Broadside's Mission Requests

I would like to register myself as available for a second SP mission at this time.

-- Broadside.EXE
"Ah, excellent, I was hoping someone of decent ability would apply soon. We've got a bit of a delicate mission here.

The situation is this. A client mailed us recently about an antivirus program they found on their computer. Perhaps I should explain. While most of us navis are skilled enough to delete viruses on our own, those humans without navis or with navis that aren't skilled enough still rely on antivirus programs, automated defense systems. And some people are just paranoid. However, the one this person got is a fake. His navi has reported it will attack system and virus alike, and the degree of the infestation has tripled since it was installed. So he needs someone to destroy it. Do you accept?

I accept, pending my Operator's permission.

-- Broadside

Clearing out a bogus anti-virus program shouldn't be too bad. We'll do it. Send us the finer details, and we'll get right on it.

-- J. T.
Excellent. I am sending the address now. The infected system was taken offline, so you'll have to access it from the real world. The man's name is Jeff Makov. Tell him the GNA sent you to answer his request.


<Attached: Makovaddress.txt>
((The file lists an address in Sharo.))
We took care of the problem, and updated the client's machine while we were at it. As it turns out, the virus was a Trojan Downloader disguised as a free anti-virus program. We were lucky. As nasty as the Trojan was, it could have been much worse. My guess is it's an early version of this program, and later follow on models will be really beastly. Just in case, I've included an analysis of the Trojan.

-- J.T.

<<Attached: Mission Report, Trojan Analysis>>
The report checks out. We'll put out a warning about the Trojan program. In the meantime, here's your Support Program Base, as promised.


<Attached: SPBase.dat>