Howling Taco Flame Ring

Appearing in the internet in an explosion of fire, Djinni held a piece of paper in her right hand with a pen in the other hand. On the top of the paper was 'Notepad.EXE' written that couldn't be erased, with below that the filename's title. Scribbling on the paper, some of the things that were written on it were 'Don't sing for viruses' and 'Don't trust anything, unless it's humanoid'. Looking at the paper for a bit, Djinni turned up to Na'im with a worried look. "Do I really have to do this?" she muttered.

"Yes," Na'im simply answered, "It's wise to do. Otherwise they'll beat you black and blue." He was browsing through his chips nonchalantly, trying to memorize what they could do even though he had only seen two of them in action.

"But this is a NERD thing," Djinni exclaimed, waving the paper and pen around, "I don't make notes about fighting!" Pouting, she continued to scribble on the paper whilst floating forwards to shorten her time in the internet. "Just a practice battle he says," Djinni muttered to herself as she wrote 'Na'im is a doodoo face' on the paper.
Djinni wanders around, sighing hopelessly, grumbling about her operator's orders on fighting viruses.
Soon enough, an explosion crashes near the flaming spirit, obviously from some enemy forces.
Cringing as she shook the dust from her eyes, the fire navi spotted the source of the firing. A bunch of firearm-like viruses were goading one of their CanoGuard companions into some target practice. Apparently, Djinni was the moving target this time.

BeetankA: 50 HP
BeetankB: 50 HP
CannonGuard: 60 HP
KabutankA: 80 HP
KabutankB: 80 HP

Terrain: 100% Metal

Djinni.exe: 180 HP

Noticing the explosion close to her, the piece of paper she was holding suddenly caught flame. Looking from left to right and back to left again, Djinni whistled and tossed it onto the ground. Few seconds later, she looked down at the ground and held her hands against her cheeks in surprise of the piece of paper turned into ashes. "How could you-!" Djinni shouted, "This harmless programmable paper! Did it ever do something to you!?" Before she could fall down on the ground in a dramatic way, she got called out by her Operator who coughed loud enough for her to hear it.

"We're here to practice... Not to play," Na'im said as she stared at her with angry eyes as he lowered his sunglasses.

"Fine fine..." said Djinni with a lifted head as she glanced over at the enemies, "At least those other ones had swords... Even I could figure out what they'd try to do." She then held a finger up and nodded to herself as she continued, "But this one had an explosive projectile... So it should be ranged. But which one..."

"I think all of them," said Na'im, "They all have barrels used for firing. But it's no time for us to go admiring. I think it's time for you to attack and maybe add one of these to our bomb rack." The last bit was said as he glanced over to his chips, also slotting a few in.

"Fine fine," Djinni said as her eyes lighted up slightly because of the data arrival of the chips. The bracelets around her wrists started to spin, generating a large amount of flames from the chips. "No playtime..." she muttered to herself. The flames from the bracelets started to swirl and move around while a part of it moved to the palm of her hands. Djinni thrusted her left hand towards the enemies with a smooth movement, emitting a stream of flames from her hand. "There is no rhythm in this at all..." she muttered eventually, as she moved her right hand backwards slightly. In a quick punch, she lunged forwards and sent forth a fist-shaped fireball at her enemy. But just as she released the fireball from her hand, she heard something unknown.

"One two three," whispered a female voice, "One two three, one two three..." The rhythm provided by the voice was met with a humming sound of Djinni.

"Strange..." Djinni said while the voice continued. On the rhythm of the voice, she moved her arms to the sides as a stream of flame slid from her shoulder to her hand. Growing and growing in size, her arms eventually turned into flames themselves. On the rhythm, she moved them forwards and unleashed the fire in two streams at enemies. As her arms became visible again, Djinni spun around once on the rhythm and swung her arm at the enemies direction. From her hand, she released a burst of flames at the enemies again. "If this didn't get them..." she told herself quietly, "We'll have to attack more."

1. FireBurner1 [50+10 FIRE; Strikes Up To Three Enemies; Ranged] @ KabutankA/B
2. Firehit1 [60+15 FIRE; Ranged] @ CannonGuard
3. Burst Stream [2x 40 FIRE; 2x Knockback; 3 TCD] @ BeetankA/B
4. Heatshot [40+10 FIRE; Splash; Ranged] @ Anything That Remains
The Kabutanks howl in laughter with the Beetanks as they try egging the MarkCannon on.
Suddenly, a stream of fire burns the former group to a crisp. Shocked, the viruses turn around to the source, only for another Beetank to meet the same fate as the Kabutanks, the other just moving away in the knick of time, even though the passing force knocked it back a little.
The CannonGuard sheepishly put up its shield against the firehit, negating the attack.
Djinni, frusturated and bored with this charade, blasts a Heatshot through the blocking CanoGuard, the splash effect singing over the other Beetank.
At this moment, the CannonGuard flipped open its shield and started targeting the fire spirit.

CannonGuard: 60 HP (Locking-on!)
KabutankA: DELETED
KabutankB: DELETED

Terrain: 100% Metal

Djinni.exe: 180 HP
"No playing around, right?" Djinni said as she raised a finger. She then pointed at the virus with the same finger and looked up at Na'im. "I've got an idea. Let me handle this," she said with a confident tone in her voice.

"OK," Na'im said before thinking it through for a bit, "I'll let you try out your idea. It's not just me who has to get used to this. Just be sure not to miss."

The flames levitating above Djinni's shoulders shimmered for a split second and she nodded her head. "I can't miss," she said and turned her head to the right, "But first..." Suddenly she started to scratch her shoulder, quickly followed by scratching the other too. "I'm itchy..." she muttered, not to embarrass herself before her Operator, "As if something's under my skin trying to get above it."

"Try to ignore it," Na'im said and pondered what it could be, "You've got a target to hit."

"Roger!" she shouted and saluted at Na'im. With a swift flick of her hand Djinni took one of the ends of her turban between two fingers and slid it off her head, unraveling it in the process. Forcing a part of data into the fabric, it started to spin around her body as protective shield. Afterwards she flung her right towards the enemy, while holding her other hand close to it. Slowly shifting her position so she stood with her right side towards the enemy, she executed a program to encase her bracelet with fire which quickly grew into the shape of a bow. Sliding her left hand away from her right hand, she generated an arrow between the two that rested on the bow while holding the two eyes opened towards the enemy. After created entirely, the arrow became a dark red with the front turned into a heart-shaped point. "And now..." Djinni muttered and moved to the right slightly so she was looking just past the virus. At that moment, she fired the arrow with the intention to miss the virus. She shook her hands slightly as some flames had remained on them and scratched her shoulders slightly again. "What will you do? Attack me? Or defend yourself?" she said, the turban shield around her and still scratching her elbows softly as she sometimes glanced at them.

1. Shield NC.
2/3. Heart Archer [70 FIRE; Homing; Charge Time; 3 TCD] @ CannonGuard.
4. No Action Taken.
The CanoGuard locks on.
Djinni unwraps her turban.
The virus fires and...
Shoot, the shield goes up in time.
Charging her magical energy, Djinni lets out a fierce cry as she send a flaming arrow at the CanoGuard, which reloads, tries to fire in time, but...
it gets incinerated.

Reward data litters the ground.

CannonGuard: DELETED
KabutankA: DELETED
KabutankB: DELETED

Terrain: 100% Metal

Djinni.exe: 180 HP

Get: MarkCannon1, 400z
In a spiraling motion, she put the turban around her head again and looked upwards. "A hole..." Djinni muttered quietly as she poked the turban in various spots. She then looked downwards again and shifted her sight towards one of her shoulders. Prodding it with her finger she continued to talk to herself, "Hey, it stopped itching." The flames floating above her shoulders, on the other hand, started to flicker slightly. Floating over the ground as she collected the parts of reward data, she noticed one of the flames moving so it'd stick in front of her eyes for a split second. Turning her head towards it, she noticed a jagged line across the flames base. Just as she was about to shrug it off, thinking it was just her imagination, the jagged line split apart and revealed a mouth-like image. "What?" Djinni muttered as she looked at it more closely.

The mouth just stood there, opened and its jagged 'teeth' visible that were all made of the flame it was placed upon. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" it suddenly started to laugh with a female voice, similar to Djinni's own voice but scarier, "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

"AAAAAAAAAAAH!" Djinni screamed as only reaction to the laugh, her mouth almost equally wide open.



The two continued like this for a bit until a third female voice started to talk, "We're harmless." The voice was, again, similar to Djinni's voice but more calm and more adult. "Stop the screaming!" the voice sounded. The mouth wasn't jagged, but more like a normal mouth although it was still made of flames.

"W-What are you?" Djinni stammered as she turned her head to the other flame, then back to the other again. The laughing voice had stopped, now just remaining quiet with its mouth closed.

"You could say we're alternate versions of you," the calm voice said, leaving a pause after saying as it was thinking, "But still the same as you. We handle things differently, but are still you."

"Well, it's not easy to explain!" the loud and somewhat scary voice exclaimed, "Let's just say we see what you see, hear what you hear, think what you think and also have thoughts of our own! Simple as that!"

"That doesn't explain WHY you're here," Djinni shouted, as she turned her head again but realized it'd be much easier to just look fowards since she'd be able to hear them anyway and it wasn't like she had anything to look at. "Do you two have names or are you called Djinni too?"

"One thing at a time," the calm voice left of her said, "We are here because there are things you cannot accomplish. We're created to fill in the holes you can't. As for our names, I am Marid."

"Call me Ghoul! HAHAHAHAHA!" the loud voice exclaimed, the mouth taking up 2/3th of the flame.

The three then remained silent as Djinni looked upwards to see if her Operator was still around. "Na'im...?" she asked quietly while looking around.

"I'm, eh..." Na'im started as she scratched the back of his head, "Trying to figure out what's going on. I checked your data, but of abnormalities I could find none. It seems they were created by you. But I think it's too much for us to chew..." A sigh slipped over his lips as he put both hands on the PET and started the process of logging out. "We'll need someone who knows stuff about this," he said before Djinni was logged out, "Let's wait until we plunge ourselves into a data abyss."

Nodding to herself and her Operator, Djinni glanced at the two flames one last time then replied to the command of logging out. She exploded, throwing small flames around, and disappeared from the Net.