Search for the .CRST data!

Voulge immediately entered what looked like a deserted network. Though he did plug in at a very early time, it was still weird to see the net so quiet. "Alright, Marius. What are we here for?".

Marius appeared through a image screen and gave off a serious tone in his voice. "Ever since our last battle encounter, we found that .CRST data on your Spear. It was obviously left by the one who helped us back then, but it got me puzzling. Your objective is to find out any type of lead or information about this data. No rush, but don't come back empty handed."

The trustworthy navi nodded his head and held on to his weapon. "Roger that. Proceeding with the objective."

Voulge wanders around, searching for stuffs, when viruses go up and gang up on him, with uppityness. There's a lot of ups in this description aren't there! Don't look up, look down, there's metal up- I mean down, on the floor.

SwordyA: 60 HP
SwordyB: 60 HP
ChampuA: 60 HP
ChampuB: 60 HP

Terrain: 100% Metal

Voulge.exe: 180 HP

((Damn...been a month or so.))

Voulge stared calmly towards the group of viruses, unmoved by the intimidation or the killer intent the viriis were giving off. "I was expecting a bit more challenge...this just won't do". Marius twisted and cracked his neck and pulled out four chips from his pocket. "Voulge, wipe them out as quickly as possible. We won't be able to make any progress if we take too long on these viriis"

Voulge was analyzing the enemy and responded Marius' command. "The targets are in sight and within line of fire...Proceeding with the battle routine!.
Voulge's Lancea transformed into a large gun with a rectangular barrel and held it up on his shoulder. His main target was the Swordy, the virii who would most likely deal more damage compare to the Champu. He fired a wide wave of fire straight towards the Swordys along with an unfortunate champu which was also in the line of fire.

Not even waiting to confirm if the attack was successful or not, Voulge changed the Lancea into a large, metallic boomerang. He saw through the wall of fire created from his previous attack and pin pointed where his next targets were. Voulge threw it with such grace, it looked as if no strength was put behind it. However, the boomerang flew in a perfect arc and came back to Voulge in a blink of an eye.

Voulge summoned a small whistle, shaped like a cute sheep, and blew off a silent pitch. Instantly, a horde of Mokos came up, engulfing the field with a trembling stampede. Just before the sheeps completely covered the field, Voulge changed his lance into a medium sized jousting lance attached with a rocket on the back. As ridiculous as it may sound, Voulge expertly flew mid air and rocketed straight towards a Champu, then he tried to zigzag across every virii, trying to impale them one by one.

After everything settled down. Voulge came up to the last remaining virus and gave out a quick precise cut with the War Scythe, hoping to recover any damage he received from the battle.

1. Phoenixshot1 [70/Wide] {A} @ Swordy A/B / Champu A
2. Boomerang [60/3-Target(s)] {A} @ Champu A/B / Swordy A
3. MokoRush [60/3 Targets] {C} @ Champu A/B / Swordy B
4. Zigzag w/ DashAttack [90/Impact/Hit in line {Up to 5}] {C} @ Champu B First / Champu A / Swordy A/B
5. Clean slash w/ Bona ex Diabolus [60 Damage (Life Drain) / Melee / 3TCD] @ Champu B /or/ last surviving virii.
Voulge wasted no time in expertly frying the Swordys before they could land a blow. The Champu had warped out of the way in the nick of time, and was right in front of Voulge... who had just summoned up his Boomerang. Unsure of what to do, the knight simply whacked the enemy in front of him with the weapon, defeating it in a casual point-blank range.

A herd of sheep then trampled over the last Champu while Voulge practiced some exercise swings at imaginary enemies.

SwordyA: FRIED

Terrain: 100% Metal

Voulge.exe: 180 HP

Get: 600z
After a good practice with the War Scythe (.....) Voulge retrieved the Zenny data and continued on

While walking around, Voulge tried to get his mind around what exactly the .CRST data was. "Marius...Do you have any idea what the data signifies?". Marius too was wondering but couldn't find the right answer. "...Let's just continue on. We'll figure out later"

As Voluge walks along, he comes upon a group of three armadils, who sit all in a row. Behind them, blocked from view, are another three enemies. Two are Momogra, holding shovels and waiting. The other is a Twisty, which is a good distance back, biding its time. One again, the floor is entirely metalic.

ArmadilA: 100
ArmadilB: 100
ArmadilC: 100
MomograA: 60
MomograB: 60
Twisty: 80

Terrain: 100% Metal

Voluge: 180

Battle 2 Go
Voulge took the time to see what type of situation he was in. First, it was the obvious disadvantage against higher number of enemies, but he overcame this situation countless times. Secondly, the Momogra's burrowing ability could've proven them to be a very tough enemy to fight against. However, Voulge noticed that the battlefield was on an endless field of metallic floor; even Momogra's trusty shovel couldn't dig through those. Finally, It was the Twisty that proves the most lethal out of the entire group, especially since the rows of Armadils were formed right in front of it.

After forming a sure plan, Voulge sent a quick list of battle chips he needed. Marius realized as soon as he read the list what Voulge had in plan and let out a small smirk. "I like where you're heading towards to", Voulge simply replied with silence as he took his fighting position. "The chips, if you would..."

Voulge summoned yet another small, sheep shaped whistle and blew off a silent pitch through out the net. The cute, yet devastating group of Mokos ran from all direction and ran through the disoriented group of viriis and hopefully disorganizing their positions. Hoping to take this chance while the Mokos caused havoc, Voulge had his sight upon the Armadils and threw three bamboo spears straight towards each and every one of their skull.

When The Mokos were nearly gone, Voulge had some good distance between the viruses. Instantly, Marius appeared in a holographic screen near Voulge, "Hmm...The Mokos went away far quicker than I thought...I think it'll be wise if you use the log to continue confusing the hell out of em!"[/color]. Voulge nodded and summoned a towering log of a tree right above his head, kept up with only his left arm. He aimed for the Twisty in the far back, but he wouldn't mind crushing the viruses that was in the way of the Ringlog. Voulge slammed the log down and whacked it away with the end of his spear like a baseball bat.

Voulge stuck the spearhead straight to the ground and slid out three long daggers from his Brigadier and lit it one by one in fire by sparking it against his immobile spear. He carefully targeted the viruses and threw the daggers in a perfect delta, forming a fire wing heading straight towards the group of viriis. As soon as the dagger was let loose, Voulge quickly took the Lancea off the ground and changed it into a gunlance in a blink of an eye, and let out a gigantic barrage of bullets towards the remaining viruses.

1. Disorient the group position w/ MokoRush [60/3 Targets] {C} @ Armadil A / Momogra A/B
2. While the group is distracted from "MokoRush", strike w/ Boomerang [60/3-Target(s)] {A} @ Armadil A/B/C
3. Distract the group again by rolling w/ RingLog [50] {C} @ Twisty / Momogra A / Armadil C
4. Phoenixshot1 [70/Wide] {A} @ Twisty / Momogra A/B
5. Shotgun [50/Spread] {A} @ Armadil B / Momogra A
As Voulge launched his own charge, so did the Armadills, but the attacks bumped right into each other, rendering the curled-up rodents exposed, and so they were hit with the knight's boomerang.

Following up with his distraction scheme, the lancer whacked the Ringlog at the other viruses, who moved out of the way, the Twisty zig-zagging toward Voulge, only to get knocked back with a face-full of fire, as did the Momogras.

The lancer fired his Shotgun, but the mark missed entirely, bummer.

ArmadilA: 40
ArmadilB: 40
ArmadilC: 40

Terrain: 100% Metal

Voluge: 180
Marius was bummed out when he realized that the Armadils still survived. Voulge however, didn't show any type of emotion at all. They continued their assault by equipping a Magnum chip and couple of shotguns. As this was a long-range chips, Voulge proceeded to transform his Lance into a Gunlance.

He aimed towards the three survivors and charged the Gunlance. The weapon started to heat up and glow bright orange. The engine inside the Gunlance started to shake and vent out steams from every possible opening. With the Gunlance fully charged, he pulled the trigger three times, all heading towards the Armadils. Giving a few second to let the weapon cool down, Voulge loaded the two shotgun and fired haphazardly towards the smoke and fire, hoping to finish them off for good.

1. Charge Magnum
2. Charge Magnum
3. Magnum [120/Charge to hit multi-target (Up to 3)/Crack Panel] {A} @ Armadil A/B/C
4. Shotgun [50/Spread] {A} @ Armadil A/B
5. Shotgun [50/Spread] {A} @ Armadil C/B
The Armadills, still thrown off from their previous failure of an attack, were quickly dispatched by the Magnum. There was nothing left of them except for three shallow and slightly smoking craters.

ArmadilA: DELETED!
ArmadilB: DELETED!
ArmadilC: DELETED!

Terrain: 100% Metal

Voluge: 180 HP

[[color=green]VICTORY ASSURED![/color]]

Get: Ironshell1, 350z.
As much as Voulge and Marius wanted to continue, they realized that this quest would lead no where. They quickly proceeded to jack out of the network and go back home...