SP Mission Request

I'd like a mission for myself and one friend, so that we can acquire SPs. Any kind of work is fine. One of us is Level 16 and the other is 7, if that helps.

Thank you for your time.

That's quite a disparity, but lemme see if I can't find anything....


This one should be sufficient

There's this abandoned set of data warehouses in Yoka Net that probably has ghost data and other junk floating about. Seeing as we don't want corruption from odd places spreading out to the net with sources like these, we send in teams to wipe the place down.

Seems like we missed some.

So, you interested?

Thanks! That sounds right up my alley.

Well, here are the coordinates and the DataCrunchers. They're pretty much vaccum cleaners that you can wear like backpacks. They'll help clean stuff.

Be careful, they've got like.... a maximum data limit. Though, it'll tell you what to do at that point.


[Attached: Factory Coordinates.DAT, DataCrunchers.APPx2]

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Whew, finally done. I thought we'd never get through all of those ghosts! There was a huge golem too and... Well, I guess you guys have heard about it by now. Anyways, we were told to report back.

Good work, you can keep the DataCrunchers.


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Thank you very much.