Gungnirs Return

The still teary Sieg watched as his navi crashed to the net in three thunderbolts, leaving him in the middle of a patch of scarred earth as he smoldered. The smoke lifetd and he saw the area he was training in before return to his eyes. His .GMO was inactive, he could no longer feel the thrill of battle he had felt before, but this was not about thrill. This exploit was about growth and power, raising his limits and breaking them. He was here to avoid what had happened before, and to ensure it never happened again.

"Gungnir, you ready to go?!" Sieg shouted, the fire in his voice rekindled.

'I am, let us begin' he responded as the Vulge formed in his left hand and he walked in slowly.

Viruses come to welcome the warrior with a nice easy battle.

MarkCannonA: 60 HP
MarkCannonB: 60 HP
MarkCannonC: 60 HP
BoomerA: 60 HP
BoomerB: 60 HP

Gugnir.exe: 140 HP

-Welcome Back-
Gungnir Looked at the viruses that had appeared before them with cold and unfeeling eyes. The viruses took aim and were prepared to fire as he gripped his blade tightly. Sieg could see what they were facing, nothing they had not dealt with before. As he reached into his pockets, he fished out two chips and Slammed them into the PET. His maniacal grin shone to him on the screen as Gungnir felt the influx of the chips,

"Set em up and knock em down, Rageclaw, shotgun slot in, DOWNLOAD!" As he shouted this, Gungnirs body glowed deeply with a ripple of red and yellow. He could feel the shotgun course into his left arm as the aura appeared around it. His swords blade was engulfed in the red shine of the Rageclaw as he pulled it back and dove at the viruses. He would rely on the sword for the remaining blows, his Vulge never failed him before.

As he neared the Markcannon, he pulled back the blade. These were immobile enemies, and easy to set up for a fall. His scarf swung around him as he slid to a grinding halt, tearing up the ground beneath his feet. His mighty blades raised in the air above his head, he gave not so much as a grunt as he swung them down, slamming them into the side of the virus and sendign it reeling. The base of the virus skidded across the ground as it flew, slamming into the side of another as Gungnir pulled himself up and raised his hand to the both of them. He let a single word escape his lips,


As he sent the blast of plasma flying from his right hand. The blast focused on his palm for a brief moment before erupting forwards and blazing down the path of the viruses. He turned to the next targets as the plasma blast exploded, engulfing both in a cloud of smoke.

Cold winds began swirling around his blades, slowly pressing the red glow off of them as he stood up and looked at the pair of boomers across the feild from him. They slowly advanced back and forth, obviously preparing for an assault. He raised his blade before him, for he would give them no quarter. The icy winds began coalescing on the blades as the red faded from them, as a sunset on a frozen wasteland. He slowly murmured to himself as the blades froze solid and he raised them up. With a grunt, he thrust them into the ground, causing the entire area around him to permafrost as he lowly spoke,

'By the power of the wolfson, I summon fangs of ice, rise and consume my enemies in biting chill, show them the road, and send them to death. I call Fenrir' frozen waves shooting out along the ground as he spoke and rushing towards the two viruses. He was all but finished speaking as the patch of earth beneath each of the virii froze outwards as if a pebble had fallen into a lake. In a heartbeat, the twin spires of ice blasted upwards from the ground beneath the viruses, icy blades cutting open the landscape as he stood back up, tearing his blades out of the ground and leaving an icy coffin beneath him, and frozen teeth before.

He turned slowly, his hair flapping as the wind from his last attack reached him. As his gaze met the last virus he had not bothered with, it became apparent that his hair was still swimming in the air despite the settling of the attack. Trails of light wind danced around him, leaving aural glows as they slowly slid to the still frostbitten blades in his hands. His face was expressionless, but it might as well have been a glare from Hel herself. The icy remains on the blade slowly chipped away as the blades became enrapt in glowing bands of wind. They slowly blocked and distorted the swords, shrinking them as he lifted them to his side. His entire visage flapping in the wind, he ran down the immobile virus and raised the still unformed blades.

'Give me the might of Odin, the speed of his mount. Let the winds guide my blades and set them true in this abominations being. Sleipnir, ride,' he said as he seemed to stop behind the virus, sword lowered. His blade was now thinner, winged on either hilt and still holding a faint glow as he stood.

For a moment there was silence.

But that silence was not to last. It was rent from the scene by the loud noise of a sword being sheathed seamlessly into metal, and another. Five more were to follow, the sound of Gungnir's attacks not able to keep up with the expediency of his movements. As the last blades sound followed up, he looked up at Sieg, his entire body seemingly moving too fast for the computer, as the after images he was leaving tried to keep up.


Rageclaw MarkcannonA/B 20dmg <Place next to each other>

Shotgun MarkcannonA/B 50dmg

Fenrir(2) BoomerA/B 70dmg <Breaking>

Sleipnir(1) MarkcannonC 7x10dmg
They all die.

MarkCannonA: DELETED
MarkCannonB: DELETED
MarkCannonC: DELETED

Gugnir.exe: 140 HP

Get: MarkCannon1, 400z
Gungnir shrugged at the pitiful viruses, watching various cyberdust and debris land around him as his spires collapsed and his sword returned to normal, he faded out of the doublesight and turned to Seig, his eyes now devoid of anything but fire.

"That was AWESOME! You've gotta just keep up like that, it was GREAT!" he shouted, looking at the data they had recieved as he pulled the new chip into his pocket. He grinned widely and said,

"Lets keep on going, but I think we'd do good to go somewhere else kinda soon, this place is a little easy for us now." Gungnir had no words, he just nodded and continues walking past the carcasses of his former victims.

You came across a nice number of viruses... but what is this? It seems like you are standing on glass? And your foes are on normal panels.

KabutankA: 80
KabutankB: 80
KabutankC: 80

Gugnir.exe: 140 HP


Gungnir looked down the new plethora of viruses, not finding anything new in them. He recognized the cubes and the tanks, both were harder to delete, and the former was electric, an easy kill for him. However, there was one thing that baffled him. The terrain beneath his feet seemed to be made entirely of glass, this could mean trouble if he tried to move, he was well aware of his density.

'Seig, the floor I'm on, it seems to be made entirely out of glass...I don't think I would do good to move too much on it. But at the same time, I don't believe I would want to be here when or if this thing breaks.' Gungnir looked around, and was very iffy, especially as how three of the enemies could lob bombs.

"Well don't worry! You can get off of that in a second! Use Sleipnir alongside of these!" Seig shouted back as he slammed two boomerangs and a shotgun into the PET slot. He Grinned widely as he shouted down, "If you use Sleipnir right, you might be able to throw them off their guards!"

Gungnir nodded affirmative and spread his legs to his battle ready position. He Pulled up the blade to the sky and began his summoning, murmuring for a moment as gilded breezes danced across the reflective surface around him. The shining winds wrapped around him, swirling upwards towards his upheld sword. The winds became glowing bands of light as the fused to the blade, his voice now louder;

'Summoning forth the power of the mighty steed, the blade calls the beast. Come forth and grand me your flight, your fury. Imbue my blade with the gift of the gods, Sleipnir,' he said as he lowered the golden blades, watching them shrink in front of him to the slender blades of the Sleipnir, 'Come forth' The incandescent bands snapped away from the thin swords, revealing the two longswords that had replaced his once bulky vulgeblades. The winds suddenly died as he drew it back, coiling his body and preparing to run.

The winds were silent, only the viruses fidgeted about in their places, almost trying to anticipate his movements. It would do them no good, for as he pushed off into his gallopping run, he seemed to leave a dozen images behind him. They would see where he had been, but not where he was going. He pushed off of the glass surface, trying his best to avoid the slick surface as he ran up to the Kabutanks in front of him. As he raised his blade, he passed the first one. His visage engulfed them, showing his movements as he wove through them artfully and carefully. The delayed trail of movement was almost serene in the windless field as he came to a halt after the final Kabutank was behind him, but as the images passed the viruses, loud slashes of metal on flesh could be heard ringing clearly from the virii. The road he wove was now a path of carnage as seven mighty slashes cut trough the enemies he was behind.

He gripped the slender vulge as the final images of him caught up with his current one, the afterimages now merely generating a discomforting aura around him. The gold on the blades was quickly washed over in a green glow as he pulled it up behind him. He let the boomerangs data completely wash over the blades before throwing the gilded emeralds in a spinning arc at the viruses across from him. The cubes were almost entirely immobile, they would have a time of dodging this. As the blades swung up in the air, they seemed to stall for a moment, as though a flourescent green sun had taken home in the sky of Sciabs, but that sun was short-lived as it descended on the hapless virii. With a great slashing and tearing noise, it tore through their locations, tearing up earth and with any luck, virus as well.

As the shining swords flew back at him, he reached forwards, letting Gleipnir hang down from his arm and Synchronize with the quickly approaching vulge. He grabbed the identical chain and began whirling it around his head, a circle of green and gold now wrapt around him. With a slight grunt, he flung the chain at his weapon and latched it onto the blades. With a strong pull, he swung them around himself in a huge arc, and with a much stronger grunt, flung the trapped disc at the viruses once more. He did not even turn to see the results of his attack, hearing only the vicious slashes behind him as he faced the recoiling Tanks.

He raised his left hand this time, the right incumbered by Gleipnir, as a familiar yellow aura formed around him. The afterimages left on his hand drew out the motion, making each inch look like a mile. The Glove that was his hand shone brilliantly as the shotgun formed into his hand. He clenched his fist and let the blast erupt from his fist, flying into the viruses that were still thrown from the first attack, and with a great explosion, covered the viruses again in a thick cloud of smoke. As a final action, he reahced up and grabbed his blade at the last second, slamming the gold and green off of it, and welcoming the wind back into the arena.


Sleipnir, KabutankA/B/C 30/30/10dmg <Advanced Dodge>

Boomerang, DblCubeA/B/C 60dmg<X2>

Boomerang, DblCubeA/B/C 60dmg<X2>

Shotgun, KabutankA/B 50dmg
Gungir managed to make it off the glass, but missing the third Kabutank. His boomerangs ripped apart the cubes before they could attack, and his shotgun finished off two of the Kabutanks. The third one fired a bomb at him, but ended up missing.

KabutankA: dead
KabutankB: dead
KabutankC: 80

Gugnir.exe: 140 HP


Gungnir looked at the remaining viru that stood on the field. The bastard son of the net had tried to blow him to peices with a bomb, but to no avail on it's behalf. He raised his sword and threw it into the ground, he would not need any extra assistance for this. He cracked his knuckes and walked towards the last virus slowly, as he said to Sieg,

'For some odd reason, I feel like taking my time on this one,' without even turning his head upwards to his master. He flexed his hands as the virus tenatively moved backwards. Sieg looked confused and said,

"What do you mean? What do you think you're gonna do?" with an almost frightened tone in his voice as Gungnir neared the now shaking virus.

'Just be a dear and send me two Firehit chips and an Icewave, please,' he said in a deeply unsettling tone. Siegs expression shifted to a momentary horror, but pulled together intime to send the three chips to Gungnir before he reached it. He just sat there, watching his navi plod up to the virus.

Both of Gungnirs hands glowed bright red, flames flickering on them as the light of fire danced in them. The virus drew back, trying to escape, but Gungnir reached out with both hands, grabbing the tanks rough surface and pulling it to him. The tank squirmed and struggled as it tried to break away, but Gungnir held it, staring down with his frozen gaze. He pulled his hands back for a second and fanned his fingers, before slamming either set of five into the viruses shell, breaking through and digging into the virus itself. The virus squealed like a stuck pig as the flaming fingers lodged themselves into its forehead, and struggled for it's life.

Sieg watched the scene before him in horror, unable to make a noise as he saw Gungnir torturing the virus. His hands were trembling so bad, it was hard to see what happened next, but he almost wished he hadn't. The red glows on his hands began seeping into the virus, red cracks and lines forming in it's shell and hissing violently as steam lifted up from them. The virus screamed in pain as it jerked and struggled, but Gungnir would not let go. The red lines and fissures melted into it's pleading eyes as it stared up at Gungnir. Their eyes met, the blazing gaze of the virus a sharp contrast to the icy stare of Gungnir. As the lines encased the entire virus, it slowly stopped struggling, and fell down. The entire carcass was hissing and sputtering as Gungnir released one hand, then the other and let the shell fall to the ground. He turned slowly, feeling an arctic chill come over his hand. As he turned to walk away, he lifted his hand, and threw it down. The blue charge shot into the ground as the viruses body stopped glowing.

For a moment, there was silence; but as Gungnir took his remaining steps back to his sword, the ground beneath the gvirus erupted in a cavalcade of Ice and snow.

He silently removed the blade from the ground and turned around, looking for the body.

Sieg could not move...


Firehit1, KabutankC 60dmg

Firehit1, KabutankC 60dmg

Icewave1, KabutankC 80dmg

Well... umm....


Rewards: 600z
Sieg looks down at his navi, still slightly trembling. Is this all that this navi si, just some program designed to destroy viruses in whatever manner it deemed fit? What was happening, why was he so violent and bloodthirsty all of a sudden? Is he changing? Is he becoming this way because all he knows is death and cruelty?

'Sieg, if you're ready, I can continue,' he said, looking up at him with those unfeeling eyes. They seemed to penetrate him, frightening him. He did not want to lose Gungnir to this, he wanted him to know him as a friend, not only an operator.

"Yeah...yeah I'm good, go on," he said, the shakiness inhis voice not easily concealed,

"...buddy..." he threw in, a feeble attempt at restoring his navi's humanity? Or the best from a child who has no idea the hand he deals in...

<(Next really paitient bump)>
Cubes, cannons, tanks, and something else, and the whole ground is metal


Gugnir.exe: 140 HP

Battle 3... have at it
Gungnir walked on slowly, plodding on as Sieg looked at him warily. Sieg drew in a deep breath, his navi was becoming terribly violent, he didn't want this to continue. He wanted his friend,

"Gun," he said a little shakily, causing Gungnir to turn and look up at him.

'Yes, Sieg?' he said with his lilting monotone. His sword was lax in his hand, he didn't even care about his surroundings when he was in conversation.

"Well, I've just been thinking. Uh, you don't really have to go as vicious on the viruses as you just did. I mean, yeah; you should delete them, but be humane about it. Defeat doesn't mean torture," he said slowly, trying to be careful to get each word out without stumbling over the lump in his throat.

'Sieg,' Gungnir said with a sigh, 'I am a killer, a program designed to delete viruses and make sure they stay that way. I am meant to eradicate the net of corruption and assist you in your endeavors, and you have shown me no other as of this time,' as he spoke, he looked down at the Vulge in his hand, flexing his fingers between a grip and relaxed.

"B-but you're not!" Sieg said, at which Gungnir looked up at him with an expression, surprise, "You're, y-you're supposed to be h-here to keep me company, a-and be my f-LOOK OUT!" he shouted, to which Gugnir whipped around and watched a bolt of lightning streak down on the location he's in. His expression quickly hardened back into the slab it was as he pulled up the sword and dove backwards, watching the ground he was standing on become scorched and fried. His eyes shifted a little, and he realized he had somehow stumbled onto a metal platform, and a whole troupe of viruses was heading his way as he had spoken to Sieg.

'Sieg, I need chips! The metal provides double effectiveness from fire, so we should be able to-'

"I know what we can do! I don't need you to tell me that!" he shouted as he pulled three chips out of his folder. He swept each one of them in with a click, watching the data flow down to Gungnir. Was this all their relationship was meant to be? Were they only a team in destruction?

"I..I want us to be..." he tried to say, but Gungnir didn't hear any of the murmur, he was absorbing the data from the two boomerangs into his swords, and slowly feeling the cold metal chain of Gleipnir slide down his arm and attach to the blades. As the green glow slowly crept over the blades and up the chain, he threw it into the air, and with a great sweeping motion, began swinging it around in the air above him. As the green blades were swung about, they began rotating on the pivot of the blades. He swung the pinwheel above him and pushed forwards,

'I was designed to KILL!' he bellowed, with more rage in his voice than ever before as he barrelled down on the viruses across from him. His footfalls were like earthquakes as they clanged on the hard metal, shaking the arena. He had the two cubes in his sights, swinging the pinwheel down behind him and letting the spinning sawblade drag on the ground with a scathing metallic screech. Sparks flew as he ran past the viruses, stopping a short distance and giving a mighty pull on Gleipnir. The sawblade tore forwards with twice it's velocity as the shear sound magnified for a moment.

His hair and scarf flew forwards as the enormous saw flew before him, but tugged back on the chain, lifing the blades high into the air above him. The green sawblades whirred in the air, almost in slow motion as they swung back behind him. Everything moved in slow speed as Sieg saw what he was doing. He tried to shout to him,

"We're more than partners! We're more than killers!" but Gungnir heeded no words from him as he pulled forwards on the chain, and swung the blades down on the Elecogre that had tried to attack him. The saw slammed down with a terrible force and sound as dust and shrapnel was kicked up, blocking the bug from view. He stood back up, his expression hard and angry, almost maniacal, as he pulled hard on the chain, and caught his vulge in one hand.

He turned to face the other viruses that he had left alone from his initial assault. His hand clenched into a fist as it slowly began searing red. Licks of orange flame danced on his glove as he pushed off again, running towards the immobile viruses from the side as Sieg called to him again, now pleading with him.

"Please, theres more to life than this! You know that! Why are you so bloodthirsty!?" Gungnir ran up on the viruses, and at the last second, stopped pointblank, pressing his open hand against the side of the virus and saying,

'This is what I am designed for, and I cannot even do it correctly. That means I have been doing it wrong,' and as he said it, the enormous fireball erupted from his hands, engulfing the two virii and exploding in a ball of flame and smoke that charred his scarf and tossed his hair. Heturned to the last two that he could see, stepping away from the billowing smoke and looking the two champy in the eyes, his fierce glare overshadowing theirs. His blades began swirling with chilling winds, and in a heartbeat, the ices of nifelheim encased the forwards-facing blade. He lifted it up, and Sieg shook his head and shouted,

"NO! YOU'RE MY FRIEND! AND THAT MEANS THAT I'M THERE FOR YOU WHEN YOU FAIL AND YOU'RE HERE FOR ME WHEN I DO! WE LOOK OUT FOR EACH OTHER AND CARE ABOUT ONE ANOTHER! I DON'T WANT THE PERFECT KILLING MACHINE! I WANT MU FRIEND, GUNGNIR!!!" his screams echoed through the almost empty plaza, and as Gungnir heard them all, his face shattered from the stone it was set in, and he lowered the spear of a sword.

'You...really mean that...?' he asked, almost disbelievingly. Sieg was once again in tears,

"Yes, together we're s-s-strong, stronger than we'll ever need to be-e-e. Please, F-fight to live, don't l-live to fight?" he asked, now with a weak smile. But Gungnir did something that he had never seen before, he smiled a soft, reassuring smile; a smile he swore he had seen before, and said,

'Lets' as he lifted the blade once more, and with a mighty grunt, threw it into the ground. The ice coffin formed and shot the rays of frozen land out at the enemies, where they formed two enormous patches of ice. The Fangs of the wolfson shot up from the metallic covering, towering over the field, and surely relocation the viruses somewhere out of sight. His smile did not fade as he pulled up the blades from the frozen ground and surveyed his surroundings, his purpose had been completed.


In the real world

A single dark figure stands in the shadows, light emitting from his PET screen, watching a small boy have an emotional meltdown in the plaza of Scilabs. He looks down to see the shackles of a cylindrical container shatter, and the container pulse like a heart. A smile crosses his lips as he pockets the PET and steps on the Bus to nowhere.


Boomerang, DBLcubeA/B Elecogre 2x60dmg

Boomerang, DBLcubeA/B Elecogre 2x60dmg

Heatshot, MarkcannonA/B (2x)40dmg <(Field)>

Fenrir, ChampuA/B 60dmg
In a wave of emoness, Gugnir slaughters all of the viruses.

MarkcannonA: TOASTED!
MarkcannonB: TOASTED!

Gugnir.exe: 140 HP

Get: 950z
Gugnir looked out over the field, seeing that the viruses that had been before him were deleted, he breathed a sigh of relief. Sieg was a little creeped out by it, but this was the Gungnir he knew he would love to know. He could finally have a friend in his navi, and he knew they were still united in their goals.

"So, you think you're strong enough to take him on yet?" he asked jeeringly as he slid the chips back into his folder and watched his wallet fatten.

'You know, I think I could do with a few more, besides,' he said, flexing some, 'I still have a lot left in me, so lets get them,' he said. Sieg noticed his voice had more of an airy tone to it now, and was a little more carefree.

"Rock on, and remember, fight to live, not the other way around!" he said, Gungnir nodded and walked into the net past his battlezone.

<(BATTLE 4)>

KabutankA: 80 HP
KabutankB: 80 HP
KabutankC: 80 HP
KabutankD: 80 HP
DBLCUBEA: 100 HP (red)
DBLCUBEB: 100 HP (red)
DBLCUBEC: 100 HP (red)
DBLCUBED: 100 HP (red)
WindboxA: 100 HP
WindboxB: 100 HP

Terrain: Glass

Gungnir.exe: 140 HP

Gungnir looked on the new viruses that had appeared before him, there were a LOT of immobile ones, but a large group of which would really throw off many of his attacks. He studied them for awhile, they had never encountered them before, and had no idea how they would react to attack. But Sieg was all ready to go, and already had out a set of chips in his hands.

"Allright Gungnir! Lets go in with a rageclaw, and then-" but Gungnir cut him off, smiling as he said,

'I think it would be a little better to play this one safe for now and take a distancing, defensive stance,' he said as the wind from the Windboxes tossed his hair and scarf around him. his gaze floated away fromt he viruses and up to sieg as he seemed to work out what he would need in his head.

"What? Why?" sieg asked, putting away the chips and returning a quizzical look to his navis gaze. Gungnir said back in his lilting but mellow voice,

'Because, even though we would be playing into the hands of those tanks, if we put some of them to defense and destroy the boxes, we would stand a far better chance in the long run. And this is not to say that we won't take damage, but we should be able to meliorate it,' as he said this, his blades began frosting over, crystals slowly coalescing. Sieg nodded and thought for a moment, what would the best plan of action be?

As he ran over the chips in his head, Gungnir let hisbody fall limp, not resisting the wind from the fans and letting them push him back along the slick floors of the glass field. He knew that for now, he was at the mercy of the viruses in terms of his motions, but he was not about to let them stop his attacks. Sieg looked around and found what he thought would do well for the viruses, pulling out a boomerang pair and said,

"Are these enough?" as he slotted them into the PET and watched Gungnir. He absorbed the data, opening his eyes and bracing his feet to stop the slide as he said,

'Plenty,' he got a stern look on his face, a grin still across his lips as he pulled the Vulge behind him. The green light washed over the frost-covered blade as he gripped it and swung it about him. The blades left his hand in a whirring arc as his foot slipped and he stumbled backwards. With a yikes, his face went shocked as he stumbled around and found his footing again, trying to watch his blades attack. Sieg just watched in surprised silence.

The blades arc took it far over the field, where Gungnir watched it stall out for a second and levekl, like a discus in mid throw. The boomeranged blades slowly picked up momentum as they flew downwards and swung through the viruses. A loud caucous series of explosion and slashes followed, huge clouds of smoke and glass shards flying all around as he looked intently on it, still trying to keep his balance on the slick surface. The blades flew up into the sky once more as the last of the viruses were engulfed in the line of destruction. They slowly died down, the revolutions getting slower and slower, and then lopsided. The green aura had flown off of the blade, and the ice-covered left blade was not apparent. The swords erratic arc sent it down to the earth like a bird who had lost one wing. As it fell, he said in a murmur,

'Descending blade of ice and frost make them pay the greatest cost, I call the Wolfson and draw him near, feel the ripping fangs of Fenrir,' as the ice-covered blade slammed into the ground and made it explode in a patch of ice. Twin lines of ice ran parrallel along the ground towards the two Windboxes, dissappearing under the smoke and dust. They were quickly followed by the frozen fangs erupting from the earth and looking over the entire battlefield.

Gungnir looked at the viruses, his scarf still flapping in the wind of his attacks at the least. The dust had yet to settle, but it blocked all the threatening virii from his view, which was disconcerting. He gave a small smile as the earth aroundhim shook. His voice was low, but slowly grew as he summoned his defenses,

'...on the power of the great mountain, may it's roots give me hold and stay my enemies hand, rise and defend, Yggdrasil!' he said as the glass around him cracked, giving way to enormous earthen roots. The roots bound his body, not restricting him, but movign along with him as he looked them over. His torso was enwrapt by a larger one as the oters coiled around his arms and legs. The small snare of vines even slid over his head, looking like a bizzare helmet as he faced the viruses. He was one with the mountain, and in a second, he would release wrath on the viruses.

His sword stood alone in it's frozen throne.


<(YGGDRASSIL: 135dmg left)>

Boomerang, DBLcubeA/B/C 2x60dmg

Boomerang, DBLcubeD WindboxA/B (2x)60dmg

Fenrir, WindboxA/B 60dmg

Yggdrasil, Block half damage of all attacks