Requesting Mission

While my Navi is hanging around in the Netsquare, I thought I'd come to you guys in search of a job, since I'm trying to earn some money by doing some community work.

-Tsujsa Reise, operator of Validus.exe
Thank you for your interest in helping out. The community around Beach Net has been concerned with a building level of pollution in the area. We would very much appreciate it if your navi was able to visit the network and alleviate the problem. We will provide you with a simple cleaning program if you choose to accept.

Thank you.

-Mop.EXE ((When you use it, it looks like a mop.))

((Mod: Pocket))
Understood. Proceeding to Beach area immediately.

-Tsujsa Reise, operator of Validus.exe
Tsujsa reporting. We've successfully cleaned up one sector of the beach, and the place looks spotless now.

However, what does concern the safety of any netnavis visiting the Beach Square is the Pollution's affect on the local viruses. Validus was attacked by fish-like viruses, assumed to be feeding off the pollution in the area, which were invincible unless the surrounding area has been clean off such pollution.

We learned about this the hard way.

While we may have cleaned up one sector of the beach, the toxic waste could be around in other places as well. Therefore we request that the authorities be aware of the problem as inexperienced virus busters could be unaware of the dangers posed by the pollution.

Other than this, I have nothing else to report.

File Attachments:
- Mop.exe

-Tsujsa Reise, operator of Validus.exe
Good work in completing your task. We have reports that the area is much cleaner now though we still have no idea as to what the source of the pollution was. As for the strange viral activity, we will look into it.

In any case, you will find your reward attached to this message.

Thank you again on a job well done.