Ready for another mission.

Hello there. I'm looking for another job. Do you have anything that we can do? We're only looking for work to earn some cash, thanks.

-Tsujsa Reise, operator of Validus.exe
Good day, Mr. Reise. We apologize for the late reply, but it just happens that we have recently received a request from an eccentric business man. He requests that you meet him somewhere, but the only direction he gave was this strange poem he wrote.

Gritty sand and hot sun,
So many pickpockets that I'd bring a gun,
Smokin' chicks and breeze a-rollin',
C'mon over, I'll be waitin',
That dude with the yellow threads,
Sippin' whiskey to no ends!

His request also stated a large cash reward for those who accept this request. We believe that this job may be suitable for your needs. Reply immediately if you are to accept.

- Global Network Administration

((Apologies for the terrible rhyming. Moderator: Fera))
We accept the mission. And I think I know where he is. I'll head over there immediately.

-Tsujsa Reise, operator of Validus.exe

Yeah. The poem gives it away real easy...

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I regretfully inform you that I am unable to complete the task given. As a result, I request for a cancellation of the mission.

-Tsujsa Reise.

[OOC: achievement unlocked: FISSION MAILED]
We regret that you are not able to finish the mission, though we do look forward to your assistance in the future.