First Mission

Well... it's something I'd be able to buy in the store if I hadn't spend so much on upgrades, and I'm still just a little short-handed, chips-wise, so I'd like to request a mission for an ElecKnife, which I'm sure my Navi will be able to make some good use of. Thanks in advance for anything you find!

-Risa Starr
Hello Miss Risa, upon reviewing your request we seem to have a job that would be quite fitting for you.

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Recently my internet company has begun to fall under virus attack. While normally out defenses are able to handle such a problem, the viruses appear to be organized and led by an unknown source, we'd like some assistance in clearing up this problem.

Should you accept please respond and we'll send you coordinates for the location where you can meet with the client.

-Global Network Administration
To be honest, Lancer will probably enjoy something like that; though sometimes I think he gets a bit too... into it. Oh well, I most certainly accept, and hope we can be of sufficient service.

-Risa Starr

I suppose she said it all. If it's something like combat, I don't intend to lose.

Thank you for your response, the client will be available to meet with you right away, you can do so at the following location.

Attached: Coordinate.dat

-Global Network Administrator

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