Looking for Mission

Greetings, Global Network Administrators. I am Ante.EXE, navi of Teruko Hotta. I am seeking a mission. I also hope to team up with my partner, a navi named Dare.EXE. Her operator is Bruce Shiner. My ally requests that the mission be challenging.

The reward is not so important; a small pittance of 500 zenny each [OPERATOR'S EDIT: 2000z a piece for each of them] would be sufficient.

If there's any other information you'd like me to provide, please let me know. Thank you very much for your time,

Hello, Ante.EXE. We have a job for you and your partner, Dare.EXE.

We are in need of navis who are willing to go undercover for us for small information gathering. The NetVegas network will have its annual "Festival de Fortune" event in one of their casinos, and we need you to stop a criminal navi who is going to participate, named "Schwindle." Though his crimes are small, it has become increasingly frequent and we cannot overlook this.

He is infamously known for his love for gambling to a degree that he would put himself in harm's way, just so he can attend the Festival under a disguise. He is also fiercely in love with competitions, which the Festival de Fortune is especially known for. If you are successful at these competitions, gathering enough attention from the crowds, there is a high probable chance that Schwindle will approach you.

Please be in mind that you are sent to gather as much information about Schwindle. Though his actual capture will most definitely be favorable, it would be unwise if you were to capture someone else as a mistake.

If you accept this mission, we have attached an exclusive key data for you to enter the Casino.

God Speed.



  • FesFortune.KEY
Thank you very much. We will do our best to fulfill your expectations and report to the site immediately.

Salutations, Ante.EXE and Dare.EXE.

We just received news from the NetPolice that one of their officer apprehended Schwindle. Though your mission was just to know more about the criminal, catching her was a even better result! Even if both of you didn't exactly nab Schwindle on your own, we read from the report that you did your part in smoking her out of her disguise, which is more than we wanted.

Here are the rewards you asked for, though we wish we could provide more for such trouble you went through. Nonetheless, we hope to see you in action sometime in the future.