Cold Iron

Hey there! Me and my navi, Regalia, are looking for a mission! Got something that needs doing and want to hire us? Here's a list of stuff we'd gladly take in exchange (Pick one line, more if you feel generous! Adding zenny is always nice):

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Support Program
Bugfrags + Zenny
Navicust is full right now!
Speed Upgrade (Right now: 10,000z)
Process Upgrade (Right now: 1200z) + Zenny
Navicust Expansion x2 (Right now: 2500z)
FloatShoes Got one!
ShadowShoes + Zenny
Navicust is full!
IceCube + Zenny
RemoteBit1 + Zenny
Guardian (HA ha ha ha ha... well, everyone wants this chip at some point in their lives, right?)
Needler1 + Zenny
Zenny (Large amount)

Stuff with +Zenny on it I won't take as a reward on its' own, because these things are comparatively cheap; add a good chunk of zenny to sweeten the pot, or pick something else.


((Non-combat missions or interesting fights, mang.))
((2-day bump.))
Thomas and Regalia,

If the two of you are interested, this mission posting has offered a set of float shoes as a reward for successful completion. The requester left the deliverable with us as promise, so we can guarantee they have the means to make good on the deal.

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I finally have a lead on my sister's disappearance. A goon attacked me recently, leaving me the name of an NP officer after I pressured him a bit: Carbuncle. Only one guy I've contacted in the NP would admit to having seen her. If I check the guy out myself and something goes wrong, I'm likely to break his neck... That and the NP don't really take kindly to me ever since I got tied up in that ChronicleMan thing. For that reason, I need somebody else, unaffiliated with any faction, to go and investigate the lead. I've got a pair of floatshoes in the deal if any information turns up. If nothing comes of it, it ought to be quick at least. I'll compensate with something regardless.

The navi, a woman by the name of Roc, left us a folder containing questions and points of investigation that she'd like her envoy to carry to the NP officer, as well as coordinates for reaching him. We will be happy to disclose these if you choose to accept the mission.

-Global Network Administration
I'll take the case!

Yeah, sure! We can do that.


Very good. Please accept these coordinates along with this file, supposedly containing info relevant to your investigation.

-Global Network Administration

*Coordinates.DAT and SoapInfo.DAT added*

((Topic opening in NP HQ soon))
"The job is done. I believe I may have gotten you a fair deal more than you initially asked for; if possible, I would like an increased reward to suit."[color=5A6351][/color]

Attached: [Video of conversation with SoapMan] [Video of conversation with Bank] [Video of conversation with Cabal] [All the notes] [Including the stuff Cabal gave me]

You must be Regalia, the navi of Thomas. We will forward your message to your original employer. Their reply will be listed below momentarily.

She did not write out a response, but replies that the information is satisfactory. Thank you for meeting the employer's expectations. Please, accept the attached reward.

Additionally, a reporter with News Server would like permission to interview Cabal and write an article detailing the outcomes of the mission. If you wish to grant them said ability, please respond saying so.

-Global Network Administration

*Regalia gets 800z, Floatshoes, and 5 Cabal FXP*
"If they wish to interview Miss Cabal, I believe it would be in their best interests to ask the woman herself."[color=5A6351][/color]


Errr, sure! We'll go with that. If anyone else has a mission they'd like us to do, hit us up!