Mission with Air shoes as a reward

(I am teaming up with Sketi for this mission. If micro on does not distract me.)

Hi, I'm looking for a mission with Air Shoes as a reward, and in ACDC net if possible.
It must also be a two person mission,as I am also looking for Joan and her netnavi Rayner.

Reward must have Air Shoes for me (Its for my navi.)

-Matt Wilson

Ah, did you perhaps mean Joan? Either way I would be happy to assist you! Unfortunately my Navi is currently locked in combat but we should be done soon. As for a reward I would personally prefer Zenny or a chip please!
We recently recieved a request that should satisfy. See the below message for details, and reply once the both of you are ready to start the mission. I can pass along any questions you may have to the client.

-Global Network Administration

Quote (Request)

To whom it may concern,
I am Pyre.EXE, Navi to Miss Joanna Grimsson. I am looking for some help with cleaning up an infected storage drive; one of Joanna's coworkers linked the drive to their home page, which was riddled with viruses. We managed to stop the flow of viruses, but quite a few have taken root within the drive. I would deal with the problem myself, but it would be much more interesting and efficient if I had a few hands to help out. We already attempted to enlist the help of her coworkers, but they weren't up to the task. If I could find a Navi or two to help me purge the drive, it would be greatly appreciated. We are willing to offer a spare NCP and/or zenny upon completion of the task. Thank you and have a good day!

Pass this on: Any fire viruses?

Other then then that, Mission Accepeted.

We're ready

Ready to roll! -Rayner

Quote ()

Thank you for responding to my request! We'll really appreciate the help! To answer your question, Condor, the drive was infected by a home page in the ACDC network, so it's possible there may be some fire-based viruses. I have attached a link to the home page, there we can meet and log into the drive. See you soon!

-attachment: link.dat-

((One of you create a login thread in ACDCNet, and once you're both in, the mission will start))
This mission has been successfully completed. Sorry we had to leave so suddenly, it really was quite fun. -Joan

Thanks for the hook up GNA! -Rayner
Congratulations on your mission success. Your employer just left a brief note, see below for details.

Quote (Pyre)

Rayner & Joan,
It was fun working with you two, feel free to send us an email if you want to meet up again!
- Pyre.EXE

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Ah! I totally forgot to leave mine as well, even after telling them to contact us later. Sorry to ask this but you give this to them for me please? -Joan

Oh man, you dork! -Rayner

-GET: Joanna and Pyre's email-
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