SP Mission Request

To whom it may concern

Hello, my name is Kenji Kobayashi, of the Kobayashi-Do dojo. My navi, Musou, and I are looking to do some good in the world and help the needy. We sincerely hope to be compensated by the GNA for this task with our first Support Program, but the most important thing is helping. We are martial artists and are willing to do difficult requests, but not anything immoral or underhanded. Thank you in advance for considering us.

-Kenji Kobayashi and Musou.EXE

Take a look at this offering, which promises an SP base as a reward upon completion of a short play.

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Hey, this is Holly. I'm visiting the Lawton Jr. Unoperated Navi Shelter to set up a "day of play" for the orphans, mostly a younger crowd. One of our participants had to lot out at the last moment and I need someone to fill the spot! It's a low risk job and I can repurpose some of the toys into an sp base as a reward.

You may wish to know that the navis hosting the event are Members of the Mafia Creel Family. Please let us know if you are interested.

-Global Network Administration
Helping orphan navis sounds great. We can.. Well, deal with the rest when the time comes. We accept.
Very well. Attached is a key that will allow you access into the Lawton Jr. Homepage, along with the coordinates to that homepage. Please strive to fulfill the employer's request.

-Global Network Administration

*Coordinates.DAT & LawtonKey.DAT attached*

((Topic opening soon in homepages))