Mission request.

Me and my navi are fairly new to virus busting & net battling, but we believe that we could handle a simple mission. Thank you.
-Henry Chronosky & Delta.exe
A simple job?

Sure, I think we have a few missions available for you. We need you to go to the ACDC Network and try to retrieve a special data fragment. It should be very obvious if you see one, and we'll award you with 1000 Zennies as a reward.

If you are to accept this mission, please download the attachment that came with this message


Attachment: DataFragInfo.dat

((Please create a thread over in the ACDC, and feel free to say it is not Mod-Locked))
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We completed the mission. The datafrag is attached.
-Henry Chronosky & Delta.exe
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  • DataFragInfo.dat
Good! We hope this mission didn't cause you too much trouble.

Our intel tells us that you had to fight against an unknown anomaly, but we are glad that you came back safe. Please download the Reward Attachment we placed with this message.


Oh, yes, I'd forgotten about that...some sort of netghost.
-Henry Chronosky & Delta.exe
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