Looking for work

Hey, I was hoping you have some work I could complete for a BusterUP chip, or worst case Zenny. Preferably I would like for it to be in BeachNet, but I don't mind if it is elsewhere.

Ah, it seems we have something that's been on the backlog for a while that seems perfect for you.

Just one moment.


There is an outbreak of shark-modeled virus programs on the loose in a certain area of Beach Net. Your mission is to team up with a crew of agents attempting to subdue the sharks. They seem to be quite nimble, so physically grappling with them proves to be effective.

The mission coordinates will be attached below. We will have your chip ready upon satisfactory completion of the mission.


[Attached: SharkWrestlingCoor.DAT]
The sharks have been taken care of.

Ah it seems that they have.

You did a commendable job. The requested reward is attached. We hope to see you again.


[ATTACHED: BusterUP x1]