SP Mission Request (team of 3)

((For mods, I believe Shin has already agreed to mod this))

Got a mission request. Me and my two allies, Anyis (level 11) and Seraphim (level 31) want to complete a mission and get some rewards. Give us whatever you have, because we want this to be a full test of our abilities. No wimpy stuff.

Ah, so a mission to be a full test of your abilities is it?

Hmm.... Please wait a moment...


We have found 4 missions that may be to your preference, you may choose one of them that suits your preference

Mission: The next ONB? [Location: Hades Isle]
Mission: Shark Catching Contest. [Location: Beach Street]
Mission: Clean out the onsen! [Location: Yoka]
Mission: Roll it up! [Location: Netvegas]

We will be happy to hear your decision later.

We'll take The Next ONB. I've gotta admit, I was hoping I'd get a shot at that, so this is a great opportunity for me. Shame on you for even suggesting that I be a janitor; it's like the admiral telling his best guy to swab the deck. You bastards don't realize the kind of guns you've got working for you now, heh.

Well, that mission was really more of a virus clean-up job, but whatever, I see you're more interested in fighting off legions of navis or something.

Here are the mission details:

Quote (Mission Request 2348)

Employer: Shurnelius Strongsmell
Location: Hades Isle Recluse Zone
Statement: Me and my navi, OdorMan.EXE, have been devised to hold the preparations for the next upcoming ONB Tournament while the final match is taking place. There have been extreme system failures in this last tournament, resulting in premature wins that we resolve to fix. We request several navis of varying levels to aid us in our mission.

Here are the net coordinates of the arena. Good luck.


[GET: Arena coordinates.dat]
We prevailed in the tournament. I'm not actually sure if that was our mission or not but uh... We get rewarded, whatever the case. Get us those Support Program bases as quickly as you can; I've got things I want to do.

- MeleeMan.EXE
Good job all, I have received word from Shurnelius that you all participated excellently.

Here are your rewards. We have also determined that Seraphim's support slots seem to have been malfunctioning and will instead compensate him with a reward we think is on par with a Support Program.


Meleeman.EXE GET: Support Program Base
Anyis.EXE GET: Support Program Base
Seraphim.EXE GET: 4000z and Airshoes NCP