Mission Request

Looking for a mission. Willing to do whatever, but keep in mind Navi is currently very weak and thus missions with combat against powerful opponents are not preferred. Whatever is fine as a reward... trusting you guys to make it proportional to the effort required.

-Lyn Clarke
Miss Clarke,

We recently had a request from an Electopia-based Navi named Pyre.EXE who is looking for help/company in the Dentech Network, and would pay those who assist her. Her Operator works directly with the Electopian Police, so their request and payment is most likely genuine. Please respond if you are interested.

-GNA (Mod: Grim)
Fine by me. Give me the coordinates and I'll be there.

- Lyn Clarke
Miss Clarke,
Mission acceptance confirmed. I shall contact Pyre to alert her of your arrival. The requested coordinates are attached to this message.


--Attached: Coord.dat---