Excuse me, but I would like to help you guys out.

Hm, alright then. Let's see...

Ah, here we go.

"Hello from Digger's Digging Industries. We're having problems with our work equipment so if you could please send someone over for some fixin'. Thank ye very much."

Since we keep these types of missions on reserve for civilians who request them, this is it. Just go over to Netopia and fix their machines, probably just some viruses or something.

You're reward will be a Level 3 .GMO. Report back when you're done.


[Attached: Digger Machine Coordinates.dat]
Alright, I'll get this done as fast as I can.

Um, I got that job done...

((Because I'm lazy, so just pretend.))

It does seem like it. Good work miss.

-Net Police

Get: Level 3 .GMO