Requesting for mission.

To whom it may concern,
Greetings. I am Rhea.EXE, greenhorn Navigator. I currently am offering my services to help in what ever sir/madam may need. I thank you in advance.

- Rhea.EXE
Good afternoon Rhea.EXE,
We actually have been looking for a Navi wanting to help out, we believe we have a little "situation" in ACDCNet. There have been rumors on the local BBS about some sort of data anomaly deep in ACDCNet. Recently its been getting so bad that people are afraid to pass through, and due to the lack of navis, viruses are running amok.

So, therefore we would like someone to go into ACDCNet and try to dispel these rumors. You will be rewarded for your contribution.

-GNA (A.K.A. Grim)
Understood. I am happy that I could contribute to the society. I shall inform my operator and be on my way.

- Rhea.EXE
Excellent, please report to ACDCNet as soon as possible. Please log in via these coordinates: [Attached: LocDAT] This should make your search a bit easier, since you won't have to traverse as much of the network to get to the area of interest. Good luck.

To the GNA:

The anomaly has been resolved-- it was not merely a rumour, but a true fact at hand. The ghost sighted was real, however my Navi and I are unable to eradicate the target. We apologize for the incompetence we have portrayed.

-Camillia Ranbard and Rhea.EXE
I see... We are just glad you and your Navi were able to safely observe the anomaly and report back to us. We didn't expect the anomaly to be real, otherwise we would have enlisted the help of the netpolice or other sources of manpower. Thank you very much for bringing us a decisive and accurate observation on this issue. Your rewards are attached.


[Attached: 1000z, Recov10]
We thank you for your generous rewards, and would be ready to serve the general public in the future.

-Camillia Ranbard and Rhea.EXE
To whom it may concern;

A good day to the relevant authorities. Rhea and I are ready to once again serve the community and the public by offering our services for a mission. We hope to be of use to you, despite our failure in our previous dispatch. We thank you in advance.

--Camillia Ranbard and Rhea.EXE
Helloing there! I am would like you to be the taking of my mission request, no?

Mine Net- netwark? Mine Netwark Nahvogatir is serching for a... 'bad guy'! GNA admin talky-say I can take next missionista, so you would like taking my mission, no-yes?

Please reply to the urgency!!
Ah, we would gladly accept your request, sir...?

-Camillia Ranbard & Rhea.EXE
My knowing-word no is sir, know-word is Richard!

Mine navi-person-guy can be unfound in the PET of mine poseshun, but he maybe is not in Nethapio net?

You be going-place there now, yes???
Greetings, Richard. Yes, if my assumption is right, you are referring to Netopia Net? I will send Rhea over ASAP.

-Camillia Ranbard
I have returned. I hope you find your package well.

-Camillia Ranbard

I find your Navi very enthusiastic, good sir.

Yes, yes! All being is in the well-place, friend! I'll welcome me for your help-act! Yes yes!

[Attached: 400z, Elecknife]
Thank you for your kind offer. I hope we may cooperate again the future.

- Rhea.EXE

Uh... Not really sure about that...
- Camillia Ranbard