ElecTown Net

"...Yep, I knew it!" In what couldn't have been more than a couple seconds, Tara found herself in the ElecTown Net. "That was super easy! I could understand someone paying for that!"

"Maybe if we're ever rich, I'll buy one. But until then, this is the closest you're getting to it..."

"Well, it's nice to dream. You of all people should understand that!"

"How about a starting search?"

"I don't get to ooh and ahh the area's Net first?"

"Ooh and ahh while you're searching!"

"Fine..." Arms crossed, the cursor Navi began looking for viruses. Though she seemed to be deliberately slow at it this time around...

(searching for Battle #1)
(bumps...like a bumper...that bumps things a lot...bumpity)
(more bumping...FEAR IT)
Target is suddenly blasted in the back by the a met attack. Sending her to the ground, right infront of a cacty virus. The three virii surround her, and begin to move in closer.



Battle begin
"Ahhh!" While not hurt much by the attack, Tara was so surprised by it that she lost her footing, and got a nice close-up view of the floor. "Well, I'm glad I found something, but did I really have to find it like that...?"

"Tara! Behind you!"

"Yes, because everyone knows that if you get attacked from behind, you would never expect that the attacker wasn't behind you..." The cursor Navi quickly got up and turned around. "A pair of Mettaur and a Cacty? I got sucker hit by THAT? I'm slipping..."

"Hey, at least it won't be hard to get revenge! And here's something for said revenge!" Brandon pulled out a pair of chips and inserted them simultaneously. "Battlechip, Cannon! Double slot-in!"

"Well, I can't argue with that." She went silent for a moment as she took aim on the first Mettaur with the green cannon, then took a shot. "One down..." Rinse, lather, repeat. "And two down! I think. But if I missed a Mettaur, shame on me!"

"And don't think I'll let you forget it that easily!" As he spoke, the operator inserted an upgraded version of the previous chip into his PET. "Battlechip, Hi-Cannon! Slot in!"

The cannon on Tara's arm turned blue, but that didn't distract her in the least from giving her special aiming programming a workout. "Not going to let this one miss...Hi-Cannon, fire!" A third and final shot was, well, shot. "That oughta do it, unless I screwed up. And I don't think I did, but you never know..."

"Funny how something revolving around computers and calculations can be random on occasion, isn't it?"

"Funny for YOU, maybe. For me it's just plain insulting!"

[Order of Turn:
1-Cannon chip attack on MettaurA (40)
2-Cannon chip attack on MettaurB (40)
3-Hi-Cannon chip attack on Cacty (80) (Snipe used)]
The metools quickly sidestep the cannon blasts. Sending an attack of their own back at Target. Only one of them hittting this time, as the same in the beggining. The Cacty takes the full Hicannon blast, sending it into the world of deletion.



Round 2, begin.


"..." The action took a slight pause, as both Navi and operator looked on in shock that not one, but TWO viruses remained. "......"

"Well, if either of us wanted to know what irony was, we know now..."

"...I'm more depressed than mad..." Tara hung her head low, and sighed. "How could I miss twice?...And back-to-back, too..."

"You're in a slump. So what?"

"Hey, this is very distressing, you know!"

"Now that's the spirit!"


"Now you're all fired up! I think we just got a little overconfident just then, that's all. Now there's no way we'll screw up!"

"Well...I guess you're right. So, how are we gonna mess these guys up?"

"We do this!" Brandon began inserting many identical chips at a furious pace. "Battlechip, Shotgun! Triple slot-in!"

"See, we should've just used these in the first place..." The cursor Navi's arm transformed into the blue blaster it was used to, and became fixated on the second Mettaur. "Yeah...gotta get this one JUST right..." A cursor appeared on the right half of her visor, and soon got a lock-on. "Okay! Fire one!" A single shot was fired, then the blaster was pointed at the other Mettaur. "Fire two!" For some reason, she fired both remaining shots as opposed to a single one. "Whoops...didn't mean to let both out..."

"Eh, it's fine. As long as you didn't miss, it doesn't matter!"

"I guess so. But if I missed that time, we're going home, because I obviously can't function in Electopia's Net!"

"Well, I wouldn't go that far..."

[Order of Turn:
1-Shotgun chip attack on MettaurB (50, possible splash) (Snipe used)
2-Shotgun chip attack on MettaurA (50, possible splash)
3-Shotgun chip attack on MettaurA (50, possible splash)]
Excessive shrapnel FTW!



GET: Cactball1, 250 z
"And, that'll do it!" Tara put down her buster, and started transferring the remnant data. "...Huh, there's chip data in there. And it's not one I've ever seen before..."

"CactBall is its name. A multi-hit Wood chip. We've done worse than that!"

"We have? What's its accura-huh? You've got an e-mail! It's from...an anonymous sender? The subject is 'Come here'."

"Weird. What's it say?"

"Fearless, aren't we? Okay...here's what it says! 'Brandon Jetto, you need to get to ACDC Park immediately! And make sure you bring everything you use for NetBattling! I'll be waiting! From, Anonymous Sender. P.S., Bring NetBattling stuff!' Then there's a winking happy face. ...Well, that didn't sound suspicious at all..."

"Heh, we won't lose to anyone that has to be anonymous! Tara, jack out!"

"...Are you kidding m-" Before the cursor Navi could finish her thought, she disappeared from ElecTown's Net.

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