Mission request

Hello. My name is Delta.exe, and I am the network navigator of Henry Chronosky. I would like to request a mission from this BBS.
Virus research is an exciting and expanding growth industry with opportunities for motivated young individuals. Currently, we are looking for participants who are willing to perform as Integrated Malicious Program Recovery Associates.

-Searching for at least 5 unique viruses in the ACDC Network and depleting their health to 9 or below.
-Retaining their data with an Isolation Module (will be sent to your email).

-Must have a Network Navigator program.
-Must be of legal working age in country of origin.
-Must have valid email address.
-Must be proficient with the use of battlechips.

-1000z (plus additional bonus for exemplary performance)
Very well. My email address is enclosed with this message.

{Attached link - HChronosky@Thunderlink.com}
We look forward to hearing from you soon.
I have run across an...odd situation in the course of completing the mission assigned to me. After I had captured five unique viruses, the isolation module that you gave me exploded, producing a hybrid of the viruses that I had captured. I successfully defeated the Chimera, but it is still...alive. I look forward to any advice or instruction that you can give me on dealing with this situation.
We here at the GNA apologize but we have lost contact with the original posters of this mission request. We are investigating the situations of other such navis who have applied for similar missions but have yet to find any results. You may delete the virus and we will compensate you accordingly for this oversight. Again, we apologize for this inconvenience.


[Attached: 2000z]
Very well. I believe that my next action will be to track down the original poster, as they do not appear to have been honest about what the job entailed.