Looking for work

Hello, are there any missions that need to be done? Don't care much about the rewards, just so you know.


((Spoiler: Aim already called this.))
Tell us if this suits your interest:

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Howdy! I've got a super important mission to take on. It's gonna involve tanglin with ornery varmints, ridin fast horses, and keepin a close hand on your six shooter! If you're hankerin for adventure, do yourself a favor and apply now!

P.S. I'm goin for a big, secret reward. I'll split it with you if we make it!"

The requester's name is Rodeo. She left the mission description here as a non-encoded data packet, rather than sending it through the proper channels. We can't really give any statements as to the validity of the mission. Coordinates were left, presumably indicating a meet-up point.

-Global Network Administration
Yea, that mission sounds fine. Just send me the coordinates and I'll head there.

Very well then. The coordinates are attached. Good luck.

-Global Network Administration

*Netopia coordinates attached*