Another spree.

Nikko jacked into scilab net and looked around the area, she then started walking around the area at random, looking for viruses.

(battle 1)

ChampuA: 60 HP
ChampuB: 60 HP
ChampuC: 60 HP
ChampuD: 60 HP

Nikko.exe: 160 HP

"Heh, just some champus, easy pickings."
"lets see, Bubbler, Pheonixshot1, cannon, battle chips in and download. oh ya, your new signature attacks are ready, just use them with your instincts."

Nikko receved the battle chip data with ease as a large red blaster, with heat comeing off the blaster as a blue buster with water flowing through the inside of it. Nikko's fur started to grow out quite a bit as she became a large fur ball, but the fur quickly started to become two barriers that surounded her body with protection from attacks. Nikko then took aim at ChampuA with her Bubbler and fired off a large blast of water surged out from the buster and headed twords the champu with great speed, Nikko hoped the splash would also hit ChampuB in it's watery fury. She then hefted the large blaster high into the air, her barrier createing a large hole in the top, and fired out a very large ball of fire that hovered above her, her barriers closeing as the flames burst apart, her barriers being singed a little, but still stable, and a large bird made of fire looked at ChampuB-D and flew high into the air, then it swooped down and crashed hard into the ground, createing a large torent of flames that attempted to delete the Champus in a single hit. Nikko then looked at the destruction that had unfolded and hoped that the champus were deleted completely.

Furry Barriers (2-1 hit barriers, 1TCD)
Bubbler----->ChampuA, splash at ChampuB (50X2 due to elemental weakness+splash)
Pheonixshot1----->ChampuB-D (70, fire, can hit 3 enemies)
dodge/battle overviewX3
Stuf dies.


Nikko.exe: 160 HP

Get: Firehit1, 150z
Nikko picked up the zenny and battle chip data, though she took a detour to netsquare.

(leaving, leave topic open)