2nd SP Mission

I'm here to request my second SPbase.dat for my navi to use. Of course, Voulge an I are willing to work to it, as long as the job is something productive. I'll be waiting for a response sometimes in the future.

-Marius Eirenikos
Thank you for your interest in helping out. A software development branch of SciLabs has been working on a new batch of battlechips. They need a volunteer to go out into the field and test them. However, they are not impressed with the viruses in the local networks and would prefer a more exotic or foreign environment to run their experiment. Therefore, ACDC Net, Scilab Net and Electown Net would be unacceptable.

However, should you accept this request, we would require that any Process Upgrades be turned off and your current Support Program not to assist you in any way. This is to ensure that the results would apply more closely to average navis.

We await your reply.

The folder data will be sent upon your acceptance. Thank you.
Interesting proposal. Thought I do not doubt my strength of my own Network Navigator, I am feeling slightly indecisive to accept this mission or not. Is it possible for me to preview the battle chips I am to use in this mission before I can make up my mind?

-Marius Eirenikos
We regret to inform you that the contents of the test folder is classified to prevent the information on the development process from being leaked out. What we can tell you is that the folder contains chips that are not listed anywhere available to the public. If you choose to accept this mission, you will be required to install a sophisticated tracking cookie that will not only allow us to monitor your progress and record your battle data, but also prevents you from revealing this information to third parties without the consent of Scilabs.

Upon completion of the mission, you will be supplied with the uninstallation program as well as the SPbase.dat that you requested.

This can be considered a high level mission that carries significant risk and responsibility on the part of the participant.
It is without a doubt that a SPbase is incredibly rare and getting a hand on a second one will require some work to be done. However, it feels like I'm getting into something much bigger than I could possibly imagine...

I accept this mission proposal. Voulge and I will head to the Netfrica Network to conduct the experimental battles; after we receive the battle chips and deactivate the requested upgrades.

-Marius Eirenikos
We appreciate and respect your bravery for this groundbreaking undertaking. We have attached the necessary tracking cookie and the locked folder. The folder will automatically unlock itself upon proper installation of the cookie into your navi. Once again, we would like to thank you for your assistance in this matter. Once we have gathered sufficient battle data, we will inform you with an email.

As an added note, please keep your chip usage varied in order for us to maximize our intelligence gathering efficiency.


[PKMNFolder (30 chips) - Locked]

Quote ()

(Number of chips) Name
Effect, Type, Accuracy, Element (if any), Uses (if more than once)

(4) Tackle
35 damage + homing, Melee, B
(2) Spark
65 damage + stun chance, Melee, B, Elec
(2) Vine Whip
2 x 35 damage, Other, B, Grass
(2) Avalanche
60 + ?? damage, Other, B, Aqua
(2) Ember
35 damage + wide attack, Other, A, Fire
(3) Splash
0-3 dodges, Other, S
(1) Nasty Plot
+50% base damage to next elemental attack, Support, S
(1) Sludge Bomb
90 damage + Blast 1 + 20% Poison Terrain, Bomb, C
(1) Rock Tomb
50 damage + lower dodge, Other, A
(1) Thrash
3 x 90 Damage + Confuse(self), Melee, B
(1) Fury Cutter
10 + ??? slashing damage, Sword, B, unbreakable
(1) Uproar
50 damage + impact x ??, Melee, B
(1) Octazooka
65 damage + blindness, Gun, B, Aqua
(1) Sing
Sleep to all, Other, E
(2) Mirror Move
Copies effects of last enemy attack, Other, S
(1) Supersonic
Confusion + cone attack, Melee, C
(1) Light Screen
Halves damage on elemental attacks for 1 turn, Defense, S
(1) Iron Tail
90 slashing damage + Breaking, Sword, C
(1) Leech Seed
Leeches 20% HP of target each turn, Bomb, C
(1) Hyper Beam
150 damage + beam + impact + 3 action burn, Gun, A
I've already sent my navi into the Netfrica Net. I'll be installing the tracking device as well as the folder as soon as I get the chance to.

-Marius Eirenikos
As you saw through your tracking device, the chips are combat capable, but becomes very unstable after multiple use. Thank you for the opportunity for Voulge and I to get the SPBase from this mission.

-Marius Eirenikos
According to the data we have collected, prolonged use of individual chips accumulated glitches due to a programming error. As you may have probably noticed, the Ember chips were beginning to grow highly unstable and went so far as to produce a virus. We are unsure of the extent of these effects but we will continue further testing within more controlled environements. As for the two Navis you encountered, we are currently investigating their backgrounds as well as the group that they are part of.

We would ask that you keep your participation of this test as well as your encounters confidential.

Sure will.

-Marius Eirenikos