Need Work, Something Inspiring...


I'm looking for work again... hopefully not with CrypticMan again. I'm hoping somebody's done something about that guy. Anyway, I'll do just about anything. I'm an actress who's in horror movies, though you probably have that on my file. I'm sorta trying to inspire my operator for his writing, but he'll get inspired by just about anything... so any kind of work is good. Gordon is also available too if he can help, just know that he's not exactly the most capable guy... that's probably on your file too now, by this point.

For reward, money's always good. We can make the starving artist a little less starving, until his work starts doing that for him.

We've recently gotten a request from a client, who was looking for a partner "that would fit in a spooky environment," with a zenny payout. The client is Pyre.EXE, and she can be reached here. She wasn't quite specific in the details of the mission, but she didn't require a certain level of combat ability or alliances to certain groups. We can query her for more information for you, if you choose not to speak with her directly. Thank you for your time and good luck.

I've got a lot of experience with spooky environments... I guess I'm the perfect fit for the job. I guess tell her I accept and I'll go ahead and send her my introduction with a business card. After all... this basically is my business, when I think about it.