Another Mission Request

((Requested Mission Difficulty: **))

Hello, once again.
I recently gained a new partner and SP, and I thought it would be a good idea to aquaint her with our organization. So, I'd like to undertake another mission. Anything you've got would be suitable.


Greetings. My name is Tina, and I hope that I can prove to be a valuable asset to the Teksqp family.

We're pleased to see that you're taking the initiative to get your new comrade interested in Mafia affairs. I'm sure she'll understand the rewarding nature of our lifestyle soon enough.

This mission request came in recently. It is of above average risk and above average return. I trust you will be interested, but the hitch is that the supplier has some requirements that I'm not sure can be met. If you feel this is unsuitable, feel free to ask for another one.

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The Teksqp family is considering allegiance with a newly formed organization known as Robespierre's "Right of Operation" Templars. Their ideas are very radical but radicalism has always been embraced by the Teksqp. Your mission would be twofold: 1) Fulfill their requirements with the mission they gave us, and 2) Report back to us with an estimate of how worthwhile the allegiance would be, giving evidence to support your opinion. A data recorder will be provided, capable of taking video evidence.

All we know about the mission is that it will involve high explosives and that ROT appears to be composed of some very irascible people. Try not to upset them. Upon completion of this mission, you will be rewarded a substantial sum of faction points and are free to keep whatever rewards you acquire throughout the course of the mission.

If their terms seem outrageous, please skip part 1 of your obligations and skip directly to part 2 so that we can terminate our contract.

If these conditions are acceptable, please head to these coordinates. It is a secure location, so we will provide you a Teksqp ID transmitter that can be detected at long range; this should let them know that you're friendly. While you wouldn't be getting experience alongside another Teksqp operative, there may be potential to work with future allies of your family.

Reward: 40 FP

*Attached: Coordinates.DAT, TeksqpSignal.DAT*
Alright, we accept. Let them know that we're on our way.

We've just come back from our mission, and we have our conclusion on the ROT.

Long story short: All ties with them should be severed immediately.

The ROT are a threat to the Teksqp, and I would go so far as to say the entire Mafia as well. The "mission" they gave us was actually an attempt at the life of Teksqp operative Jailbird.EXE, and resulted in the partial destruction of a prison in Electown that she was residing in at the time.
It's clear from the events that transpired today that these people are not to be trusted.
Unfortunately, I was not able to collect much evidence, but I was able to record a few pieces of information that should support my claims.

[ATTACHED: ROTGoals.wav]
This video was recorded at the meetup point in Netopia. In it, the ROT Navi that we believe to be named Domm gives us a brief description of the views and goals of the Right of Templars.

[ATTACHED: RackOutside.wav]
This video takes place outside the jail in Electown. In it, we question the motives of the mission given to us, and the ROT Navi known as Rack tells us that the building is a NetPolice prison, and that ROT operatives are being held within. This would later be revealed to be a lie.

[ATTACHED: RackConfesses.wav]
Finally, this video, which we believe to be the most critical of the three, takes place within the prison, shot from the perspective of TNT.SP. Again, the mission motives are questioned, after unresponsiveness from the "guards" aroused our suspicions (these guards would later turn out to be kidnapped Teksqp navis that were dressed as NP officers and restrained by devices of ROT design). Initially, she lies to us once again, but after Nitro exits the room, she reveals that the explanation given to us earlier was, in fact, a lie.

In addition to these videos, Miss Jailbird has agreed to support our claims. Hopefully, with both of our reports, you will find it to be unwise to continue working with the Right of Templars.

-Chris Harper, Nitro.EXE, and TNT.SP
Very well. The evidence is a little minimal, but the word of another officer ought to be good enough and their stated objectives certainly don't align with the ROT. We get the feeling that the ROT was pulling out of our agreement anyways, so it's possible the ripples from your own activity have already reached back to their command. We're glad damage to the Teksqp encampment was kept to a minimum and thank you for your support.

Please accept 40 Faction Points on behalf of the NetMafia. We look forward to see how you will continue serving the Teksqp.

*40 FP awarded*