In Need of a Job

I was just hired by some weird parts shop, and told to find a client. That's really all I have to go by. I'd assume the boss wanted something to do with electronics, since it is an electronics parts store... But I really can't tell with that guy. He really didn't mention anything about payment either, so I guess default zenny would be best.

This all probably sounds a little weird and confusing, but I'm really just as lost about all this. Just help a guy out here and give me a mission, I guess...

My Navi, Magna.exe, is more than able to assist, as well.

-Mill Alidine
((You know me, I never account switch.))

[When you open the page, a message pops up and decrypts itself; it's apparently been left for only your eyes.]

There's been a string of thefts recently in the Netopia network; the thief latches onto an unsuspecting navi, then drains the zenny data from the PET they're linked to. The thefts are brutal, quick, and are usually done after the thief stuns the opponent.

We want to set a trap for him.

Have your operator upload the attached program to your PET. It will completely empty your PET of Zenny- no, don't give me that look. It'll empty your PET of Zenny while keeping a log of how much it took, then it will replace it with 10,000 fake Zenny data. This fake data will allow you to track the thief by tracing the thief's link to the PET that the data is sent to.

Let the thief steal the fake data, track him down, and then delete him. Our agents will work on arresting his operator in the real world while you chase after the navi in the virtual one.

Should everything work out, or if you fail, report back to us and we'll replace the zenny that the program deleted.

[Attached: Funtime.exe]
Re: Thefts in Netopia Net:

Dear Mill Aldine,

We appreciate your efforts in capturing not one, but two thieves, alive and well. We will take your account into consideration, and perhaps let the navi designated as 'Sunny.APP' out on probation in a week. The Netmafia navi you captured is named Pascal, with the extension of .EXE. He is on our priority targets list, and we are grateful that you managed to bring him in. We have also arrested his operator. Sunny, on the other hand, appears to be working alone. We may be able to find him a job at our organization, provided he shows good behavior.

As requested, your rewards.



-Attached: 1000z, Blank GMO File [Mission Completion]
-Attached: 750z [Bringing Sunny.APP in Alive]
-Attached: 2550z [Bringing Pascal.EXE in Alive]