Werk werk

Good day. This is Tsujsa Reise, operator of Validus.exe. As freelance work has become tough to find we have decided to rely on the GNA's services to find available work. Similar to our last mission, we are more combat oriented and prefer to look for jobs acting as either bodyguards, or general muscle.

We are, however, not very effective as a salvage team, as our last mission has proven. Thank you for your time.

[ -Tsujsa Reise, Operator]
We understand your preference in your job, however, we would like to give you the chance to offer what you want as the reward for your mission. We already have a mission in mind, but we may have to change it in order to fit with the rarity of the reward you request.

Thank you for your cooperation

Preferably, we would like our payment in Zennies and/or Battlechips, in particular either the gun series or the support series.

With regards,

[ -Tsujsa Reise, Operator]
Alright then, we will prepare the reward for you after you complete the following mission...

An important netnavi from the country of Creamland has come to visit the town of ACDC for a short, world-wide trip. Though this was suppose to be a peaceful tour around the world-net, someone had sent the Creamland representative a threat. The navi is already protected by a group of highly trained body guards, we can never be too sure.

We ask you, Validus.EXE, to follow the Creamland navi from the shadows in case something goes wrong behind the scene. However, this is just a precautionary step we are taking to protect the navi. If nothing happens, we will still reward you equally.



  • acdc_locat.cor
This is Tsujsa and Validus. We're heading out now, we'll be back with good news.

[ -Tsujsa Reise, Operator]