Jacky Newman Will Do Anything!

My operator has asked me to convey that she is willing to do anything in the course of completing a mission! In order to properly make use of her stated generosity and valor, I would like to request a mission from the GNA.

But not just any mission! Wasting Jacky's great enthusiasm on a mundane mission would be a grave mistake. No, a female, 19-year old medical student, my operator is willing to take part in any mission, no matter how distasteful, disgusting, irregular, embarrassing, humiliating, eyebrow-raising, shameful, or disgraceful. All I ask is for a mission that does not involve imminent physical harm to her, and we should be able to complete it.

Being her Navi, I, too, am naturally well-prepared for such tasks. Please feel free to use either or both of us as you see fit. However, do not miss this valuable opportunity to pass off a particularly nasty mission on Jacky's capable shoulders.

I would ask for something offering multiple chips as a reward, but if the most harrowing mission you have available does not provide such as a reward, it need not be taken as a hard criteria.

All the besties,

Although we appreciate your enthusiasm and the opportunity you're providing, you should know that we have a wide variety of missions available, each of which can make great use of her skills without subjecting her to anything "disgusting." Please take a look at the below listing and let me know if you and your operator are interested.

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Come join us at Dentech University for navi career day! Navis are all around us, assisting in everything from the mundane to the strange. They do such a good job of assisting us on the net, helping us with our day to day needs, and brightening our lives, that we seldom stop to think about what we can learn from the way that they work! To increase our own productivity, let's take a couple of pointers from our navis for the day.

Navis: today is your day to shine! Today, we give you the floor to instruct your operator and show us what you do on a day to day basis. You'll have the opportunity to guide your operator through your work, letting them walk in your shoes. The navi will learn a bit about what it feels like to operate while the student will learn a deeper respect for their navi, growing in understanding and mutual respect. Of course, to show respect for our navis, it's important that we all follow their instructions word for word, omitting no important details!

Presenter List:

Dr. Watershed (meteorologist) and Parka (teacher)
Molly Crews (song writer) and Strum (guitarist)
Nidalee Varcee (videographer) and PhotoMan (photographer)


Update: This event is now underway! Please apply soon! The teacher performance didn't go over particularly well the first time and I'm worried we'll have to do another teacher if we don't get another applicant soon...

Please talk it over with your operator and decide if this is a good fit for the two of you.

-Global Network Administration
Gee! That sounds perfect for us. Jacky's life is so hectic, I'm sure she'd be looking forward to the opportunity to fool around in my shoes for a while. I think this will be perfect. Naturally, after I told her about it, she accepted.

All the bust,

Please give the attached address to your operator. We'll inform the employer of your acceptance so that they will be expecting you.

-Global Network Administration

*Address.DAT attached*

((Topic opening soon in Dentech University))