SP mission request

Hello, me and my navi are interested in doing a mission for the acquisition of a support program. We are willing to do almost anything for one, even if it's making my navi dance or grind.

The only real request for what kind of mission is [not dealing with sea panels]


((Zan got this))
Hello there.

One moment please while I search through our files. Ah yes, it looks like we have recently received a request for aid that may fit your criteria.

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To Whom It May Concern,

I am in need of assistance in tracking down a missing pet. I fear that he may be in danger. If you are willing, please meet me at the attached coordinates as soon as possible.

- D

A Support Program base is one of the possible rewards listed for undertaking this task. If you accept, we will message you the coordinates.

A finding a missing pet? That doesn't seem that bad. Sure, we will take it.

Hello there,

We are glad you have decided to accept the request. We are sure your contact will be relieved to have help in finding this pet. We are sending you the coordinates now. The pet's last known location was in Dentech Net.


[Attached: Coordinates]
We helped find the pet, and I believe the owner contacted the GNA letting them know.

Yes, we have been informed of your success. Here is the requested reward. Thank you and please keep us in mind if you find yourself in need in the future.


[Attached: SP Base]