Special Retrival Operation


Recently, a small, single manned NetPlane, flown by a very important Navi dignitary from Netopia went mysteriously missing over Hades Net. Recent attempts to retrieve the Navi have failed, and he is presumed deleted. We have reason to suspect foul play is involved, and so we require a modestly powerful NetNavi to search the last known coordinates of the flight to retrieve it's black box data.

Should a Navi accept the mission, it is important to note that simple transmission of the data cannot be allowed due to possible contamination by outside sources to cover their traces of their crimes, therefore, you MUST deliver the black box IN PERSON to a set location in the NetSquare.

Any Navi interested in this operation may post here. Pay is up for negotiation.

((Mission Difficulty: Scaled. Rewards: Any. Mod: SpaceMonkeySteve))
I might be interested, but I would need to know who I was delivering to, prior to attempting this task.

Hmmm. Seems interesting. I wish to know more about the client as well, though. If possible, I wish to help Chad out on this mission.
-Jack Magi
Thank you both on such quick responses. While I'd prefer on only allow a single Navi to undertake this mission (my resources aren't so infinite to be able to realistically cover rewarding multiple Navis) I'm willing to let that slide since time really is of the essence, and that black box is more important than my own resources.

As for who I am, I must apologize. The lack of posting data isn't meant out of deceit, it was simply because I needed this request out as quickly as possible, as every moment wasted here is a moment when that precious data could be lost forever. My name is Titan, and the missing Navi is a close and personal friend of mine. I couldn't take this mission to the NetPolice or anyone else for that matter, because it's too important to me personally to get the truth. I'd even go and get the box myself, but my powers are primarily intellectual, not combat, and I suspect heavy virus activity around the crash zone.
Interesting...Titan, I am more than willing to have my navi go out to where the black box is located. I am not sure as to ask for a reward...I won't ask for one of those Support Programs that I've been hearing about here and there, so perhaps some zenny or a battlechip? We can work out the reward later.
-Jack Magi

This does seem intersting Titan. I shall help in any way possible.
-Freya.exe, Puppet navi
(pokes for robo)
Split will be deploying immediately. You should find him near the entrance to the network from the square. Sooner is preferred over later.

Excellent, excellent. I'll go ahead and send you the general area the plane went down here. Remember, you'll need to deliver the box personally to me in the NetSquare, not send it over BBS.

As for your rewards, Jack, if you want an Support Program, I can get one to you. I don't use them myself, but I do keep a few blank ones lying around in the off chance that I'll need one for getting myself out of a sticky situation. And Chad, I can get one to you as well, if you'd like, or maybe arrange to get you something else you'd desire.

As I said before, we can discuss rewards afterwards. Anyways, I've downloaded the data and both Freya and our partner are heading towards it now.
-Jack Magi