Huh... so... yeah.

Missions. That's what you do here, right? And there's a prize?

Think i'm up to that. You got anything?

((Just pretend I'm the netpolice guy for now))

Okay, so you just type in a message here, right? Just like a normal BBS?

Sorry about that. Anyway, if you think you're up to it, we've got a message here that needs delivered. The problem is, the navi in question doesn't seem to have an active e-mail address, and we've been having a bit of trouble locating her.

The navi in question is usually seen wearing a dark red dress and a long black coat. She's also almost always carrying a cleaver. Hard to miss.

Oh, and her name's Sonata. Probably good to know that as well.

Here's the message data. I'm going to have to ask that you not open it.


[Attached: LOLMSG.dat]

P.S. Oh, I almost forgot. The default reward for one of these is a .GMO file, but we can also give 1000z or a low level battlechip. Any preferences?
P.P.S. She was last seen in Yoka Net. You might want to try looking there.
Yoka, huh? That zenny reward sounds like a good deal, guess i'll go for that.

Roy obtained LOLMSG.dat

Well, that'll be me off then. Good luck with whatever you're doing.
Alright, Mr Swing. The package has been successfully delivered to the intended recipient. The agreed charge was 1000z, please.

Thank you in advance for using our services. If you have any questions, difficulties or further tasks, you may contact us at GamersGateway@CoolMail.Net. We strive for full (or as near as possible) customer satisfaction.

(^.^ )b

I apologize for getting back to you on this so late, we've been a bit bogged down as of recently. As promised, here's your reward.


Attached: 1000z