"Excuse me, but me and my navi would like to try and tackle one of the missions that has one of those SPs as a reward."

Hello and thank you for offering your assistance. We do happen to have several matters that need taking care of at this moment. With the recruitment drives of the NetPolice and other institutions, we have has a shortage of individuals willing to offer their services. After reviewing our records, we believe that your Navi is most suited to handling a rather unique situation occurring in the NetVegas network. Unknown entities have been appearing within the network and causing extensive damage. Attempts to subdue the individuals involved has met little success as the entities return shortly after deletion and apprehension has so far proven impossible. A number of Navi who have been sent to investigate have not reported in and are assumed captured or deleted. We have not been able to contact their NetOps as well.

This mission is considered quite dangerous; however, we have been granted one final attempt at resolving the issue at hand through contracted means before the NetPolice will be called in. If you feel confident in your Navi's ability to complete the contract, please accept the mission. Support Program core data will be provided for you in exchange for completion of the mission, along with whatever rewards you receive during the course of the contract.

Very well then, we accept this mission.

Excellent. We are sending you the coordinates for the last known location of the entities in question. We will have a representative waiting for you with in depth information of the situation at hand. Our representative will be accompanying you to monitor the completion of the contract. Once completion of the request has been confirmed, please report in and your reward shall be provided.


[Attached: MissionCoordinates]

((Feel free to make a post in NetVegas Net. As you know, Zan is your mod.))
The problem is now taken care of for the moment, but you might want to keep an eye out for anything like that happening in other nets.

Yes, yes. We have received word from our on site representative. He commends your work. We will have to look into the parties involved and determined what actions need to be taken. Thank you for support in this matter. We believe that you have earned your reward.


[Attached: SupportProgramCore.Dat]