Pol meanders around the Electown net. He is currently unsupervised, and meanders aimlessly with a piece of straw sticking out between the bandages over his mouth, the fluffy end twitching as he chews on the other end.

((halfheartedly searching for battle #1))
Pol finds-

A Metool.

How original.

Metool: 40

Pol: 100

Terrain: Normal
Pol shrugs, and looks at the metool for a bit. He then moves in to slap it. All the while he chews on his piece of straw. As he slaps at the metool, he says in a halfhearted voice, " bad methat. No being...all...oh who cares. I slap you."

1) first action spent staring at metool. Nothing happens
2) tactical movement to metool. Nothing happens
3) basic attack for half damage due to lack of motivation.
[A quick note. You can kick or slap or whatever and deal a mere 1 damage, if you wish.]

The Metool stops waddling around with a surprised jump, and turns to look at Pol. If its jabbering were human speech, it would probably be saying something along the lines of "Are you serious?"

Out of sheer spite, it whacks Pol in the shins.

Metool: 36

Pol: 90
Pol rubbed his shin, then moved to jump on top of the metool and stand on it's hat. If his massive hieght advantage would have any effect, it would hopefully push the methat into the ground. Should he manage to stand on the methat, he would pose dramatically. His arms across his chest, his legs straight, and his heels touching at a 90 degree angle on the middle of the hat. The edges of his left foot would cover over one metool's eyes, and the right foot laying over the metool's right side. If he had a cape on, it would wave dramatically in the wind.

Should his attempt to hop on top of the metool fail, he would take a few extra steps, swinging his hips and performing a bit of footwork to use a tenkan, and move to a stop facing the metool.
He would then shuffle up quickly and give a halfhearted kick aimed for the space between the edge of the metool's hat and it's tiny body.

1) stand on methat. no damage, possibly disabling methat from attacking or moving.
2) only used if he doesn't land on the metool: Footwork. not technically dodging unless the metool is amused by fancy feet.
3) only used if he can't stand on the metool: custom weapon attack 'unarmed strike' normal buster damage cut in half due to lack of motivation. resulting in a small kick to the face of the metool.
Pol lands on the Metool without much fuss, causing the helmet to click shut against the floor. The Metool can no longer attack, but neither can Pol really attack the Metool as all strikes would ricochet off the impressive yellow hat. It seems we have a stalemate.

Metool: 36 [HELM'D]

Pol: 90 [ATOP'D]
Pol stood there, in his dramatic pose for a good thirty minutes. He chewed upon his straw, one end of the golden strand bouncing around and leaving tiny golden sparkles in it's wake. The sparkles disappeared after a few moments, and did nothing save looking pretty. Pol waved to a few navi's as they passed, then he slid his feet down to the sides of the metool, his feet holding the metool down by pressure on the sides of the helmet.

Pol then leaned down and placed his fingers around the edge of the metool's hat. In one quick motion he tried to pick the metool up by slipping his fingers under the helmet and pressing his palm against the outside. His aim was to pick the met up, and bring it upside down over his head with his arms extended fully and his hands holding firmly.

Around the time that Pol began this attempt, Yamazaru checked his PET. It was his coffee break, and he was sipping a steaming cup of tea as he noticed the signal that Pol is in battle. He calmly checked the timer, then his eyes went wide. He set the tea down and quickly checked in on Pol. "What are you up to!? you've been in battle for thirty minutes, what...why didn't you tell me? you could have been hurt and I wouldn't have...you were hurt! why didn't you tell me?"

Pol sighed and replied, " oh stop worrying and get me a hat already. You know I want to look dark and mysterious with a hat and a cape and stuff. Besides, it only hit me in the shins, I'll fix myself up after I have my fun with this Met."

Yamazaru sighed, " you know that's really irresponsible. What would you have done if you got swarmed by mets? or what if this one screams out and summons a metswarm, or the big bad met of doom? "

Pol chuckled," you know those are just rumors...no one has been hit by a swarm of mets in ages, and the big bad met of doom is just a legend. It's not real, it's like the easter bunny, or pixie fairies."

Yamazaru looked shocked, and leaned back in his chair. He placed a hand on his chest, and leaned back, " How dare you deny the existence of pixie fairies! They surely are real, as sure as santa!"

Pol held back a snicker, his cheeks puffing a bit as he held his lips tightly closed. He then bursts out in laughter and closes his eyes. The piece of straw fell from his mouth, and wafted slowly to the ground as he tried hard to keep from dropping the met. Sadly, he failed. His hands moved to his sides as he held them and doubled over in laughter. The met fell from Pol's grasp and smacked into the back of his head. It would have a prime chance of firing off a blast directly into Pol as it fell.

As he dropped the met on his own head, Yamazaru chuckled and said, " that's what you get for not believing in pixie fairies. If you need a chip, just say so."

This is of course, all contingent on Pol catching the Met. If it scurried away, he would be busy chasing after it while bent over, saying things like "C'mere you."

Actions spent:
1) attempt to grab/capture the met
2) Action spent talking and laughing.
3) Dropping met on own head.

Edited into past tense.
Oliver T:Please sir, might I have some more?
Spoon guy: More? You're asking for MORE?
Stuff happens. Yeah, you did what you wanted to, and now the poor met is struggling to land on its feet.

Metool: 34 [UPSIDE DOWN]

Pol: 90