New Chip! New battle!

Alphonse beamed from the top of the net and onto the SciLab Square and slowly walked towards the main gate to Area-1.

"Do we really have to?"



Battle 1 Start
Alphonse runs into trouble right out of the gate! Gentlemen, start your engines!

BoomerA: 60
BoomerB: 60
ElecOgre: 120
Starfish: 60

Alphonse: 140


"Not so fast, It'll be better to use the chip little after to make a full use of it."

"C'mon (T^T)."


"You suck..."



Alphonse struck his hand out to summon forth a large boomerang, he gripped it by the end of it and retracted it back. He scanned through the row of viriis and locked on to the desired enemies he wanted to strike first. Alphonse gripped the boomerang tighter and hurled it with all his strength, sending the razor sharp blade across the field and towards the viriis. Alphonse changed his right arm into a large cannon and loaded in a heatshot into the chamber. He quickly aimed towards the hovering pair of Boomers and shot a furious blast of fire bullets towards it. In his last action, Alphonse put up a large shield to fend him self from any attacks.

1: Aim at the viriis
2: Boomerang slash [60/Wood/Multi] @ ElecOgre / Starfish
3: HeatShot Blast [40/Fire/Spread] @ BoomerA / B
4: Cast Guard [Reflect 60 Damage]

Decisive victory!

BoomerA: !DELETED!
BoomerB: !DELETED!
ElecOgre: !DELETED!
Starfish: !DELETED!

Alphonse: 140

GET: ElecReel1, 200 zenny

Before Alphonse can relax, a fist slams into his Guard!


Alphonse: 140

Looks like another group wants to tango!

Encore! Battle 2, start!
(Chips NOT refreshed!)
"What in the world?!"

"Damn! They got no guts to attack us from the behind!"

"Che, the previous chips didn't load up yet. Guess we have attack with what we got."

Alphonse loaded his gun with three chips, two heatshots and a shotgun. First equipping the Shotgun, he carefully aimed towards the group of Champus and shot a noisy burst towards the virii. He changed the bullets to a heatshot and slightly adjusted his gun to aim at the other Champu, determined to finish them first. He took a firm grip on his gun and shot another blast of bullets towards the virii and quickly used his Areagrab to teleport him self away from the viriis, especially the Kabutank’s, attack range.

1: Take Aim
2: Shotgun Blast [50 + 10 Untapped Power/Spread] @ Champu B/C
3: Heatshot Blast [40 + 5 bonus/Spread] @ Champu A / KabuTank A
4: AreaGrab [Teleport] to retreat from enemy territory.
[Equipped: Heatshot x1]
The first shotgun blast, carefully aimed, managesd to take down one Champu due to a direct hit and left the other scathed. Alphonse got a bit antsy on his second shot, however, and only managed to scratch his initial target. The Navi could see Kabutank's bombs incoming, so he promptly utilized his Areagrab to put some distance between himself and the explosion range.

ChampuC: 10
KabutankA: 80
KabutankB: 80

Alphonse: 140
"My! That was close!"

"Heh! That's not gonna stop us...Can we use the chip now?!"


"GAH!!! Why not!!", K screamed with anger.

"Because it wouldn't be very effective if we u--"

"Effective my ass!! I'm sending the damn chip!!"

K grabbed a random chip from his pocket and slid it into his PET. He anticipated for the result of the chip, but Alphonse stood still and stared at K with a blank look.

"... ... ...Wrong chip"


Alphonse sighed and shook his head. He didn't want to waste any time so he cut off the connection between K and rushed towards the viriis. He uploaded the heatshot he saved from last time and aimed his gun to the remaining Champus. With little aim, he quickly shot the gun and prepared to use his "new chip." Alphonse's right gun arm disintergrated and started to spark with electricity, he was preparing his ElecReel. He looked over to the stolid Kabutanks and focused everything towards them. Alphonse gripped his hand tightly, making a sharp burst of electricity in the air, and thrusted his hand straight to the air to send his lightning straight to the air and towards the Kabutanks. That was when Alphonse remembered that the chip he just used might miss and leave him open. So he quickly dashed back to gain a safe distance from the Kabutanks or other possible viriis.

1: HeatShot Blast [40 + 5 Bonus/Fire/Spread] @ Champu A/C
2: Take focus towards Kabutanks
3: ElecReel1 Shock [100/Elec/Multihit] @ Kabutank A/B
4: Run away to gain safe distance.

The two already thrashed Champus were taken out for good by Alphonse's quick firing. His second well formed admirably well, and he got the attack off with time to spare for dodging the one bomb that one of the tanks had successfully launched before its demise.

KabutankA: DELETED!
KabutankB: DELETED!

Alphonse: 140

Rewards: 320 zenny.
((How many can ElecReel target? Two only?))

"SWEET~!! We've never finished the viriis that fast!"

"Haha, I must agree. That was indeed a fast kill. Let's go on a head little bit more"

Battle 3 Commencing
((As a multi-target chip, Elecreel is capable of an entire group of viruses. 3 or 4 is about as far as one could push it through quality of RPing, I'd wager.))

Viruses show up to knock Alphonse off of his pedestal!

BoomerA: 60
BoomerB: 60
BoomerC: 60
Windbox: 100
DBLCube: 200 <R>

Alphonse: 140

"Woo!! It's that same virii again!! We can get that chip again!"

"Highly unlikely...The chip we got was pretty rare in normal standard"

"It doesn't matter!! JUST KILL IT!!"

Alphonse turned to face the viriis into combat, but he immediately felt a strong gust hitting onto his face. This kind of wind is always bad. He sighed and loaded through his list of chips and requested K to choose his Areagrab and couple of Heatshots. Alphonse changed his arm into the gun mode and equipped the two chips. He looked over at the Windbox and used his Areagrab to teleport behind the Windbox to evade any type of winds that'll be a nuiscense to his attacks. Just after taking a step to the ground, he turned 180* and shot two round of heatshots towards the back of the three Boomers instantaniously. The Heatshot threw him backwards and summoned his guard against the DBLCUBE to keep him safe.

((HA! Windbox can't turn!!! MUHAHAHHAA!!! jkjk))

1: Use AreaGrab to teleport behind Windbox to evade the wind.
2: HeatShot Blast [40 + 5 Bonus / Fire / CRITICAL / Spread] @ Boomer A/B
3: HeatShot Blast [40 + 5 Bonus / Fire / CRITICAL / Spread] @ Remaining Boomers (B/C?)
4: Cast Guard against DBLCUBE
Before the viruses could collect themselves, Alphonse was already off. The Navi touched down and turned to find the Boomers turning themselves, so he had to get his Heatshots off fast. He launched his attack and saw the viruses go up in flames. As the boomerangs the hapless viruses had launched in their desperation buzzed around him, the Navi readied his guard and successfully deflected a shot from the DBLCube, causing it to change its color. However, he was unable to dodge the return of one boomerang, which buzzed him as it passed and then spun off into the distance, having no master to return to.

Windbox: 100
DBLCube: 180 <B>

Alphonse: 125
"Humph, now it feels like the nice time to use that new chip"


K hastily uploaded the DBLBEAM chip and anxiously waited for the action to come forth. Both of Alphonse's arm brightened with Blue and Red color. He struck his hand up to the sky and sent the light in his arm straight to the sky and carefully waited for the result of his attack. "Now it's time for the next new chip!" K slid in the ElecReel and Alphonse's arm changed color once again. Alphonse sighed and focused his eye onto the last remaining viriis. "My god, my arm is getting tired from this...". He again thrusted his arm to the air and sent the flow of lightning up to the sky and saw that it was heading straight down to the group of viriis. Alphonse was getting tired and exahusted, so he could only take a firm grip to the ground and prepare to evade an attack.

1: DBLBEAM [30 Heal or Damage]
2: Concentrate focus onto the viriis
3: ElecReel Shock [100/Multi-Target] @ Windbox / DLBCUBE
4: Prepare to Evade
Both the red lasers from Alphonse's DBLCube attack and the lightning from his elecreel struck both of their targets, destroying the Windbox and causing the cube to shift colors and end up back at blue. The virus took a moment to recover some of the damage Alphonse had given it.

Windbox: DELETED!
DBLCube: 70 <B>

Alphonse: 125
"Just one left!!"

"Take it down!!"

Alphonse equipped both of his rage claw on both of his arms and dashed towards the lone Cube. He loosened his fingers and attempted to slash the cube multiple times

((I'm sorry. Feeling bit sick right now...))

1: RageClaw Slash [40/Grapple] @ DBLCUBE
2: Ditto
3: Ditto
4: Prepare to evade just in case.
In a rush, the cube managed to heal itself again, but it still did not have enough strength to survive Alphonse's rapid slashing.

Windbox: DELETED!

Alphonse: 125


Reward: 330 zenny.
"My, the battles getting fierce as we go on!"

"Alright, just shut up and keep on going!"

Battle 4 Commencing
And the battle's ferocity increases!

ChampuA: 60
ChampuB: 60
ChampuC: 60
KabutankA: 80
KabutankB: 80
ElecOgreA: 120
ElecOgreB: 120

Alphonse: 125

"My my, the battles are getting fierce!!"

"C'mon!! Let's take them down!!"

On Alphonse's arm, a large boomerang formed from a long stream of green datas. The tip of the boomerang shined with bright, prepared to cut everything in its path. With all his might, Alphonse threw the boomerang towards the group of the ElecOgres and one of the Boomers.

"Now, it's time for the sword chip!"

Now, his arm turned into a large, blue sword. Alphonse concentrated his eye straight towards the two Kabutanks. He dashed with all his might and attempted to deliever a hefty slash at one of the Kabutanks. He turned 360* and tried to land a spinning slash it through. Finally, Alphonse stepped back and prepared to evade any upcomming attack.

((Gah...Sorry for bad grammar, I still don't feel well...))

1: Boomerang Throw [60/Wood/Multi-Hit] @ ElecOgre A/B / Boomer A
2: Sword Slash [80/Sword] @ Kabutanks A
3: Ditto @ Kabutanks B
4: Prepare to Evade.