit," said Zeo. Menwhile, his navi felt a strange sensation on his arm. "Uh, Zeo?" Zeo looked and said, "Oh, that. Don't worry, you're just taking damage. Not as much as these guys will." He ignored ViralMan's subsequent shouting and placed two chips in the PET.

Another buster appeared on ViralMan's right arm, and a Heatshot on his left. Instead of using his previous method, the navi decided to fire each one at a time. The Shotgun was soon rocketing towards a Champu, and the Heatshot followed a few seconds after. He then backpedaled away from the viruses and shot an annoyed look he hoped his operator could see.

"Sure, let's not let the enemy damage us, we'll just do it ourselves!" he said in a mocking voice.

Zeo laughed. "If that's how you feel, I'll do this for all of our new attacks," he replied, mentally hoping that the extra damage wouldn't make much difference.

1. Data Corruption to PowieA (30 per turn for 3 turns, -30HP)
2. Shotgun to ChampuB (50, possible spread)
3. Heatshot to ChampuB (40, possible spread)
4. Dodge
One of the Powies caught the Data Corruption ball right in the face and toppled over. It got back up but its smile started to erode and its happy demeanor along with it. It continued hopping along but it was literally falling apart fast. Viralman suffered a backlash from his attack but he fired two bursts at the remaining viruses anyways. The Shotgun struck the Champu and stunned it long enough for another Powie to hop in his line of sight as he fired the Heatshot. The Powie took the brunt of the attack while the Champu was eradicated by the spread. The surviving Champu moved in to strike but Viralman made a quick dodge.

ChampuA: 60 HP
PowieA: 30 HP [30 damage/turn, 2 turns left]
HardheadA: 60 HP [IronBody]
PowieB: 20 HP

Terrain: 100% Metal

ViralMan.EXE: 70 HP
ViralMan hopped to the side to avoid an attack. "Well, seems your stupid self-harming attack didn't hinder us too badly," conceded the navi. "You're welcome. Keep an eye on its target. It's still a threat at the moment," said Zeo. He focused on the Hardhead. "And that thing still hasn't done anything. I don't like the look of it, but we'll worry about it later. Take this." He removed a chip from his pocket and began to place it in the PET. ViralMan quickly said, "No. I'll take that fire thing out in one shot. Or three shots, to be precise."

Zeo nodded as ViralMan's arm morphed into a vulcan. He aimed at the virus that had just taken a swing at him and fired the full brunt of the weapon's power at it. His attention now returned to the weighted enemies. One was rapidly losing data, but the other one needed to be dealt with. A Sword appearing on his arm startled him. ViralMan sighed and brandished the Sword, running at the Powie. One slash would be enough, he just had to cut it before it tried to attack. Lifting his blade, the navi made a diagonal cut at the Powie. This ended all the current threats, he hoped. Of course there was still that metal virus, but he could deal with it later.

He took a careful stance, staring intently at the remaining enemies. Zeo joined him in doing so. The Hardhead would have to make its move soon, wouldn't it?

1. Viral Vulcan to ChampuA (20x3)
2. Sword to PowieB (80)
3. Dodge
4. Dodge

The Powie that had been previously infected fell apart in the air while the Champu died under the heavy Viral Vulcan fire. The other Powie tried to land on Viralman but missed while the navi countered with a swipe from his Sword, deleteing his would-be attacker. Finally, the Hardhead also attacked but its attack also missed. The Hardhead's cannonball clanked against the floor, failing to break through it. Its mouth stayed open.

HardheadA: 60 HP

Terrain: 100% Metal

ViralMan.EXE: 70 HP [Sword: 5 swings remaining]
ViralMan winced as the Hardhead's attack clanked against the ground. "Good thing that didn't hit me." Zeo laughed. "Now, how should we deal with our final contestant?" He thought for a second, and a large grin spread across his face. "Okay, here's what we're going to do." He whispered into the PET. ViralMan nodded. He stepped forward, then stopped. "Hey, wait, that thing can't even move. What does it matter if it hears what we're doing?"

Zeo just shrugged and pulled out two chips. "Alright, be as showy as you want. Go crazy." He practically jammed the chips in the PET. A few seconds later, ViralMan stood with a Cactball1 in his left hand and a Heatshot on his right. "Yah!" he shouted, heaving the ball into the air. "Now, aim carefully..." he said to himself. As the Cactball fell he fired the Heatshot. It hit the ball when it passed in front of the Hardhead. ViralMan pumped his arms in triumph. After his show, he ran at where the virus was and swung the sword at it making sure it didn't survive.

"That was a bit too overcomplicated for the situation, but it was cool, I suppose," he said, hands behind his head.

"Of course it was cool. I thought of it," said Zeo.

1/2. Cactball1 and Heatshot combo, knock ball into Hardhead's mouth (??)
3. Sword, for good measure (80)
4. Dodge
ViralMan shot a flaming Cactball at the Hardhead...

...which disintegrated a few moments before having some flames go into the Hardhead's mouth. Ah well, can't have everything.

And so this battle was ended by the blade.

HardheadA: DELETED

Terrain: 100% Metal

ViralMan.EXE: 70 HP

Get: Firehit1, 400z
ViralMan turned back to Zeo's screen. "....."

"Well, that didn't work, I guess."

ViralMan opted to ignore what just happened, walk up to the remaining data and add the zenny to their meager total. It would add up eventually. He also found a chip, and happily acquired the data. Zeo had a look. "It's from one of those fire things. Decent damage, fire type, obviously." ViralMan was slightly diappointed, thinking about the destructive potential of the Hardhead's attack. He sighed, then looked upwards. "Onward?" he said.

"Yep. We're still good, for the time being," said Zeo cheerfully.

So, onward his navi went.

((Battle 3.))
Viralman continued further into the network, and saw something somewhat odd in the distance. A trio of viruses came towards him at a high rate of speed, and were flying a good dozen feet in the air. As they came closer, Viralman managed to see their airplane-like forms and spinning propellers. The FighterPlanes zoomed overhead, then started to turn back towards the Navi.

Viruses Identified!

FighterPlaneA: 140HP
FighterPlaneB: 140HP
FighterPlaneC: 140HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Viralman.EXE: 100HP

<(Battle #3: 12 o-clock high! Ready, Fight!)>
((I only have 70HP left.))

Some small planes soared over ViralMan. He craned his neck to get a better look as they turned back towards him. "They don't look too friendly," he said to himself. They also looked even stronger than the last few viruses. The navi took a breath and bent his knees, ready to move. Meanwhile, Zeo was contemplating a course of action. "Um, let's see. Our best bet is spreading chips-do as much damage as possible to multiple enemies. I'd rather be a bit more original, but we don't have much choice. Besides, it's not like someone's watching." Zeo held a chip between two fingers. In one swift motion, he slid the chip into the PET.

"Go for it, ViralMan!"

His navi jumped backwards, trying to get a beat on the agile fighters. When he thought he had a good shot, he fired a yellow burst of energy towards the group. Upon doing so, he held out both arms and kneeled. Zeo took the gesture as a signal for more firepower and grabbed his two Heatshots. They followed the Shotgun into the PET. Both of ViralMan's arms transformed. Still in his kneeling position, the navi aimed his right cannon at the group and fired it with a loud blast. He then used his right hand, which had returned to normal, to steady his left cannon and fire it the same way as the first.

"Now, if I know planes, they'll either have some kind of machine gun or explosives," mused ViralMan. Zeo pulled out one more chip. "Guard?" he queried. ViralMan gave him a thumbs up and he loaded the chip. A yellow shield appeared in front of the kneeling navi, which he held overtop of himself like a makeshift air raid bunker.

1. Shotgun to FighterPlaneB (50, possible spread)
2. Heatshot to FighterPlaneA (40, possible spread)
3. Heatshot to FighterPlaneC (40, possible spread)
4. Guard1 held over self
((I appeal to the Mod Gods! Bump!))
ViralMan began to fire upon the FighterPlanes relentlessly with the shotguns and the heatshots. All shots were a hit, but very little made use of it's full potential. As soon as the navi covered himself with the Guard, the virus also open fired with their machine guns! The first couple of bullets was reflected, but the rest sprayed down upon ViralMan!

FighterPlaneA: 60 HP
FighterPlaneB: 80HP
FighterPlaneC: 60 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

ViralMan.EXE: 50 HP [Guard Destroyed]