I am looking for gainful employment. I am willing to work for sums of Zenny, programs, and normal, aqua, or wind type battle chips. Know that I am better suited to tasks requiring the use of my mind, and the creative applications of my own skills. If you are interested in hiring me for a job, please contact me with the details. I am willing to travel to any Net location with one exception: I automatically decline any and all jobs requiring visits to HadesNet. This is non-negotiable.

I am currently looking for a SetSnow NCP, but will accept other forms of payment.

-- Winter
Thank you for your interest. We've got a job request in from Bhari Industries in Yumland that should fit your request. They've requested assistance in tracking down and returning a modified virus:

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To whoever answers this request,

This is Ajay Chopra, representing Bhari Industries.  A modified virus we had created to enter into a virus battle tournament has escaped containment, and we require assistance in retrieving it.  Your job will be to restrain or incapacitate the virus by any means necessary, without deleting it, so that our retrieval team can return it to the lab without incident.

The virus in question is an Ashuraid, modified for increased attack power and durability and mounted on a Fishy bred for greater size and strength instead of its usual steel ball.  It was last seen escaping the Yumland network and entering Sharo Net.  We have attached coordinates near to its current estimated location.  You can't miss it, unless you're somehow capable of missing a large flying virus with six arms that's breaking anything that so much as looks at it funny.

-Ajay Chopra
Virus Researcher, Bhari Industries

Should you accept, Mr. Chopra has requested an e-mail address or other contact information in case of updates on the situation or any further information that needs to be relayed.


[Attached: Coordinates.dat]

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I accept. I can be contacted through the following address:

-- Winter
I've located your pet project, Mr. Chopra, and it seems you've intentionally misinformed me about the nature of said pet. Would you be so kind as to correct this discrepancy, and perhaps share with me some of the details of what this pet of yours is really capable of? After all, our contract is built upon a foundation of mutual trust. How I handle this situation will depend on your response.

-- Winter