Alignment Mission: Metal Gear Nitro

Nitro rematerialised in front of the fence surrounding the building. He looked around near the bottom of the fence, and, sure enough, found the opening OldMan had mentioned. Nitro dropped down onto his stomach, and, after a few seconds, found himself on the inside of the fence. He straightened himself up, dusted himself off, and looked at the building, taking in the design, and attempted to locate the first of the two generators from his current position.

Nitro's position just past the hole was obscured by a number of neck-high crates. A careful look around the corner told him that the building he needed to get to was about ten feet past the crates. He spied one guard, barely visible around the corner of the building. There was no door on this side of the structure from what Nitro could tell, and a more thorough glance around the crates revealed that the guard around the corner was the only one on this side.

One way or another, he had to make it past.

NetPolice GuardA: 100HP

Terrain: 80% Normal, 20% Grass (intermittent around outdoor area)

Nitro.EXE: 140HP

Objective 1: Gain access to facility
Mission Start!
"Hmm..." Nitro thought aloud, albeit quietly. "What am I to do here..." Nitro took another peek around the corner. Exposing himself right off the bat seemed like a dumb idea at the moment, and outright attacking the guard would cause either a lot of noise, or an injured guard calling some friends over. Neither one seemed like a good outcome at the moment, but he couldn't think of any other ideas. "Chris, you got a plan?"
"I've got one idea..." Chris replied. He pressed a button on his PET, and Nitro was once again his curvy long haired alternate self. It was all Nitro could do to shout out in angry surprise.
"I suppose you've got a good reason for this," Nitro huffed.
"Actually, I do," Chris replied. "If you're caught, I'm sure you'd have an easier time weasling your way out of a bad situation like this. It'd probably be easier convincing someone that you're not a threat if you don't look the part."
"... That actually makes a lot of sense." Nitro said, surprised with his operator's logic and reasoning. He returned his attention back to the guard. "Now how do I get past him..." Suddenly, an idea struck Nitro. He rapped hard on the crate in front of him, then kept his eye on the guard. With any luck, he'd take notice, and Nitro could slip by him when he came over to investigate. Nitro began to move around the right side of the crates, furthest from the corner of the building, and prepared to dart for the building while the guard was distracted.

1: Activate Demogirl.GMO (Discovery Precaution)
2: Knock on crates (Distraction)
3: Move around side of crates (Movement)

After donning a "disguise" of sorts, Nitro knocked on the crates he hid behind to attract the visible guard. The noise echoed considerably in the area, and Nitro heard the guard react with a surprised utterance. As planned, the guard made for the crates... after talking to someone else. It seemed there was another guard with him. With no time for second thoughts, Nitro carried out his movement, quietly slinking over to the building wall. As he did, the first guard headed off along the fence and away from Nitro's position until he disappeared behind some crates.

Peering around the corner, the somewhat stealthy infiltrator caught the tail end of a guard moving around a tall wall of crates near the building wall. There was no door into the facility here either, but a short distance to the north lay a dividing wall with a normal opening. The feminine Nitro could see more crates just beyond the opening; it looked like he would have cover heading that way.

As things stood, the only threat was the guard on the other side of the pile of crates.

NetPolice GuardA: 100HP (practically irrelevant now)
NetPolice GuardB: 100HP (passing by crate wall near Nitro)

Terrain: 80% Normal, 20% Grass (intermittent around outdoor area)

Nitro.EXE: 140HP

Objective 1: Gain access to facility

Nitro stopped as he reached the corner of the building. He looked to see the guard head down along the fence. Hm, glad that worked, Nitro thought, this time silently. He turned to investigate the new area he had gained access to, keeping against the wall. No doors... He thought. He turned his head, and saw the other guard disappear behind the wall of the crates. Nitro chose this moment to dart over to the crates. He stopped at the closest corner, then sidled along the crates towards the opening. After taking a quick peek to his left, to make sure the guard hadn't come around the other end of the wall, Nitro dashed over to the opening, whipping behind the wall to the left of the gap. He tensed up with his back against the wall, listening for any telltale signs that he had been spotted.

1: Move behind southeast corner of crate wall (Movement)
2: Move along crates toward opening (Movement)
3: Run through gap and hide behind west wall (Movement)

((Note: The arrows in this diagram represent the direction each guard is facing.))

As the second guard disappeared behind the crates, Nitro moved along them. He checked around carefully, ensuring that the guard wasn't coming around either side before running through the gap in the dividing wall and throwing himself up against it. No one had followed him. He proceeded to focus on what was in front of him, which was right now a wall of crates higher than his head.

Stopping to catch his breath, Nitro took stock of his new situation. A quick look around the right side of the crates showed just what he'd been looking for: an entrance. In the entrance stood a guard, but he was presently turned around looking inside. Nitro couldn't tell whether he was talking to someone else. The view from the left side of the crates revealed a guard standing in an L-shape of crates that were stacked even higher than his own cover. This guard was looking in his general direction, but being between a wall and a pile of crates gave Nitro a good deal of covering shadow.

The objective was within reach. What now?

NetPolice GuardC: 100HP (In doorway, looking inside)
NetPolice GuardD: 100HP (In L-shape of crates, looking towards Nitro)

Terrain: 30% Normal, 70% Grass (intermittent, more so than before)

Nitro.EXE: 140HP

Objective 1: Gain access to facility
"Well, what now?" Nitro quietly said to Chris. "I can see an entrance, but there's a guard right at it. Plus, there's another guard looking this way. I can't do anything while he's there."
"Well," Chris said. I suppose we should just wait it out for the moment. Maybe that guard at the entrance'll go inside, and that'll be our chance to slip inside."

1: Wait

((Note: The arrows in this diagram represent the direction each guard is facing.))

Nitro decided to wait it out for a bit to see if the situation changed. It did indeed, after a while. The guard facing the entrance turned around after a minute and walked to the center of the area. For the moment, he was looking out towards the fence. That could change, from what Nitro saw. He still couldn't make out anyone inside.

...scratch that. The head of a NetPolice Guard poked itself out of the entrance. It withdrew fairly quickly. Immediately Nitro strained his ears to pick up some indication of what the guard was doing. He heard the faintest of footsteps before they petered off into silence...

NetPolice GuardC: 100HP (In center of area, looking out towards fences)
NetPolice GuardD: 100HP (In L-shape of crates, looking towards Nitro on left side of crates)
NetPolice GuardE: 100HP (Moving further inside the building...?)

Terrain: 30% Normal, 70% Grass (intermittent, more so than before)

Nitro.EXE: 140HP

Objective 1: Gain access to facility
"Well, that kind of worked," Chris said. "At least the doorway's open. Try to slip by as quietly as you can."
Nitro moved to the opposite end of the crates, and took a peek around the corner. He could see one of the guards looking out the fence, but his line of sight with the other was blocked by the L shaped stack. Figuring that if he couldn't see the guard, the guard couldn't see him, Nitro started to move to the door, moving as quickly as he could without being audible. Once he reached the door, Nitro checked to make sure that he hadn't been detected before slipping inside.

2: Move to door
3: Attempt to enter undetected (Complete Objective 1)

((Once again, the arrows are the ways guards are facing.))

With the way partially cleared, Nitro made a mad dash for the entrance as quietly as possible. The guard hadn't turned yet. Nitro made a quick check around the corner and ran inside. It seemed he wasn't quite "inside" yet. He saw a door close, catching a glimpse of a guard and some crates just inside the doorway. If memory served, there would be two doors in that area and the hangar door.

Examining the impressive automatic doors to the building, Nitro learned that they proudly displayed that they were soundproofed. The same could probably be said for the other doors around the facility. A reason for that presented itself in the form of what else was on the door. Literally dozens of markings reading TOP SECRET were plastered on the door. It seemed the paranoia was to Nitro's advantage in this particular venture.

That paranoia wouldn't do him any good with this obviously locked door, though.

Merely touching the password panel prompted the screen to play an audio clip. A clearly irritated prerecorded voice crackled over the speakers. Nitro turned to ensure no one had heard and focused on the message. "I'm sick and tired of you idiots typoing NetMafia names in your reports! Therefore, I've changed the password to Teksqp! If you can't spell it, too bad!"

The irony of this message nearly caused Nitro to laugh out loud as he inputted the password and unlocked the door.

NetPolice GuardC: 100HP (Standing where Nitro used to be)
NetPolice GuardE: 100HP (Facing what is probably the hangar door)

Outside Terrain: 30% Normal, 70% Grass (intermittent, more so than before)
Facility Terrain: 100% Metal

Nitro.EXE: 140HP

Objective 1: Gain access to facility COMPLETE
New objective: Plant explosives on generators

Nitro had to bite down on his tounge to keep himself from laughing. Chris, however, was more than willing to compensate for it.
"Haha, oh wow!" Chris laughed. "There's the whole 'telling them outright what the password is' thing, too! Lucky for us, huh? They pretty much made that password lock thing useless!"
"Well, unless the intruder in question happens to be illiterate," Nitro added quietly. "Which, thankfully, isn't the case this time."
As the doors whoosed open after accepting the correct password, Nitro immediately leapt behind the crates in the room. Peeking over the crates, Nitro saw the only guard in this room. He ducked back down behind the crates, and felt around his waist to make sure that the charges were still there. It just occured to him that the belt could've slipped off when Nitro slimmed down into his, er, disguise, but, thankfully, that didn't seem to be the case, as the belt was now resting on his hips. Nitro looked back over the crates, and saw the two doors. He decided that once the guard was out of the room, he would take the one on the left first. He returned his attention to the guard. Then the possibility that the guard might not leave the room popped into his head. Well, Nitro thought. If that's the case, then thankfully, this room is soundproofed.

1: Watch guard

((I really hope I don't have to tell you what the red arrow means anymore.))

As per Nitro's concerns, waiting for the guard to leave yielded no use. He simply stood before the hangar door, sometimes turning. After a few minutes, he turned a bit towards Nitro's left and continued doing his boring, boring job. A quick check of the other doors in the room yielded the same results as the last for Nitro: they all boasted of being soundproof for maximum confidentiality.

Perhaps that was about to backfire.

NetPolice GuardE: 100HP (Facing to the left of Nitro)

Terrain: 100% Metal

Nitro.EXE: 140HP

Objective 2: Plant explosives on generators

Nitro watched the guard intently, but to no avail. The guard remained in the room.
Well, Nitro thought, I guess I'm going to have to get my hands dirty. Nitro's hand turned into a buster, and it began charging up with energy. With the other hand, Nitro began making swiping motions, hoping Chris would catch on. A moment later, a Rageclaw appeared over the hand. Nitro waited for a moment, then, without warning, he bolted out to the left, swinging his buster around and firing a torrent of explosives. Not waiting to see if they made their mark, Nitro darted forward, swiping in a wide arc with the Rageclaw, in an effort to quickly and wordlessly silence his unwary opponent.

2: Overheat at GuardE(100dmg +15self dmg, 2tcd)
3: Rageclaw at GuardE(40dmg+Slashing)

Nitro charged up his buster while readying a RageClaw for his attack. By the time the charge was ready, the guard had turned around again. Nitro sprung from his cover and scatter-bombed the Navi with a hail of explosives. When the smoke cleared, the only thing remaining was a card, lying on the floor and glowing softly. Picking it up with his non-clawed free hand, Nitro discovered that it was a keycard for a door. He figured that would probably include the ones to his left and right.

Ignoring the slight scorch marks on the hangar entrance, it was now time to pick a door.

NetPolice GuardE: EJO

Terrain: 100% Metal

Nitro.EXE: 125HP (RageClaw: 6 uses)
GET: Keycard

Objective 2: Plant explosives on generators
"Well, that was pretty easy," Nitro said, brushing his hair out of his face. He straightened up, and walked over to the spot where the guard had previously stood. He then stooped down and picked up the glowing object. Nitro turned it over in his hand, and said "So, what d'ya reckon?"
"Well," Chris said. "I'd hazard a guess and say it's a keycard. Odds are, it'll work on one or both of the doors in here."
"Huh," Nitro glanced at the doors. "Probably a safe bet." Nitro walked over to the door, but stopped for a moment. "D'you mind loading the Recover10? That last attack took a bit out of me."
"Alright, sure, hold on a sec," Chris said. He slotted in the chip, and Nitro felt a small boost in his condition.
"Thanks," Nitro said. He then walked over to the right side door, and, after swiping the keycard in the terminal beside the door, slowly began opening it.

1: Recover10 at Nitro (Heal10)
2: Unlock and open right side (south) door.

((Note: The upper left gray lines represent computers, the gray floor is a pit-like area a few feet lower than the normal floor, and the black dots are NetPolice Technicians. Nitro is just outside the room.))

Nitro opened the door without a sound whilst healing himself. Lucky for him, too; a guard was standing right there looking towards the center of the room. The Navi stuck his head in as far as his cautious mind would allow, managing to pick up on four Navis busy at computers along with another guard in the corner.

Then there was the generator.

As small as it might have looked on a floor plan, the machine was at least eight feet tall and emitting a constant low humming noise. It also crackled with electricity once in a while. It appeared to be an amalgamation of several machines, looking completely makeshift but apparently generating immense amounts of energy. And Nitro was supposed to blow that up.

How would he get started on that?

NetPolice EnforcerA: 150HP (Standing by door, looking at generator)
NetPolice EnforcerB: 150HP (Standing in corner, looking at generator)
NetPolice TechnicianA: 50HP (Standing with Technician B on west side of room)
NetPolice TechnicianB: 50HP (Standing with Technician A)
NetPolice TechnicianC: 50HP (In northwest corner of room)
NetPolice TechnicianD: 50HP (The last one)
All NetPolice Technicians are currently working facing their computers.

NetPolice Generator: 1000HP

Terrain: 100% Metal

Nitro.EXE: 135HP (RageClaw: 6 uses)

Objective 2: Plant explosives on generators

((Seeing as this is pretty much just one long fight, can I only use chips once? Or do they refresh at some point?))

Nitro pulled his head back in after taking a quick look around the room. He took a few steps back, and began talking to Chris. "I've found the first generator," he said. "There's a lot of Navis in there though."
"Yeah, I saw," Chris said. "Those technicians shouldn't be much of a problem. I'm more worried about those guards."
"Yeah... how do I take care of them?" Nitro pondered. He thought for a moment, then arrived at a decision. "Send me the Minibomb, I've got an idea." The miniature explosive materialised in Nitro's hand. He walked back over to the door, and crouched down low. He looked through the door, until he could see the nearest guard's feet. He reached through the door with the arm holding the Minibomb, and let go, letting the weapon roll out of his hand and towards the guard. Nitro quickly pulled his arm back and straightened himself up. He pressed his back to the wall to the left of the door, and listened intently for the bomb to explode. When the guards came through the door looking for the source of the attack, he would strike.

3: Minibomb at EnforcerA (60dmg, Blast2)(Mass Destruction activated)

Overheat: 2
((Whenever you spend a turn out of battle (ie: no enemies aware of you), chips refresh.))

Nitro rolled the MiniBomb stealthily into the room. The guard noticed it rolling past him a second before it exploded, sending him flying into the east wall and sending the nearest technician back to his PET or wherever he came from.

Nitro then heard the unaffected guard check the injured one before ordering the techies to keep watch over the generator and carefully heading towards the door. The guard on the floor got up slowly and moved to cover his friend from behind.

They would be through the door in a second...

NetPolice EnforcerA: 90HP (Walking behind EnforcerB)
NetPolice EnforcerB: 150HP (Stepping out of generator room)
NetPolice TechnicianA: 50HP (Standing with Technician B and C on west side of room, watching generator)
NetPolice TechnicianB: 50HP (Standing with Technician A, watching generator)
NetPolice TechnicianC: 50HP (Standing with Technician A, watching generator)
NetPolice TechnicianD: EJO

NetPolice Generator: 1000HP

Terrain: 100% Metal

Nitro.EXE: 135HP (RageClaw: 6 uses)

Objective 2: Plant explosives on generators