Mission request

Greetings, this is Raider.exe
Me and my operator decided to request a mission, in purpose of testing my new skills, aquiring some money (we're on a shortage at the moment), and at last but not least, trying out a different style of battle. Due to I dare call myself a sniper, I prefer hunting down one bigger target, than deleting several virii.
If you have anyone/anything to intercept at my level, like a crazy, unleashed supermutant (that was just a stupid example), please let me know, and I'll do my best.

All my respect,
Raider.exe and David Springfield
There is nothing, we can help you with?

You're in luck; it just so happens that the NP have put out a request for the aid of capable snipers at the site of a speech being given to an unoperated navi shelter. You'll probably get a chance to encounter some criminal activity, but don't worry, you won't be alone and will only be responsible for securing a small area. What do you say, does it sound appropriate? The NP have promised a monetary reward upon the mission's completion.

It does sound appropriate, I'll take it. May I ask for some further details?

I believe your employer will divulge more information once you meet. The location set as the meeting point is Internet City Netsquare. Realize that this GNA account merely offers you what information the employer has given and is in no way tied to your actual employer. The NP officer now has your appearance, but if you want further information on her, here is a limited profile:

Association: NP
Appearance: 5'9", female, red navisuit and lightly armored (iron-like material), brown hair, Caucasian

No more information can be given at this time. The NP have offered all GNA accounts this reminder: the NP will never ask you to enter an area which does not support the jack-out support of navis. Please meet your employer for more information. I hope this has been helpful for you.

(Just in case there was any lingering confusion, I've added the meeting point to the above post)
Raider reporting in. We encountered NetMafia activity, but we managed to handle the situation, the speech was secured.
Attacking navis:
Scavenger - escaped
Stalker - escaped
'crazed navi in a police officer disguise' - escaped
CravenMan - deleted, he had nowhere to escape
Mission accomplished.

The Netpolice are thankful for your work and have enclosed payment. Have a good day.


*1000z attached*