Marian and Tajana, looking to volunteer

Hello! My wife Tajana and I are looking for anything we can help out with that won't last more than a few hours. I'd prefer something that doesn't rely on a navi too much. I do have a navi, but I don't really want to use her. It's complicated.

As for qualifications, I'm a blogger, 30, nothing else to really say about me. I do a lot of reading. One son. My wife is a brilliant novelist, author of the popular Dawnbreaker series! She has a brilliant mind, with an eye for aesthetics and uncanny writing ability! She's pretty, too. She's older than me, although she doesn't look it.

If there's anything for us, please let me know quick! Oh and if possible, please make it a fun mission! I don't want you to think 'ooo, married women in their thirties or whatever with a kid, not cool,' we're actually still really cool so we would love to do something fun. Thanks a bundle,

-Marian Simeon

Assuming your wife is, in fact, Tajana Vakanovic, author of the Dawnbreaker series, you and your wife may be in a unique position to fulfill the following mission request. Of course, the GNA doesn't impose any particular mission upon applicants: feel free to let us know if you had a different type of work in mind and we'll present alternatives.

Note: if you accept this mission, please additionally request what reward you expect. We'll verify if the client can provide, as the client did not list payment method for the service.

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Hey there! I know this is weird, but I want to give my friend a special surprise while we're travelling in Netopia. She's crazy about some series called "Dawnbreaker" by Tajana Vakanovic, my Navi tells me. Don't know anything about her, but that's a pretty cool name, right? I'm willing to pay if someone can get that author to hang out with my friend for a while, talk with her and humor her hobbies... I'll go over it in more detail when you meet with me.

Or, I guess if Tajana herself is reading this, she can just meet with me and I'll pay her for meeting my pal! But there's a little more to it than that. Again, I'll let you know. It's nothing crazy, she's just a weird nerd with some weird nerdy hobbies. Like this book series! You can meet up with me outside our apartments, Sylvan Station Suites.

-Nora Letterman
Yes, I am indeed the lesser known half of that particular twosome. As a fellow Dawnbreaker fan, I feel like it'd be a little hypocritical to turn this guy down, and it might do Tajana some good to meet a fan face-to-face. I've been trying to distance myself from the nerd life myself, but it keeps dragging me back in... guess that's what I get for marrying her, huh?

Anywho, it sounds okay, we'll take it. For reward, some battle chips might be nice, though it feels a little silly to request a reward just for spending time with some fans. Daybreak's folder could use some fleshing out, though!

The client has been notified and has accepted. Please note that while the client has stated they can provide some battle chips, the exact quantity and/or identification have not been provided. If this is a concern, please post again or discuss with the client at the rendezvous.

Attached: Coordinates for Sylvan Station Suites

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Mission's done, I think it went pretty well! You can tell our client that 'she seemed like she was pretty into the whole thing.' We can just get a chip reward here, right?

Please accept the attached reward and correspondence from the client:

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"Holy cow, I'll say! I managed to pick at Taylor until I got most of the details from her (of course, I promised her I wouldn't tell anyone else, and I stick to my promises). Based on your hint-hint, I'm guessing that rather than re-evaluating my belief in mystical mumbo jumbo, it's my impression of the bookish types I should consider...

Anyway, obviously, you guys went above and beyond in terms of what I expected, so I hope you can make better use of these chips than BubbleGumGirl. Taylor insisted that I apologize to you guys for what she did and I tell you what she did, but since you already know, I'm gonna skip that. She also insisted I give you one of her chips as payment, which... that's good, because I'm not sure what I had to give you was a fair reward for all the 'work' you guys did.

Guess which one is hers!"

-Nora Letterman