Volt in Electown

Voltman arrived from the ACDC portal, looking around.
Huh. I wonder what kind of viruses they have here? I didn't get a chance to check last time, what with a psycho exploding and all...
He shook the thoughts from his head, and went exploring.
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Voltman was just wandering around the net, still looking for viruses, when a holoscreen popped up with Shigeru's face on it.
Any luck?
I wish...
So the hunt's not going well?
Nope. I feel like I've been looking for days.
Shigeru just shrugged, and got the battlechips ready.
Voltman kept looking.

(Battle 1, 160 HP)
((Sorry, Mod Rotation probably has a few people confused.))

Voltman doesn't need to look very far for the viruses he was hunting... which brings up a very good question - why do people actually go and LOOK for viruses? I mean seriously? If I were a navi, I'd avoid the buggers like the freaking plague. It's like hunting mutant death animals, only this time, the animals don't have rights and are, for some reason, hell-bent on killing you...

...but enough about me, it's Voltman's time to shine! Let's all do that Electown boogie now.

Battle Routine Set! Execute!

VolgearA: 80
VolgearB: 80
VolgearC: 80
CactyA: 70
CactyB: 70
CactyC: 70
HoneybomberA: 110
HoneybomberB: 110

Voltman: 160
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And lastly, rotations! I knew there had to be something!)

Voltman grinned as the newest group of viruses appeared.
Finally. Something I can fight that couldn't swallow me whole.
Hey, I dunno. Those Volgears might get a nasty bite off of you if you're not careful.
Come on, Shigeru. Would I really do that?
Okay, so maybe I would, but whatever! Battlechips!
I've got just the ones to use...
Shigeru quickly dragged four icons from the holoscreen onto Voltman's image, and the chips immideately began downloading. Voltman felt the energy rush though his systems, and he ran a quick check to see what the chips were.
One flameline, one areagrab, and the aquasword. Sweet! I get to try out the new weapon!
I wouldn't activate it first, if I were you.
Voltman nearly jumped a foot in the air as Shigeru practically read his mind.
How did you do that?!
Oh, it wasn't that hard. Knowing you, it was actually downright easy.
Voltman just crossed his arms, grumbling, before focusing once more on the viruses. He activated the flameline, and manuvered the underground flames to directly beneath the beehive viruses. The flames jumped up, and Voltman lost sight of his targets. More than likely, they were torched. And if they weren't?
Well, he'd just hope they were.
Next up was the Volgears. Voltman grinned, activating the Aquasword. A sword handle appeared just over his right hand, but nothing else happened. Voltman looked at the object, confused, before shrugging and grabbing the handle. Almost as soon as he did, a shining blue blade shot out. Shigeru laughed as Voltman nearly toppled over, while Voltman regained his footing and prepared for the strike.
Areagrab, activate!
For everyone but Voltman, time froze. Casually walking towards the Volgears, he walked around them twice, looking for the best position, before nodding to himself and slashing once, hopefully striking all three Volgears. It was at that moment that the freeze deactivated, however, so he had no way of telling if one of the enemies had warped away from him before he had a chance to strike.
Last but not least, my cactus "friends".
Voltman grinned, knowing that three stationary enemies wouldn't be too hard to strike. Still, he couldn't seem to correctly estimate the distance between them. Was it too far for a single swipe to reach? He'd have to risk it. Running to the side of the viruses, he rolled behind them and jumped up, delivering a punishing slash towards all three of them with a single slice.
Then, now knowing the full extent of this sword's abilites, he decided to back off a bit, using his momentum from the second swing to flip backwards.

1. Flameline1 to HoneybomberA/B (140 damage each due to Fire weakness)
2. Areagrab to line up Volgears
3. Aquasword to Volgears (160 damage each due to Aqua weakness)
4. Aquasword to Cactis (80 Aqua damage each)
-Swordplay: Free Dodge-
VolgearA: Deleted
VolgearB: Deleted
VolgearC: 80
CactyA: 70
CactyB: 70
CactyC: Deleted
HoneybomberA: Deleted
HoneybomberB: 110

Voltman: 160

Voltman really tore the enemy virus pack a new one, right off the bat. His Flameline manages to burn one of the Honeybombers, but the other managed to barely escape by flying higher than the flames could reach. Just as a Volgear was about to launch it's fiery attack, Voltman used the area grab and ended up slightly to the side of it and unleashed the aquasword. He managed to slice two of them and parry the flaming attack with the sword, although this knocked him slightly off balance and caused his next attack to be far less effective.

((Been a while D:
Give me a couple rounds to get back in the groove, haha.))
(Don't worry about it. I'm still getting back into the virus busting groove, after the superlong Squalo battle.)

Voltman felt the heat from under his feet as the Areagrab activated, and although he didn't know how closely he had dodged the Volgear's attack, if he had to guess he'd say maybe a few tenths of a second. Maybe less.
That was a damn close call. Too close.
MiniVolt decided to offer an opinion on this subject.
I'll say! You almost didn't dodge it!
Still, he had dodged it. So he pushed the thoughts from his head, instead putting his energy into slicing at the idiot that had almost torched him. He took down the first one with no problem, and the second. But as he swung at the third, flames burst from its mouth! He gasped and held up his arms, closing his eyes and waiting for the inevitable damage that was to come.
But it never did. All that happened was Voltman felt the air heat up and grow extremely thick, as if he was in the Yoka sauna.
Wait, sauna?
He opened up his eyes, and was met with a thick cloud of steam. The innate watery ability of his blade was parting the fire mere inches before it turned him into a Volt-Fry, but even as he watched the front end of the blade was starting to turn from its normal deep blue to a widesword's light blue, the steam from it also becoming less and less. Without a moment to spare, Voltman forced the flames back as he rushed towards the last targets of his attacks, the Cacti viruses.
But the flames were catching up with him. He felt the searing heat on the back of his suit as he dashed for the Cactis, and only succeeded in slashing one as he dashed by.
At least the Cactis will get torched...
Maybe, maybe not.
What do you mean by that?
Look back.
Voltman looked back, and recoiled as he saw what had happened. The Volgear had stopped its attack just after Voltman had slashed the Cactis.
It was all a decoy. Make the enemy sweat...
Literally, in your case.
Like I was saying, make the enemy sweat it out by attacking so they'll make a mistake. Smart little bastard.
Or just lucky.
Yeah, let's go with that.
Voltman looked at the remaining enemies.
Well, three out of eight isn't that bad.
Uh... four out of eight.
It was true. In the earlier excitement, Voltman had completely neglected to notice that the enemy had flown above his fiery blast.
So, what do you want to do?
Send me the heatshot. I've got a little present for our beehive-assed friend...
Anything else?
Yeah. The 'blast.
Blast? What?
What do I have that IS a blast, smart guy?
It took Shigeru another ten seconds or so of pondering this question before he finally figured out that Voltman was talking about the Powerblast.
Right. Sending it now.
Voltman sighed. His operator might be a year older, but he sure as hell wasn't a year wiser.
But, back to the battle. Can't spend all of my time figuring out ways to insult Shigeru. There isn't enough time in the world...
Voltman turned to the Cacti viruses, loading the Heatshot chip and backing up, to make sure that the Volgear couldn't reach him. After all, what other reason could he have for backing away from the enemy before he fired? The viruses were about to find out. Voltman was itching to pull the trigger, but he restrained himself.
Just a step more...
Voltman lifted his foot to step backwards, before crossing it in front of his other foot and pivoting on the toes of his boots. Hopefully before the Honeybomber ever had time to react, he had already fired off the Heatshot. But in the moment between firing and impact of the fiery projectile, Voltman noticed traces of white sparks in the blast.

*Inside Voltman's head*

The hell? MINIVOLT! What did you do?!
Okaaaaay, I might have pressed the button for Electric Blaze...
It was an accident! You spun so suddenly!
Uh huh. Sop you're saying that my spinning sent my head doing the same?

Voltman sighed. There was no arguing logic with MiniVolt. Plus, he almost believed the little guy that it was an accident.

*In the battle*

Voltman was nearly raging over MiniVolt's "wasted" attack.
Now, now. Take it easy on the little guy.
Take it easy?! He just wasted a perfectly good attack!
Attacked, yes. Wasted, not on your life. Literally.
Come again?
Without MiniVolt, your blast would have been thirty power short of destroying that virus.
You mean...?
Yes. He just saved your life.
Voltman rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly.
Guess I owe the little guy an apology.
Later. Battle now.
Voltman turned to the cactis, and leaped into the air. He flipped once, twice, three times before landing behind them and slashing brutally with his Aquasword.
Just one left now...
Voltman turned to the Volgear. He ran towards it, preparing his widesword for a strike. Time seemed to slow to a crawl as Voltman approached the enemy, both competitors readying an attack. Voltman waited as long as possible, until he thought he saw a sliver of red between the gaping jaws of the virus.
Voltman rolled to the side, and came to one knee. Wasting no time, knowing full well how dangerous sitting on a battlefield could be, he aimed his sword at the Volgear and shot off a glowing blue ball of energy.
We'll see...

1, 2. Electric Blaze to HoneybomberB (Heatshot+Electric Blaze) (70 Elec damage, 80 Fire damage due to weakness, and stun)
3. Aquasword to CactiA/B (80 Aqua damage each)
4. Powerblast to VolgearC (90)
(Sorry for the 20-hour bump, but I really need to finish this battle so I can get to the Netsquare. Any mod that can, please either mod the damage or finish the battle!)
The Honeybomber was caught totally off-guard by the suddenly rerouted attack, and the combination of the Heatshot and the Electric Blaze totally wiped it out before it could loose any of its bees on Voltman. The Navi's watery blade hacked up one of the Cacties, but wasn't quite long enough to extend to the second. The Powerblast wiped out the final Volgear. The last Cacty swung its head back and launched it off toward Voltman, knocking the Navi head over heels and smacking him up for an elemental weakness.

VolgearA: Deleted
VolgearB: Deleted
VolgearC: DELETED!
CactyB: 70
CactyC: Deleted
HoneybomberA: Deleted
HoneybomberB: DELETED!

Voltman.EXE: 120 HP
Voltman grinned as the smoke cleared, seeing no Volgear or Honeybomber viruses.
Teach you to mess with me... Voltman said with a grin. But suddenly, a voice broke through his assumed post-battle silence.
Voltman! Watch out! Shigeru yelled, gesturing to somewhere behind Voltman.
Wha...? *WHAM*
The Cacti's head caught Voltman directly in the gut, its spikes not only tearing through his armor but sapping his electric energy. He tore the thing out and gave it a kick, landing it on top of its body.
All right, you little bastard. Let's finish this.
Voltman disabled the Aquasword, pulling up the nonelemental version of the chip, the Widesword. He prepped an areagrab, and looked around the virus quickly to decide the best place to strike. When he had decided, he held the sword in front of his chest, positioned to slash, and activated his trump card.
Voltman stopped time for the second time that battle, walking slowly around the virus until he was directly behind it.
Sayonara, sweetheart!
The timefreeze deactivated, and Voltman slashed horizontally at the virus, rolling around it to deliver a second slash from its side. He jumped back after the second slash had been made, and watched the virus carefully. Was it alive, or just holding together before it fell apart in deletion?
That got it... right? Voltman asked, a tad uncertainly.
I dunno. You've been fooled twice before... Shigeru replied, the same questioning tone in his voice.
But not again. Voltman replied, watching the virus carefully. He wanted to see this last enemy fall apart himself before he would rest.

1. Areagrab behind Cacti
2,3. Widesword to Cacti (80x2)
-Swordplay: Free Dodge-
4. Dodge
This regular sword got the Cacty good.

VolgearA: Deleted
VolgearB: Deleted
VolgearC: DELETED!
CactyC: Deleted
HoneybomberA: Deleted
HoneybomberB: DELETED!

Voltman.EXE: 120 HP


Get: Cactball1 x1, 570z!
Voltman grinned, before hopping towards the place with all the warps: the Netsquare.

(To Requiem!)