SP mission request.

"Hello I am looking for a support program for my Navigator Saluki. She has had a taste of working with others but I believe she needs some more semi-permanent company. I would like to do this solo and try and keep it low profile. If it is busting fine; if it is something more public we will have to switch GMO's. She is Wood/Wind but we have never gone past beach network. I think we would be comfortable with Si-Labs, ACDC or Beach nets. Really anything that is that level of security."

-Kari Sullen.
If you'd like to work in BeachNet, we have a persistent mission request that seems like it would allow you to function largely on your own terms. The contract asks for a temporary employee to help them compete with a rival business in a crowded area of Beach Net. There will likely be no viruses encountered, but I can't say what else will be involved. Your reward for completing this mission would be one blank SP base for you to use however you choose. The one who listed the mission also said that they would be willing to provide a temporary.GMO file if it is to your aid.

If you are interested, please go to the coordinates given. Again, they are in BeachNet.

Reward: SP Base x1

*Attached: Coordinates.DAT*
"Right-oh I accept. No reason not to get started right away. In less it is better in the day then night. I'll grab some coffee and Send Sally right over after a briefing. Really didn't think I would head over to the beach-net so soon."

Get Coordinates.DAT
"Mission complete! hopefully everything is satisfactory. It was quite a test on both our interpersonal skills but the majority of the work can be attributed to Saluki.exe."
We understand that you completed the mission successfully. Thank you for meeting your employer's expectations. The SP base is attached.

*SP Base x1 attached*