Looking for a job


I would like to find a mission for my navi and his mate. If anyone know anything then he don't need to hold back. I must admit that it will be our first battle together, but I'm confident in our skills.

Timothy Python (Enchanter.EXE) and Dave Springfield (Raider.EXE)
Are there really no jobs at all?

We apologize for the late reply, as delegating missions occasionally gets delayed for unavoidable reasons. We have just received a mission that might interest you. A small department store in Electown has just sent in a request for two virus busters to deal with a small virus outbreak. The request specifically stated, however, that the operators are to meet the person handling the request in-person at the store in question, called ET-Mart.

If you are to accept this request, please respond as soon as possible.

Sounds good, we'll take it. Are there any info we need to know, or we'll have a briefing at the shop?

- Dave
Thank you for your prompt reply; the client will brief you on the specifics in person. The instructions are to meet an employee who will be waiting at the entrance of the department store. You may identify the employee as a "Mike Rodriguez".

We wish you a successful mission, godspeed.


[Attached: ET-Mart Address]