Objectifying viruses

Void quickly appeared in the sci labs network. Looking around, the navi gave out a sigh. "I feel so heavy now, like I put on ten pounds or something..."

<Yeah, there will be some changes we have to get used to, but for now we need to just get used to this.> Damian said, <Try and run into some weak viruses first...>

Void shook his head, and ran off into the network...

(round 1, 160 hp, let's rock!)
Rather than running into one, Viruses just happen to pop out in front of Void. Literally. Various turret like viruses appeared out from the ground and locked straight at the navi! Don't waste a second, or else!

GunnerA: 60 HP
CanodumbA: 50 HP
GunnerB: 60 HP
CanodumbB: 50 HP
GunnerC: 60 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Void: 160 HP
Void quickly stumbled to a stop, looking around at the sudden armada of guns. "So this is a training mission," Void growled at his prog partner.

"Hey, it's not that bad!" Imp quickly covered his head with his large claw like hands, "All of them are at 60 hp or lower and they can't move! This will be a little harder than we are used to, but not as bad as those nightmare things in net-vegas. It's a good way to prove how much stronger you've gotten."

"Whatever," Void muttered, the glow of his eyes contorting to show he was rolling his eyes, "Damian, what should we do?"

<Use the armor or move, You're going to be holy in a second!> Damian shouted at his PET, startling a woman who was bringing some papers to a near by office as Void quickly took off, running in a wide arc around the turrets with Imp trying to keep up.

"Right, you were the genius who set up this signature system, how in the abyss does it work?" Void glared over his shoulder at Imp.

"Just... I dunno... Just focus on being protected!"

Great, so I'm supposed to think happy thoughts and friggin' have a suit of armor form around me. I dunno what this thing is supposed to look like. I couldn't count on him to make anything look good. It'll probably look like a person with his skin removed, the bones and muscle making some kind of armor.

As Void ran, his arms began to feel heavy, as if weighed down by... "Oh Gods!" Void wished he had a stomach so he could throw up as he found he was wearing the armor he envisioned around him.

<What the hell?!>

"Let's just hurry up, I think I can feel it beating..."

<Minibomb! Shotgun! Battlechips in!>

As Void absorbed the chip's data, there was a series of quick snapping sounds as the armor shifted around, configuring to the weapons' design. 2 hollow bones jutted out of Void's right arm, resembling an organic shotgun muzzle. Quickly aiming his arm towards one of the cannons, he felt one of the muscles in his arm contract, releasing a small cloud if bone shards towards it's intended target. As he lowered his arm, he felt it brush up against something. Looking down, he saw that the armor had grown a small bladder or gland. Quickly tearing it off, Void chucked the small sac of flesh, somehow knowing it's explode in impact...



1) autododge
2) sig attack - Living armor(create 60 hp casing)
3) shotgun (50 dmg + spread1) @ canondumbB
4) minibomb (60 dmg + blast1) @ gunnerC
*) life bain (10 drain) @ gunnerA
Void moves about, trying to throw off the turrets' aim before being weighted down by the sudden appearance of armor. He then finally goes on the offensive, firing a Shotgun blast at the central Canodumb and catching a Gunner in the explosion. He also chucks a bomb, which blows up a virus. The Gunner that still remains intact fires a series of shots, the first falling short but the second and third reaching their mark. Void's armor holds, though, so the navi remains unharmed.

GunnerA: 50 HP
CanodumbA: 50 HP
GunnerB: 10 HP
CanodumbB: DELETED!

Terrain: 100% Normal

Void: 160 HP (40 HP casing)
"I like this new armor," Void chuckled darkly as the flesh encasing him absorbed the bullets fired from the viral turrets, "Although I'd prefer to not be hit at all, Isn't there something we could do about this idiot's mistake?"

Damian gave a quick nod in the real world, <Yeah, I messaged the network admins, they'll be sending you the new data once you're out of the line of fire.>

"Good, I must admit I'm getting sick of all of this dead weight," Void said as he focused his attention back towards the viruses, "I say we end this. Damian, send me the ringlog!"

<Battle chip in! Let's show them how weak they really are!>

As Void started to compile the data into the ground in front of him, a small shoot began to sprout rapidly from the ground. It grew rapidly its branches reaching towards the digital sky. And just as it was about to reach it's full size, Void dug his hand into the bark covering. Just as quickly as it had grown, its leaves began to wither and fall as the branches that once held them grew brittle. There was a creaking sound as if the tree was calling out in pain. Quickly wrenching his hand, Void easily snapped the dying trees bark in half. Pulling one arm back, the shadowy navi hurled the lifeless trunk at one of the turrets, and using the gained momentum, kicked the rooted trunk, snapping it off at the base and sending it hurtling towards another virus.

Void's eyes flashed dangerously towards severely weakened Gunner. <You're really getting a kick out of the lifebane, aren't you Void?> Damian chuckled as the shadows around Void whipped into a frenzy, clawing at the air as if snatching or hunting something in the air itself the no one could see.

"Of course, I've been waiting for an attack that lets me indulge like this for ages, I think it's time I... let loose..." As if in response to his statement, the fragments of swirling shadow leapt and clawed towards the virus. Void let out a low chuckle as he gave one last look at the field. "I think we need to rid us of these pathetic creatures..."

<On it, one fire burn coming up,>

Void clenched his fists as dark purple flames ran up his arms and began to envelope his fingers. Watching them dance between his fingers, Void looked up for any more targets. "It's a shame that you are made of data, since no matter what flame burns you, no matter what you hurt, no matter your victories or losses, there will never be even one bit of you left to mark you were ever here."

Opening his hands, Void burned anything that dared to fight, to move against him, to even stand.

"Allow me to grant you my greatest gift," Void chuckled as the flames danced and consumed all in their path, "Let me give your final... peace..."



1) Ringlog (50 + Ground Attack + Wide Attack + Double Attack) @ GunnerA
2) Ringlog (50 + Ground Attack + Wide Attack + Double Attack) @ cannondumbA
*) Lifebane (10 passive drain) @ GunnerB
3) Fireburn (50 + Line Attack + Fire) @ remaining viruses
4) autododge
Void chucks two Ringlogs at his opponents. The first nails the Gunner and takes it out, though the other is a bit off course and misses entirely. Using his passive, Void is able to take out the remaining, weakened Gunner. He then sends flames out to take care of the remaining viruses and manages to take out the last Canodumb.

CanodumbA: DELETED!
CanodumbB: DELETED!

Terrain: 100% Normal

Void: 160 HP (40 HP casing)

Rewards: 650z
"Heh, not too bad for such a small group of virii," Imp chuckled as he scooped up the zenny and dropped in into his pot.

"True, but I heard other navis build up so much more money faster. I don't understand it..."

Imp muttered under his breath, "Maybe if you weren't so dramatic and actually just tried to get stuff doOW!"

<Maybe if we tried some actual missions,> Damian suggested, trying to distract Void from the partner he was holding by it's horn, <We could get more money by killing important targets, and not by killing random mets.>

Void let Imp drop and turned to exit the network, "Fair enough, although I loath begging..."

<Void jacks out>