Delicate Operation

The Netpolice requests the help of some common netbattlers for a certain operation. We need to get into an area fast and capture the target before they escape. For security reasons, we can't go into details. That might alert the target. It will be dangerous and your navi may be exposed to some harmful data. Come at your own peril. You have ((three days)) to register and then ((three days)) after that for last minute preperations. We have room for 20 navi/netop teams.


((Still working a few things out, so those times are what we're shooting for.))
I shall apply, for helping the Net Police with anything is my destiny. I was meant to help the Net Police. Is the way of my living.

Name: American.EXE
Element: Normal / Subtype: Cursor
Level: 4
Mission accepted on the condition that greater detail on the target's profile, the area, and expected opposition are sent to me prior to the execution date for the mission.


What have you signed us up for?!


Navi: Broadside.EXE
Element / Type: Elec / Break
Level: 6
Better start somewhere, and why not do it with the police! I'm in, wazzibah!


Navi: Bugman.EXE
Element/Type: None/Wind
Level: 3

The sting's on. Do not reply to this post. In moments, NetPolice officials will have arrived in the sting's base of operations at Electown. This code will take you straight to the area: HARBINGER

Again, do not reply to this post. Show up soon.

Mission accomplished. Enemies neutralized. Zero casualties. We located a large cache Darkchips, and confirmed the location of the factory.

-- Broadside.EXE

Attached (Encrypted):
--Combat Report
--Tactical Analysys Report

We've completed the assignment. I managed to get detailed scans of everything we encountered. I'm appending the data files here. You really need to take a look at some of this stuff... And... They knew we were coming.

-- J. T. Farnam

Attached (Encrypted):
--Heelcopter Data
--DarkNavi Data
--Darkchip Data
--Area Data
--Data Analysis Report
It's cool, we obliberated that navi. I can back up anything these guys say, and give it bodacious details at that also. So we went in kicked ass and stopped the terrorists.
Excellent work from the two of you. We won't cover anything up: we're suprised to hear from you after learning what was really there from what little radio transmission we could pick up. And honestly, we were initially a bit worried about you posting here to claim your reward so openly. However, you've proven to us that you're every bit as capable as the officers we dispatched on this mission. They've said some very impressive things about you two. We have confidence that you two can take on threats sent by the Mafia if you remain careful... with fuzzy sentiments aside, however, it is very possible the Mafia will be keeping tabs on you two now. Keep alert from now on.

Keep in mind that this isn't simply a pat on the head for a job well done: the work you two have accomplished is what we anticipated a whole team of up to 20 Navis being sent into. The NetPolice and the people they product owe you their thanks.

On a less satisfying note, we have some bad news as well. While we appreciate the work you two put into gathering data and even preparing reports... the Darkchip data you sent was completely reset upon your jack out. We believe that the same communications jamming barrier was set to scramble the data if it didn't leave through the designated port the Mafia had set up, erasing any hard samples we could reverse engineer. Sadly, the secrets of the Darkchips still remain lost to us.

In any case, thank you for your hard work in preventing the current crisis. Since this was apparently a factory actively involved in Mafia activity, this should still provide a major blow to Mafia Darkchip circulation.

--Data recieved--

--Data sent to both--

Both recieve: 3000 zenny