Scientist Rescue Mission, Part 2

Voltman appeared on the net, armor fully reformed. He rotated his shoulders, the lightning rods sparking as they neared each other. With a crack of his neck, Voltman walked into the net and waited for either instructions or explosions.
Voltman looked briefly at the email, before turning the nearest corner and moving purposefully down his new path.
Another email...? Voltman started to open the mail when his visor was hijacked by a message from Shigeru.

Check our mail. I'll reconnect when I can.

Voltman looked blankly around. He was... disconnected. All of a sudden, Scilab net seemed a lot more hostile, knowing that he might be followed.
Where the hell am I even supposed to go...? The path had yet to change. The dull gray of scilab buildings and the occasional lab navi were his only companions.

He shifted into Normal.GMO to avoid sticking out like a sore thumb.
The place was droll, not much going on. Besides the normal program routines running around, there were just simple silly things happening. A lecture. Courier data packets. Daily life, going in order. Everything as it should. Clockwork.

It was broad 'daylight', who would be trying to hack into anything here? There was a field trip going on as well, so security had been lowered a bit so that navis could look around the place.

Voltman felt a small tugging at his left shoulder, as if something was wrapped around it.

Voltman: 200 HP [Pull to left]
Voltman felt a small tug at his shoulder. Damn, something damaged...? Rotating his arm, he attempted to ignore it, until another pull came. And another. Not greatly changing his walking path, Voltman just swerved lazily to the left and continued walking, moving in the direction of the pull.
The pull continued vaguely tugging in seemingly random directions that lead the navi into an area that seemed rather 'unfinished', with less programs, and the occasional dead 'site layout.

Spool was sitting on one of these, in the blank space on top of an error message, making a cat's cradle between his fingers.

"Good. Getcher chips and let's move. It's around here somewhere. We're going to be going in and out. Quick, hard, and fast. [font=optima][size=75][/font][/size][font=optima][/font]" Spool nodded, getting up and looking around for something.
Voltman shook his shoulder as the tug faded. The hell is that, anyways, some kind of twine? Ehh, screw it, it's not important. Spool laid out the plan for Voltman, who nodded in agreement. Mostly.
Actually, you should probably know this by now. Someone managed to contact Shigeru and I, we severed the connection so they couldn't just find where I am. The only other hint I've gotten is a second email stating "He works for them" or something like that. Voltman blinked twice. Your friends sent that, right? Or coworkers, at the least. The point is, I'm chipless, but I can still hold my own in a fight.
Spool paused. He processed that information for a moment, then turned to Voltman with an expression of slight intimidation.
"Wait- what? The hell are you talking about? For that matter, do you know who the hell is sending you these? They could be from the goddamn netpolice. Or for that matter, from anyone period. What's the address on these?[font=optima][size=75][/font][/size][font=optima][/font]" He paused again. "Whoever they are, forward the messages to me. I'll send them to my tech expert, try to get it traced.[font=optima][size=75][/font][/size][font=optima][/font]"
I... you... yeah, yeah, "the fuck" is pretty much all there is to say on the matter. Some really fucked up mail address too, but the right turn I took led me towards you. Hence, thought it was someone in with you.
Voltman handed over copies of the emails.
"Right. Let's hope this hasn't completely blown the mission already.[font=optima][size=75][/font][/size][font=optima][/font]" He considers something. "I really want to just cancel the mission here. ...Fuck! Alright. Kid, this might be getting even worse than before, but this time I'll be with you the entire time. You ready?[font=optima][size=75][/font][/size][font=optima][/font]" Spool shakes his head disbelievingly, making a cat's cradle with string, drawing it out, which then vanishes with a pop. "There.[font=optima][size=75][/font][/size][font=optima][/font]" He nods at Volt.

"Let's go.[font=optima][size=75][/font][/size][font=optima][/font]"
Voltman nodded. Ready. I'm without chips until I can contact my operator again, but I've got considerable combat prowess even without them.
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Spool returned the nod, and the two began to travel...oh, maybe five steps or so, when the entire area suddenly began to shine with an unnatural light. VoltMan was unaffected, but his teammate suddenly couldn't even be looked at without being blinded.

"Finally found ya!" A girl Navi in standard yellow and black Navi armor floated in front of Spool and VoltMan, with no overly special features...aside from what appeared to be wires descending from her head, with large light bulbs attached at their ends. "Starting to feel like yourself again?"

"Argh...surrender your pickle supply, my dear sir, or else you shall feel your wrath of my scissors!" The light faded, revealing a most surprising sight: where Spool had been, now stood a gray Navi, possessing wax candles on each of his shoulders, and a head reminiscent of an incense burner. "I shall smack thee with this sizable trout!"

"Not so good at your illusions after my Distortion Flash, are ya...IncenseMan?"

The wickered Navi shook his head, and angrily pointed a finger at the pair. "Bah! I don't believe the rate we were going, the operation would've been a total success! This idiot was completely fooled!" The finger became a straightened hand, which was used to knock the electrical Navi back a few steps. "But had to come along and ruin everything with your little light show!"

"Hey, it's better than what you were doing..."

"Bah! Your little vigilante group's won this round...but one day, I shall enjoy pulling you out of your sanity with my smoke..." A beam of light removed the odd Navi from the Net, leaving VoltMan with the girl. Woo.

"He jacked out? That's weird...I thought he didn't have an operator. Then again, neither do I, and I can do that just, anyway! I bet you'd like an explanation! You see, that was IncenseMan, prime enemy of the Sol Battalion! He uses the smoke from the incense burner on his head to make innocent Navis hallucinate, and do his bidding without knowing it! I bet you didn't even know it was an illusion, huh?" Shaking her head, she began to float off, before stopping and turning. "Don't worry about him, though...I swear on the reputation of the Sol Battalion, we'll bring that guy to justice before he can do more harm! I wonder why he was going to such great lengths this time, though...maybe Commander PhoenixMan'll know more..." Another beam of light signaled the exit of another Navi, leaving VoltMan suddenly alone.

...Or not, as a NormalNavi ran up to him. It seemed to be holding some kind of pink crystal. "Stupid dare she go all floaty on me! Just because I'm awesome doesn't mean I'm super fast! Grr! I bet it's this stupid crystal that's slowing me down! It doesn't even do anything, even when I throw it at things! Totally useless! Hey, you! Yellow boy! Here, have a pink crystal. It's useless, but seeing as how it's from the great SuperAwesomeMan, it'll be something you treasure forever! Yep, I sure am generous! No need to thank me, though...I do it out of my own greatness! Now, where'd Lite go...wait, data trail...she jacked out?! Crud! At least now I'll catch up to her now that I'm blazing fast without that dead weight! Mwahahahaha!!!" A third beam of light meant that VoltMan was REALLY alone now. The data crystal, however, looked a lot like Mystery Data. Maybe he could open it? Let's see...yep, there was stuff in there. Decent stuff, too.

VoltMan GET: ThunderBeam2, 3000z

Voltman couldn't even get a word in edgewise as the strange exchange occurred, the thought of what actually happened on the Mafia mission lingering in his mind. He shook the thought away, as well as the feeling that he'd just been standing there for an incredibly long time., c'mon, you there or not? Shigeru's voice crackled into the air beside Voltman as the connection was reestablished. He looked at the scene, confused. Have you not even moved since I left?
Voltman shrugged. Evidently part 2 of the mission was a bust. The emails didn't sync up with our associates' methods of communication, increasing vagueness, Spool not seeming himself... Voltman nodded. It makes sense, in retrospect.

Voltman looked around for a sign of any other navis that might be following him, and when he didn't see anything, jacked out quietly.