Phoenix in Scilab Net

Phoenix flew out of the sky in a red-gold blur, coming to rest on the paneled ground. "I'm in the Net, Silas. Its pretty bland here, but who am I to judge?" Phoenix said.

"Well, use your wings to fly around and look for viruses. It'll be faster than walking," was Silas' reply.

Nodding, Phoenix spread his wings and flew, keeping close to the ground as not to miss anything.

<(BATTLE 1)>
The first of Pheonix's challenges in Scilabs arrives.

MarkCannonA: 60
MarkCannonB: 60
MarkCannonD: 60
Champu: 60

Pheonix: 100

Battle 1 Start!
"Ahh, now what have we here? Three cannon-like virii, and a Fire-class virus. Phoenix, mind logging them in for me?" Silas asked.

"Confirmed as MarkCannon virus and Champu virus. So, four-on-one, huh? Well, that'll just make it more fun," Phoenix replied, scanning the four.

"Okay, I'm sending you the Heatshot, the Shotgun, and the Guard. Use the Heatshot on two of the MarkCannons. Then attack the Champu with the Shotgun, and then Guard. Got it?" Silas said.

"Got it."

Flaring up his feathers, Phoenix initiated the Heatshot, summoning a fireball in his right hand. Eyes set, he faced down his targets, the enemy. Without further hesitation, he placed his left hand on his right arm for support, and let the Heatshot streak towards two of the MarkCannons. He eagerly awaited the sight of the two of them burn in his red-gold flames.

Turning his attention to the red Champu, he activated the Shotgun chip's data. Letting his wings become coated in the extra layer of data, he tucked in his wings. Suddenly spreading them to their fullest extent, which was pretty damn huge, he let loose the iron feathers on his wings, each one spiraling towards the Champu. Knowing that it would likely retaliate, Phoenix went down on one knee, protecting himself with his Guard-enhanced wings.

1. Heatshot MarkCannonA (40x2, splash aimed at MarkCannonB)

2. Shotgun Champu (50, splash)

3. Guard (???, reflective)
Pheonix's rain of fire fell upon the viruses: the Markcannons struggled to get a lock, while the brave Champu who ventured forward merely had its attack bounce back in its face.

MarkCannonA: 20
MarkCannonB: 20
MarkCannonD: 60
Champu: DELETED!

Pheonix: 100
"Well, that went better than expected. Silas, let's use some chips that we don't normally use much, okay? How about the double Cannons?" Phoenix requested.

"On the way. Have fun, okay?" Silas replied, slotting in the two Cannon chips.

"Oh, I will."

Activating both Cannon chips at once, Phoenix stood there, holding two balls of glowing green energy in his hands. His targets: his two previous targets. Without a moment more of thought, he simply did what he knew had to be done. Holding both hands in front of him, palms out, he let the two glowing green energy balls loose in a gratifying 'whoosh.'

Then, running the Level 1 Process Upgrade attack, the Golden Wing, the fire on his body, already quite fierce, intensified until it spread across his entire body. A battle cry, and Phoenix split. In his place, six flaming ravens flew. Spreading their firey wings, they split up. All six red-gold birds plotted their course: right at the last MarkerCannon. Each screeched as they exploded on what was hopefully their target, and turned into a fine grey ash. The ashes flew back to another spot, and started to take a more human shape. Feathers grew, a birdlike tail sprouted, a pair of giant wings took place on his back, and then the whole thing went from cloudy grey ash, to color. On the same spot he split on, Phoenix had died, and was reborn from his own ashes, like a true phoenix.

1. Cannon MarkCannonA (40)

2. Cannon MarkCannonB (40)

3. Golden Wing MarkCannonC (6x10)

MarkCannonA: !DELETED!
MarkCannonB: !DELETED!
MarkCannonD: !DELETED!
Champu: DELETED!

Pheonix: 100

GET: Firehit1, 400 zenny
"Deleted, and hey, he got ourselves a new chip!" Phoenix said casually, scooping up the data in his wing and sending it to Silas.

"Okay, the chip's called 'Firehit1.' Guess it's a Fire attribute chip, then," the old-timer replied back. "Well, keep goin'. We got quite a bit of zenny from that one fight, lesse how much we can get in a full bustin' run."

"Will do."

<(BATTLE 2)>
Virus Attack!

BoomerA: 60
BoomerB: 60
KabutankA: 80
KabutankB: 80
DBLCube: 200 <R>

Pheonix: 100

Battle 2 Start!
"Silas, three new varieties of virus to worry about!" Phoenix called, scanning them into his memory banks. "Apparantly, they're named Boomer, Kabutank, and DoubleCube."

"Well, anything to burn? If so, then I'll send you the Sword and Guard. If not, I'll send you the Vulcan, Sword, and Guard," the Operator replied, preparing a few chips.

"Just the Sword and Guard, Silas. Those Boomer's are gonna burn."

Sending the two chips and returning the third to his case, Silas said "Have fun bonfirin' the two of 'em!"

In the now-familiar sensation of having one's body, eyes, and mind split into six, Phoenix reformed as the six red-gold flaming birds. Immediately after forming, the six split into groups of three; just enough to bonfire both of them. All six flew to their determined targets, spouting a cry as they went. One after the other they exploded in firey reddy gold blazes, until there wer six patches of fire around the field. They quickly went out, leaving a fine ash that sailed over to a marked patch, turning into Phoenix.

"Hmm, that Cube doesn't look that dangerous, but since it has high hitpoints, it must be. I think I'll give it a quick something to think about before I bring up the Guard," Phoenix thought as he activated the Sword. With a linear jump towards the DBLCube, he really did give it something to puzzle over about: why on Earth would a feathered humanoid suddenly jump at you and give you a dazzling scar across your front? Careful of what it might do, he brought up the shield, using his Guard-enhanced wings as shields.

1. Golden Wing to Boomers A and B (30 each x2 due to elemental advantage (60 each))

2. Sword DBLCube (80)

3. Guard (???, reflective)
The boomers are burned up abd the cube is cut. A tank attacks, but it reflects.

KabutankA: 80
KabutankB: 60
DBLCube: 120 <B>

Pheonix: 100
Letting the tank's bomb glance off his wings, Phoenix set them back behind him and awaited battlechips. "Silas, give me the double Cannons and that Firehit chip," he ordered.

"On the way. Mind giving me the situation?" Slias asked back.

"Well, I've got my hands full, but what else is new?" Phoenix replied smirking. "Anyway, I've got two bomb-launching virii, one damaged, and one cubelike virus. I'm gonna blast the Kabutanks, but I dunno what the Cube is gonna-hey, wait a sec, the thing was red before I slashed it!" Phoenix reported, perplexed by the DBLCube's behavior.

"Well, just deactivate your Sword, then attack. They look like they're gonna blast ya!"

Shrugging, Phoenix deactivated his Sword, disappating the blue glow over his hand. Then, he summoned the Cannon data, creating one ball of green light in each hand. "Time to visit the good sir, Satan, buggers," Phoenix muttered, fastballing both at the uninjured Kabutank.

"Good shot!" came the voice of his Operator. Silas opened a window into the Internet to get a better view.

Phoenix, ignoring his Operator, accepted the data for the Firehit. Expecting a fireball like those Champu's fists, he was mildly shocked when his arm became covered in a soothing red-gold fire.Poinging his arm in the air, it extended and sprang up like a boxing-glove-on-a-spring. Shrugging, he wound back, and let his flames fly forth at the other tanklike virus.

1/2: Double Cannons to KabutankA

3. Fire-type Firehit1 to KabutankB (55)
One tank explodes and the other starts sputtering. The tanks lobbed a bomb at the birdlike Navi and landed a successful hit. The cube, fortunately, didn't seem inclined to do anything for now.

KabutankA: DELETED!
KabutankB: 5
DBLCube: 120 <B>

Pheonix: 80
<(WHAA? Its blue, wouldn't it heal me?)>
((DBLCube the virus only heals its allies.))
<(That doesn't change the fact that its blue and it hurt me for 20. gonna clear this up for me?)>
((My bad, misunderstood. Editing.))
Scoffing as he laid waste to the tanks, Phoenix was shocked when the last tank plopped a bomb at him before just sitting on its butt sparking like a firework. "Umm, should I say 'ow?'" he said, getting up and dusting himself off?

"Chips, Phoenix?" Silas asked, offering a few random ones out of his pile.

"Hmm, the Vulcan and the Shotgun would be nice," replied the birdlike Navi, still preening his now mussed up and crumpled feathers.

Slotting in the two chips with a nod, Silas decided to just kick back and relax as Phoenix gave the virii hell.

As Phoenix prepared to attack the DBLCube, he noticed the sputtering tank. "Oh, right, you." Raising a claw, he sent a small, red-gold crescent-shaped wave of energy from it at the tank. He didn't need to waste a chip on something so beaten up. Turning his attention back to the DBLCube, he loaded the Shotgun and Vulcan. All ten claws became coated in energy, right handed claws covered in a dull, lifeless Shotgun, while the five on his left were engulfed in the energetic, lively silver power of the Vulcan. Raising his hands, he launched them one at a time, letting one claw let off its shiny little store of energy, then the next, until none of them were any longer powered up. Nevertheless, he decided to watch his foe's reaction.

1. Golden Crescent KabutankB (11)

2. Shotgun DBLCube (50)

3. Vulcan2 DBLCube (5x10)
As phoenix tears into the viruses, the remaining one manages to heal itself a little further from deletion.

KabutankA: DELETED!
KabutankB: DELETED
DBLCube: 40<B>

Pheonix: 80
Noting the Cube's healing ability while blue, Phoenix said "Silas, Heatshot please. I mean to end this quickly."

"Heatshot, slotted in. Go get 'em!" Silas replied, slotting in their other Fire-type chip.

With an almost lazy flick of his wrist, part of Phoenix's feather blazes disconnected from his body, rising up a little to become a fireball. Phoenix, sensing no immediate reason to hesitate, launched it in a spiraling pattern at the Cube, leaving a smoky trail as it went. "And another victory for myself," Phoenix thought alkoud as he stuck around, waiting for the spoils of the fight.

1. Fire-type Heatshot to DBLCube (45)

2/3: Stick around for the spoils
Luckily for Pheonix, the attack lands.

KabutankA: DELETED!
KabutankB: DELETED

Pheonix: 80

Rewards: 500z