Blazeman's Trying Again!

"Scilab. What a great place! I bet there's tasty virus blood here."
"I always hated science. When I go to my school, I always get bored when in the middle of science class."
"I still remember that one time where you fell asleep and the teacher made you copy the sentence "I will not take a nap" ten times!"
"Can we please not bring that up? Its embarrassing."
"Ok. Lets go find some viruses!"

Blazeman walked through the net, hoping to find a nice batch of harmless viruses. He also knew that the dreaded Spikeys and Metools would not come back hopefully to destroy him. He also hoped he would find some money and battlechips.

(Battle 1 please.)
Dropping into the SciLab network, Blazeman found himself on a large sea of glass. To his left, he saw a small pathway of normal panels, the same kind he had seen in ACDC. On the path, he saw a multitude of rodents, two of them rabbits and one of them, a rat. They turned towards the unexpected intrusion and turned hostile!

BunnyA: 50HP [Normal]
BunnyB: 50HP [Normal]
Ratty: 60HP [Normal]

Terrain: 65% Glass, 35% Normal (a narrow roadway, extending to left and right of Blazeman's sight)

BlazeMan.EXE: 120HP [Glass]

"This is just great. I get three rodents. I despise these filthy vermin!"
"Don't forget, we can get a Ratton1 from that rat. I heard of those battlechips, and I love them."
"You love every single battlechip. Why don't we just fight?"
"Good idea. You go first."
"I know where your going with this. SETLAVA, ACTIVATE!"

Blazeman punched the ground, and then lava appeared in places. He grinned an evil grin at the rodents. He then got into a guarding-like pose.

"You know what to do, Cole."
"I know where you are going with this as well. GUARD1, IN!"

Blazeman's guarding arms formed a shield, just like a knight. Only this shield looked like a Metool's head. Cole wondered if he just ripped the guard off a Metool.

"Ok, that looks like a real Metool helmet."
"I did not rip it off a Metool, mind you."

Blazeman first aimed at the first Bunny for a good shot. Blazeman then fired a round of a splash-shot from his arm-cannon. He then waited for the results, hoping the viruses would be covered in blood..oil...whatever.

Action 1: Activate SetLava (Lava Panels all over the place)
Action 2: Guard with Guard1 (Reflect up to 60)
Action 3: Fire Shotgun (Target: BunnyA) (-50 Splash Damage)
24 Hour Bump. Sheesh. ._.
Blazeman used his NC program to cause a large swath of panels to erupt into flames and cover the area in molten glass and rock. The viruses were taken slightly off-guard by the lava, and fired back in a panic. The bunny fired wide and one of the Ratty viruses fired a rat bomb. The scurrying bomb ran through the lava before it exploded over Blazeman's shield, which sent a countering blast into the Ratty.

Blazeman lined up the bunny and fired a shotgun blast, which not only destroyed the Bunny, but also took out the wounded Ratty next to it. The second bunny fired a Zapring, which connected with Blazeman and sent a paralyzing shock of electricity rippling through his body.

BunnyB: 50HP [Normal]

Terrain: 35% Glass, 35% Normal, 30% Lava (a narrow roadway, extending to left and right of Blazeman's sight)

BlazeMan.EXE: 100HP [Lava] [Stun -1 action]
"Ow! My kidneys! They hurt from that zap!"
"Hehehehe...that was funny."
"No it wasn't, Cole! I got injured VERY badly!"
"It looks like you only lost 20 HP and got a stun.."
"Oh. Right. Yeah.."
"Ok, lets wait a bit. Downloading Cyber-Cookie."
"Yummy! That tastes good!"
"Wait, Navis have kidneys?"

Blazeman munched on the chocolate-chip Cyber-Cookie that he had in his hands. He then wiped the crumbs on his face, and got ready for an attack.

"Ok, lets go! AquaNeedle1, IN!"
"Execute! Lets needle them!"
"That sounded totally wrong, Blazeman."
"Yah, I know."

Suddenly, 3 needles appeared in Blazeman's crumb and chocolate-stained hand. He threw them up into the air, and pointed at the Bunny. The needles then flew at the bunny, and Blazeman hoped it would kill the bunny.

"Just incase its not dead, DRAIN FLARE ACTIVATE!"

Blazeman then lobbed a simple minibomb with fire coming out of it at the Bunny, hoping it would drain some power from it to Blazeman.

Action 1: Eat a Cyber-Cookie (Stun)
Action 2: Use AquaNeedle1 (20x3 Aqua Damage) (Target: BunnyB)
Action 3: Activate Drain Flare (15 Drain Damage) (Target: BunnyB)
((Please treat your RP a little bit more seriously. Your character was stunned and shouldn't be eating a cookie during that time. That said, your work does seem to be showing some very minor improvement.))

The Aquaneedle deleted the bunny, but not before it fired off one more shocking ring at Blazeman. His Drain Flare had been useless as the virus was already gone by the time he threw it. For his hard work and suffering, a small amount of zenny was left behind by the group.


Terrain: 35% Glass, 35% Normal, 30% Lava (a narrow roadway, extending to left and right of Blazeman's sight)

BlazeMan.EXE: 80HP [Lava] [Stun -1 action]

[Battle 1 - Victory!]

Get: 300z
"Ow, that hurt, but we got 300 Zenny! YAY!"
"Don't say it. I know you are gonna just complain about not getting a chip. Say it, and I will run away from the P.E.T."
Cole then closed his mouth.
"Lets go find more viruses, Cole!"

Blazeman then continued his quest that never seems to give him any battlechips. But he knew someday or never, he will get what he needs.

[Battle 2!]
When Blazeman came further into the SciLab networks, he came across a sheer wall in his way, built solid with hardened steel. Suddenly, he became aware of a noise above him, and leapt back just in time! For above the wall was four turret viruses, well out of his reach. The turrets had just unloaded their bullets on his former position, and were now locking onto his body at the moment!

GunnerA: 60HP
GunnerB: 60HP
CanoGuardA: 60HP
CanoGuardB: 60HP

- 50% Normal (Pikaman's position)
- 50% Metal (90 degrees cliff, 20 feet tall, viruses at the edge)

BlazeMan.EXE: 80HP

"Well, this is a total gunfest."
"Then lets fight guns with guns!"
"That was worse then my pun,Cole."
"Hey, at least I tried!"
"True. Ok, lets go. Send me a Shotgun."
"Alright. Shotgun, IN!"

Blazeman then fired off a round of his Shotgun at the 1st Gunner. He hoped it would damage the Gunner and another gun virus.

"I also heard the blue gunners have a Machinegun1 chip. Its awesome."
"Don't complain if we don't get it, though. SETLAVA ACTIVATE!"

Blazeman first stepped down from the battlefield, acting if it was some sort of side-step. He then punched the ground, activating his favorite NaviCust program, Setlava. Lava then just popped up randomly.

Action 1: Fire Shotgun (Target: GunnerA) (-50 Splash Damage)
Action 2: Dodge to the left of the field
Action 3: Activate SetLava
With his threats at a distance above him, BlazeMan fought fire with fire and sent a Shotgun blast flying at the elevated turrets. The almost explosive spread caught the targeted Gunner and the one beside it, leaving them in critical condition. That prevented them from firing, but the CanoGuards still took their shots. BlazeMan managed to dodge these however, moving to his left.

A fierce punch to the ground caused a layer of lava to cover a large area around BlazeMan. Unfortunately, only a bit managed to land on the cliff above with none affecting any viruses.

GunnerA: 10HP
GunnerB: 10HP
CanoGuardA: 60HP
CanoGuardB: 60HP

- 30% Normal, 20% Lava (BlazeMan's position)
- 40% Metal, 10% Lava (90 degrees cliff, 20 feet tall, viruses at the edge)

BlazeMan.EXE: 80HP
"Wow, that SetLava really failed hard."
"Yeah, but at least you managed to dodge the attacks and damage the Gunners!"
"Thats true. Cole, send me in a AquaNeedle1, a Guard1, and I will do the rest."
"Got it! AquaNeedle1, Guard1, DOWNLOAD, IN!"

Blazeman then got 3 needles in one of his hands. He threw them into the air. Just when it looked like the aqua needles were going to hit him in the head, he pointed at the first Canodumb. The aqua needles then immediatly stopped, and aimed at the Canodumb. They then went for an attack on it. Just then, a shield that looked a Metool's hat appeared on Blazeman's arm. He used it to guard one attack from him.

"Alright Gunner! Give me some of your HP! Drain Flare, ACTIVATE!"

Blazeman then lobbed a firey Drain Flare bomb at the second Gunner, and he hoped it would hit, and not somehow miss.

Action 1: Fire AquaNeedle1 (Target: CanodumbA) (-20x3 Aqua Damage)
Action 2: Activate Guard1 (Reflect up to 60)
Action 3: Activate Drain Flare (Target: GunnerB) (-15 Drain Damage)
Two of the three needles Blazeman threw up managed to hit its mark, the other embedded itself in a wedge in the metal wall. He put up his Guard in time for the CanoGuards to lock on to his position, and fire two shots. One hit the Metool's helmet and flew back to its maker, and the other hit Blazeman himself. (20) Next, the Drain Flare was thrown up, and exploded in the Gunner's face exactly where it fell, where it sapped the energy and gave it to Blazeman. (+15) Its comrade had other ideas, gunning down the blasted thing that dared to kill its friend, and so on and such. (10x3)

GunnerB: 10HP
CanoGuardB: 60HP

- 30% Normal, 20% Lava (BlazeMan's position)
- 40% Metal, 10% Lava (90 degrees cliff, 20 feet tall, viruses at the edge)

BlazeMan.EXE: 45HP
"OW! Do you feel like im really underpowered?..ow..."
"Nah, it has to be the viruses that is causing the destruction on you."
"I guess your right. Lets finish them!"
"Alright! Cannon, and Zapring1 IN!"

The wounded Blazeman was not finished with the gun-wielding viruses yet. His two flames turned into guns. Blazeman aimed the first gun at the Canodumb. It fired a round at the cannon-wielding virus. Then he took out his other arm. He fired off a zap ring at the same virus he attacked. His two flames reappeared again,and turned into a sword. He then slashed at the Gunner virus,waiting for the results of battle.

Action 1: Fire Cannon (Target: CanodumbB) (-40 Knockback Damage)
Action 2: Fire ZapRing1 (Target: CanodumbB) (-40 Stun Damage)
Action 3: Use ShadowflareSword (Target: GunnerA) (-15 Drain Damage)
((Read the summary, Pika. It's CanoGuard not Canodumb. Also, I think Pocket said this before, but there is a space after the comma. ><;; ))

The first shot Blazeman fired veered a bit to the right, perhaps due to the high alititude of the viruses and his haste in firing. However, the second was more precise, hitting the CanoGuard precisely in the muzzle of its cannon as it prepared to fire. It overloaded for a bit, halting its attack for now. Its companion wasn't so forgiving, however, as it blasted another hail of bullets at the fire Navi. (10x2) The sword Blazeman took out did nothing and sliced at air, as he was too dumb to realize that his enemies were up there and not down here.

GunnerB: 10HP
CanoGuardB: 20HP (Stunned!)

- 30% Normal, 20% Lava (BlazeMan's position)
- 40% Metal, 10% Lava (90 degrees cliff, 20 feet tall, viruses at the edge)

BlazeMan.EXE: 25HP
"Blazeman, you did notice that was a cliff, and you couldn't have hit them?"
"Stop making me feel embarresed! Im trying my best!"
"Are you sure you aren't trying your worst?"
"Shut up. I know what to do."
"OK, you go on with your plan,and I will stay here."
"Lazy ass."

Blazeman sighed, when a bomb covered in flames appeared in his hand. He then lobbed it at the Gunner Virus, that looked like it was gonna die. Blazeman then dodged up of the field to hope that the Canoguard would not kill him.

"By the way, I heard those Canoguards have a cool battlechip called a MarkCannon1."
"So, MarkCannons have good chances of hitting, and do 70 damage. Get one of them for me."

Action 1: Fire Drain Flare (Target: GunnerA) (-15 Drain Damage)
Action 2: Dodge by side-stepping
Action 3: Learn about MarkCannons.
((Pikaman, we don't use the grid system as seen in the games; I have told you this before. It is a large, open battlefield, NOT the 3x6 panel system. "Dodge to the up part of the battlefield" makes no sense in this style of battling. Please fix your post and your summary. Edit: By the way, the viruses aren't restricted to the grid system either, so a CannoGuard can still blast you even if you aren't directly in front of it.))
(I knew about that, Grim. I did spot a tiny error, so I fixed.)
The Drain Flare bomb flew up, just in range of the Gunner, and exploded in its face as it prepared to fire. (+10) The CanoGuard sat there as it recovered from being stunned.

CanoGuardB: 20HP

- 30% Normal, 20% Lava (BlazeMan's position)
- 40% Metal, 10% Lava (90 degrees cliff, 20 feet tall, viruses at the edge)

BlazeMan.EXE: 35HP
"Ok,im just gonna shoot the Canoguard. Do you have a problem, Cole?"
"Yes. You can't eat a cookie without my permission."
"Fine. Can I have a cookie please?"
"Can't, I ran out of Cyber-Cookies."
"What!? Cole, after this battle, you are to go to the damned grocery store and get me the damned groceries!"
"I go to the Navi Shop to get the Cyber-Cookies, not the damned grocery store."
"Aren't you a bit young to be cussing"
"Just go do the darned battle!"

Blazeman charged his buster, while he side-stepped a bit. While in his 2nd stage of charging, he went in front of the CanoGuard. He then said "Hasta-la-vista, CanoGuard!", when he fired his charged shot.

Action 1: Charge while side-stepping over-and-over
Action 2: Charge while going in front of the CanoGuard
Action 3: Fire Chared Buster (Target: CanoGuardB) (-8 Damage)